Witch's Brew, By Brian37

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Witch's Brew, By Brian37

Witch's Brew, By Brian 37

Biol boil
Toil and trouble
Deserve the guillotine

Eye of Newt
And bat wing
"Take a shower
And get a job"

Black cauldron
Brews more poverty
Stirring pay gaps
Antoinette's cake

While this warlock
Sells his books
Using campaign funds
Down on others looks

While dept our fault
He casts spells
Failing to explain
His Tiffany account

The blue megaphone hat
Of this wizard
Adorned with white
Stars of hypocrisy

His magic wand
He claims will cure
Our recession
With more extraction

But his Faux paws
Slimed by greed
He wont keep his grip
On the wand he waves

Exposed is his lie
More of the same
Keep looking down Newt
You'll see whats coming

Your Vegas street con
No longer works
The Occupy protesters
Are exposing your tricks

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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