"Respect", Video of Zomgetscriss, on youtube.

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"Respect", Video of Zomgetscriss, on youtube.


I thought this relevant considering Brian's new venture, and his rightful goal of accepting all tactics and our diverse atheism.

I'd go one step further than Criss. I hate the word "respect". I would like to see that word die as the mental placebo it is. It should be replaced with "value". But even then, nothing should be blindly "valued".

I hate the word respect because like she points out in the video, it isn't used in the context of something demonstrable through evidence or actions. Most of the time it is merely a childish way of saying "don't pick on me".

It also allows humans to confuse issues. It allows them to be the claim, when they are not the same as the claim itself. They cant see that there is a difference between the person, and the words that come out of the person's mouth(ON ANY GIVEN SUBJECT, not just religion)

The people that go to her channel, or this website who in turn bitch, don't understand that no one put a gun to their head. They also don't understand that it isn't about an individual, but claims, THE CLAIM. No claim deserves respect, nor should it be valued merely because someone else doesn't want it picked on.

I cannot "respect" or value dogmas that oppress women or gays, or magical claims. Now, if people want to make this out falsely to be a bigotry issue they are dead wrong. 

I value that which promotes individuality and human dignity. I value that which can be demonstrated, not merely pontificated. And as she rightfully said, I too don't demand "respect" for myself. I do want people to value what I say, but I accept the challenge if someone wishes to challenge me.

If all beliefs, traditions, never got challenged because of the demand for blind "respect" then our species would never have left the caves.

I can value human rights and the government protection of making claims I find absurd. But equally important is the ability to challenge those claims without fear, ESPECIALLY claims that put women and minorities and "outsiders" under the peril and dogmatism of a bigoted majority.

"Respect" is the coward's way of saying "don't pick on me". Value on the other hand is not demanded, but SHOWN through demonstration and action. Bottom line is that words and claims, no matter who is making them don't mean shit. If your that insecure about your position then maybe you need to look in that mirror and question yourself.

There IS a debate going on between atheists as to HOW to approach theism. One camp says "no holds barred" and the other says "lets keep it in the library". Brian and I and I would say Criss would say this too, If I am not taking to much liberty here, "IT DEPENDS".

Time place and context, not blanket approaches. I'd say when a theist comes here, they've probably seen enough to know what they are getting themselves into, and if they chose to post, stick to trying to make an argument for your position instead of bitching about our blasphemy.

It merely amounts to some of us here don't like sugar coating our positions. We all however, live in a world of theists, even family and co-workers. Just because we offend you, doesn't mean we hate you. It does not mean we will rape your women or eat your pets. It just means on the "god issue" alone we think you are full of shit.

Now, it is far to put it that way, because in the theist mind, they think the same way, even if they don't express it that way. I would say, don't pussyfoot with me. If you are a theist and you think I am full of shit for not believing, I'm not going to hate you or kill you, I am merely going to ask you WHY you say that.

BUT, like I said, "respect" is a stupid word and I wish it never existed. We should value human rights and human dignity, but claims should never be blindly protected.


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 I agree 100% Brian.


I agree 100% Brian. "Respect" is a tricky word. At my College, the "Respect Campaign" is about taking away student's freedom of expression. You can even be expelled for saying something offensive on facebook!


I'm not going to "respect" somebody based on a label. I'm not going to "respect" somebody just because they're atheist, Christian, Liberal, or Conservative.



If I look at the list of atheist sites [Apparently the longest ever!], I'm not going to respect them just because they're atheist, I'm going to do it on their own merit.


I'm not going to respect a Christian, just because they're Christian, and think their views need "respect".



IMO, the word "respect" really means "don't question or offend me because my feelings are more valuable then your freedom of expression!"







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Cpt_pineapple wrote:

IMO, the word "respect" really means "don't question or offend me because my feelings are more valuable then your freedom of expression!"



This is all too often true. Appeals to outrage are the flavor du jour. 



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The word "respect" doesn't

The word "respect" doesn't even apply to the crazy ChristNUTS for over 1000 years when they were raping, murdering, and pillaging all over the world FORCING people to join their cult!

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