Anthrobabe (aka the moogie) from Arkansas here

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Anthrobabe (aka the moogie) from Arkansas here

Hello everyone,


It is always nice to find a group of people who think (more or less, not always total agreement just open brains) like I do.

I live and was raised in a christian environment (specific Missionary Baptist)--- and coming out to my family was way difficult-- why even when I declared my undergraduate major as Anthropology some acted as if I'd already sold the old soul to satan.


Sigh--fighting the fight for all people and animals rights for as long as I shall live. (and yes I love animals but I also like a good burger--within reason)

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Welcome to the forum!Hearing

Welcome to the forum!

Hearing from ex theists is my favorite.



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 I applaud you.     Check

 I applaud you.  


Check out my brothers charity that is going to have a fundraiser for soon.


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Welcome! Quarks mom!

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