"The end is near" rears it's ugly head again, at work.

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"The end is near" rears it's ugly head again, at work.

Not a news story, but part of my activism is making posts about absurd logic and the self centered gang mentality of religion.

I was on a smoke break commenting on economics and the state of the world, and my co-worker said "It won't be much longer". Holy fucking shit that pissed me off. I couldn't let it go. I am so fucking sick of that selfish mentality.

He's a nice guy, other than the fact that his mind was poisoned with that crap since he was a kid. The entire idea that out of 7 billion people, your particular club is the special club, and the rest of humanity that didn't pick that club is mere trash to be burned upon the "second coming".

Really? I flat out told him that this was my planet too, and I did not appreciate his attitude of destruction just so he could have a cosmic party where the genocide of all others is the cost. I put it more politely than that because I was at work. But I am no longer going to tolerate that selfish bullshit.

It is pure mind poison to think out of our entire species history that one label, one club, one religion, is the center of the universe and it's fans are the "Chosen people".


This is the shit that causes Sunni's and Shiites to kill each other. This is the shit that causes Muslims to kill non Muslims. This is the shit that caused the dark ages. This is the shit that caused Hitler to do what he did.

So what this meme suggests is that all others outside your gang club are mere trash? So it matters not what I, being a non-Christian, or Muslims or Hindues want for peace and a long life for our species future. That doesn't mean shit to your god? All that matters is that the final destruction happens so you and god's fans can throw a party?

This meme needs to die in our species. It self fulfilling prophecy that DOES NOT need to happen. It divides humanity. It allows people to treat outsiders as sub human. It is what distracts our species from the common good we can be capable of. It allows us to ignore the compassion we can have as a species for each other.

Whats worse, is that it based on a dictator god whose only goal is for us to be his minions, his lab rats, his toys, just so we can kill each other trying to prove whom daddy loves best.

I find it completely self centered and selfish to think that the harm of outsiders with an act of mass genocide, with eternal torture as an act of  REVENGE, is a moral or good thing. It is self inflicted mind abuse.

I know in reality that will never be able to get all 7 billion people to give up on making absurd naked assertions. But this is one assertion that ANYONE of any label, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, atheist, every human that wants peace, needs to stop tolerating the nuts that want to rush the "end times" crap.

Please water down your beliefs folks. Please do water down your god and view him as non-violent. Please do not put up with ANYONE claiming their religion or god are special. This is not an atheist issue. We can debate the existence of god outside this issue.

The issue is what kind of world our species should want to live in. Do we want to continue to club each other over the head trying to win a fight at the cost of "outsiders"? Or do we want to stop the "Chosen people" crap and get on with finding solutions for the human condition that transcend all labels?

Our world's population is far too big now, far too diverse, to force utopias that wont exist. Our world is far too full of problems that affect all countries to use comic book monochromatic myth rooted in tribal gang mentality. This is my planet too. I live here too. I don't want any religion or any dip shit blowing up my home because they think their invisible friend loves them best.

Are you that fucking selfish to murder others just to win? This sick mentality has to be verbally beaten down at every turn. The world's population is always at stake whenever some one gets away with spewing this.

EVERYONE, NO MATTER YOUR LABEL, please, whenever you hear someone in your club, or outside your club claim "the end is near" " or claim to be "chosen" SPEAK UP.

TELL THEM, "This is my home too and I would appreciate people like you not suggesting that it be blown up in a stupid dick measuring contest".



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