So, you doubt the exsistance of God!

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So, you doubt the exsistance of God!

So, you doubt the existence of God!  I came up with PROOF that God exists!  All I need is some help in a form of a petition!  We can petition the Pope ("The Pope is not only the representative of Jesus Christ, he is Jesus Christ himself, hidden under the veil of flesh." Catholic National, July 1895 -Holy shit.. Pardon the pun) to perform a small miracle which the whole world can watch on TV.  Something small will do… Maybe some form of levitation [An inch will do] or covered by a brilliant aura while deep in prayer or cure a blind person – a really blind person! or have an orthodox Jew’s beard fall off or change white wine into red wine or make a pig fly or something else.. [I am open to suggestions] It is beyond me why this was not done centuries ago OR at least since the invention of television!  Let’s get this petition started!!! Let’s flood the Pope [As an Italian American I think the word Pope is pronounced  Poopie in Italian?]  with signed petitions!  He has the power!!!  We missed out with Pope John…He is now on the road to beatification! So, let’s not miss another opportunity!!!!  Come on Ratzinger do your thing!!