So far, this week sucks HARD.

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So far, this week sucks HARD.

To those that know who he is, comedian Patrice O' Neal died today at the age of 41  You know, at one point in time, I thought I'd make a pretty good stand-up comic and a few of my friends have been prodding me to do a routine at The Comedy Store in L.A., but my self-esteem has been on such a roller coaster that I just never pursued a career in telling jokes.  Maybe one day I'll get over it and give it a shot just to see what happens.  George Carlin was my role model and he had to really experiment with his style before finding a niche that worked so, if he can do it, I can.  Anyone that's talked to me when I'm buzzed or high would tell you I come up with some pretty creative points.  Sorry, off-base here...


Patrice was one of those comedians that was funny without really meaning to be.  He had mannerisms and an appeal that you couldn't help but laugh at.  His stand-up routines were mostly taking jabs at the audience and throwing in amusing connotations that I haven't heard from other comics which is pretty rare.  That loud-mouthed alcoholic fuck Artie Lange thinks he's funny, but he's really just annoying and has this obnoxious New Yorker appeal that I guess beer-bellied frat boys would find funny, but Patrice has an appeal that crossed racial lines and he didn't need to be an asshole to project that.  I'm just really bummed that he had to leave us at such a young age.  He was also famous for being on a few of the Comedy Central celebrity roasts and another comedian that recently showcased those, Greg Geraldo, recently died, too.  That guy was fucking hilarious and reminded me a lot of Louis CK with more "comparison" insults.


So, if anyone here is a fan of Patrice, post your thoughts.

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