Check out this website!

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Check out this website!

Hi, everybody.

Check out the website: interesting.

Focuses mainly on why the bible can not be the word of god.

Please let me know what you think!

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Interesting find

 I don't recall seeing this before.

There is a lot to digest and he certain seems thorough. I see he still has some notion of god. 

Warttig wrote:


I still offer a daily prayer of thanks for each day that I am allowed to dwell upon this wonderous earth. While I do not understand the Bible to be God's word, but only an attempt of the Hebrews to understand the creation and its creator, I do not believe that a mindless, random, accidental evolution has all the answers to the universe's creation. So "I believe", but cannot prove, that behind the creation is a creator intelligence or force. That this force is in the form of man, I doubt. As one ancient Greek wit once put it, "If horses could talk, they would tell you God looks like them." I see all religions as speculations by man to understand the creation and its creator.


Certainly looks like you can learn a lot from it. However, some of his articles are from believers like Jewish authors arguing Jesus is not the messiah. Because of that some of the arguments I may not buy, but he certainly identifies himself as an amateur. The lack of pretense is refreshing. Reading his background is a good start.

Thanks for point it out.


** edit ** I find his take on the Hebrews inverting the religions around them as interesting concept. Haven't heard it put that way before. The bibllcal tone is to be separate and distinct so for now I am buying it.


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