Sugar coating reality will not ween believers off their superstition.

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Sugar coating reality will not ween believers off their superstition.

Here is another atheist who refuses to allow the insecurities of believers to be used to falsely demonize us to set up taboos in order to attempt to get us not to question their claims.

Are their hateful atheists who for no good reason simply hate? Yes, labels do not make atheist or any human for that matter immune from our biological emotions.

Which is why I constantly remind those I debate that there is a HUGE difference between claims and and the person who makes the claim. I can like the person without liking everything they say.

The theist version is "Love the sinner not the sin"

The secular version is "Love the claimant not the claim".

No political claim or religious claim deserves taboo status. We cannot as humans stop people from making claims on a planet of 7 billion. But we must always have the ability to challenge, blaspheme and even ridicule such claims. Without such the monopoly of fascism can take hold.

Let me make this clear. I HATE claims of the super natural, all claims of the super natural. I hate claims of Ouija boards working. I hate claims of transporters and "the force" of Star Wars. I hate claims that start with the assumption that thinking can occur outside a material process.

BUT, I do not, nor cannot hate all of humanity being part of a flawed species myself.

I am in the believers face much like Galileo would have been within his rights to shout "DAMN IT THE EARTH ROTATES AROUND THE SUN, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!"

The truth may hurt and it is hard for some to give up on what they are used to. But facing reality is much better than hiding behind something you have no basis in reality to defend.

It boils down to what is more important to you?

Being comfortable?


Making sure you got it right?

If you are not willing to put that mirror to your own beliefs while rejecting the pet deities of others you are not applying reason and logic equally. It is merely selection bias.


"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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