For those with doubts about tactics, READ a comment I did not make.

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For those with doubts about tactics, READ a comment I did not make.

The following article is from BET about black atheists in America. READ the comments after the article.

400 years of slavery under a god who did nothing. It took humans to end slavery and another 100 years for equal rights. And people complain about my tactics. Religion is harmful and I will NOT back off that comment. I cannot rid the world of superstition or absurd claims, I am well aware of that. But until the religious people of the world realize that it is a weapon, I will NOT stop fighting with my voice. Religion does not deserve taboo status for any reason. It was because people questioned religion that slavery ended and that blacks, despite religion, gained equal rights. Religious people simply need to accept they are not special on a planet of 7 billion.

So to my detractors who foam at the mouth and falsely call me a zealot, the history of religion above which condoned slavery, YOU ARE GOD DAMNED FUCKING RIGHT I am going to knock religion off it's undue taboo perch.

I am merely trying to get humanity to make the human condition our goal, and simply get humanity to put individuals as the priority and not the gang mentality of religion. Like I said, religion wont go anywhere anytime soon, and force is not my goal to end it, but it does not deserve taboo status.



"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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