Black Hebrew Israelites

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Black Hebrew Israelites

For the unaware - Black Hebrew Israelites are black supremacists, and the counterpart of the Ku Klux Klan. The Black Hebrew Israelites have very strong militant views, and consider themselves to be the real Jews, the chosen people of God, and superior to white people. They are sadly just one of the many fanatic groups that exist all as a result of religion. They are all over YouTube, both in the clips, and the comments section. I've had debates with them for years, have thought about having a YouTube debate with them, and just feel like ranting about them now.

In a way, I feel almost sorry for them, which is why I have yet to start a verbal war with them over the existence of God. I love American History, and black people have suffered *a lot*. I think because black people suffered so much, in order for some of them to feel better about themselves, they took the Holy Bible....a simple-minded book that *anyone* can take, and use it to benefit themselves, and they created a God in their own head to feel better, and so that all the suffering has a good reason behind it.

So they made up this fairy tale about being the superior race despite having nothing but a book of fairy tales to back this claim up, and they are forever living under the hope that some black God is going to finally make things right after hundreds and hundreds of years of their people being mistreated.

In a way, this group reminds me of Star Wars nerds because they dress up like Black Jedi's, and spend their whole life believing in a fairy tale. It's also sad watching them preach out on the streets because for the most part, people ignore them or laugh at them. Sure, they attract a few weirdos who want to debate with them, or even submit to them, but is making white women cry or getting drugged-up white guys or kinky gay submissive white guys to bow down before them and kiss their boot really suppose to make up for hundred's of years of whites kidnapping, enslaving, raping, and repressing them?

If the Ku Klux Klan came to any town in the States, boat loads of people counter-protest them, whereas the Hebrew Israelites are seen and treated as a joke.

Black Hebrew all Christians use an argument from ignorance - They don't know why their people suffered so much, or they don't want to admit that their people were weak, so they made up a God and a Devil to explain it.

Even if this God was real, he clearly cares very little about black people because he allowed them to suffer. if they are the chosen people of God, why allow them to suffer? Or the answer is God is weak, and Satan is stronger.

Or the REAL answer -

Survival of the fittest. Thar explains why not only black people, but why many different groups suffered. I am *not* trying to sound racist, or preach white power, but if you review history, I don't think anyone can hoenstly deny that white men are infact the strongest tribe on earth:

When white men have congregated, powerful nations such as The Roman Empire, the British Empire, Nazi-Germany, The Soviet Union, and the United States of America were created. And white American men enslaved black people, stole the entire United States from the Natives and Mexicans, and have done a lot more.

I am *not* bragging either, and think those events were horrible, but again....survival of the fittest is the answer. We all come from apes, and are forever fighting for power and control. And most likely, if white men didn't do those things, others would have - Native American tribes fought with other Native American tribes, black people enslaved black people, etc.


I've thought about saying all this in a clip, but I honestly feel sorry for some of them. That, and I suspect half of them are on parole, and I might get shot. Smiling