Champions for Christ, By Brian37

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Champions for Christ, By Brian37

Champions for Christ, By Brian37

Thus the motto
For a college
By booze

From moonshine
He did not decline
Ill gotten profits to build his empire

And the subtext
To their claim

They will not be
Just mere cheer leaders
Of absurdity

An empire
In central Virgina
On selling myth

Hitchen's enema
Of rationality
Put the likes of Falwell
In his rightful matchbox

Randy Mac
And Lynchburg College
Are real institutions
Without superstitions

A degree mill
Is all it is
A Ponzy scheme
Claiming the credulous

An insult
To mortar boards
Shifting the tassel
To the absurd

What good is a war
If you win
If all you've done
Is sold willful ignorance

Motto's are hollow
They are peacock feathers
Ignoring the pragmatism
Of reality

It be not motif
That one does sell
It be not the hero
That one is instant of

At this level
Of education
To sell superstition
Is detrimental

There is no "Liberty"
In this motif
Absolute God
And absolute power

This was one man
Out for himself
Who used religion
To control others

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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