Having trouble with my surround sound system

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Having trouble with my surround sound system

Hey, I purchased a low cost surround sound speaker system (Hollywood Home Theater 4.1) for my computer, and when my computer's volume is turned very low, the sound from the speakers stops completely. Then when I turn the volume up higher, I hear a "pop" from my speakers and the sound starts playing again.

Usually what will happen is, I'll turn the volume low while listening to a song on my computer, and the sound will still play until the track ends and a new track begins - then in order to get the sound back, I'll have to turn the volume up until I heard the "pop", then the sound will remain until a new audio track starts... wash, rinse, repeat.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this problem or how to fix it? Thanks.

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The digital processors in

The digital processors in those amps makes things much tougher to diagnose than conventional audio systems with source >pre-amp > amp > speaker.

First things, first.

Try using your computer to drive another amp, or active (self powered) speaker system. If there is a problem in that setup too, then most likely it's your computer.

In the case of your HT setup...it almost sounds like there's a 'gating' going on with a 'threshold' setting.

Go through the processor (read the manual) and see if there's a 'dynamic control' (that evens out the peaks and valleys in volume level in typical movie soundtracks). There might be some kind of threshold function in that feature which would attenuate below a certain input level.

There's typically 3 levels of 'dynamic control/smoothing'. Like 'Low/Medium/High'

Try switching between the 3 settings.


If that doesn't work, try jiggling wires...lol

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