Recovering from Religion announces the hiring of a new Executive Director Jerry DeWitt

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Recovering from Religion announces the hiring of a new Executive Director Jerry DeWitt

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Recovering from Religion announces the hiring of a new Executive Director Jerry DeWitt

Contact: Jerry W. DeWitt
Recovering from Religion
Phone 337-396-5247
[email protected]

Dr. Darrel Ray, author of The God Virus and Founder of Recovering from Religion has selected former evangelical minister Jerry DeWitt as its new Executive Director.

Kansas City, Mo, October 20, 2011: Recovering from Religion was in founded in 2009 by Dr. Darrel Ray. It is dedicated to helping people navigate the path out of religion.

We are pleased to announce a new Executive Director for Recovering from Religion. Three years after founding RR, Dr. Darrel Ray, is handing the reins over to someone who can devote much more time to the effort. “I simply have too much on my plate to do justice to this important movement.” Dr. Ray said. “Jerry brings experience, excitement and enthusiasm which will help us grow RR into a safe haven for thousands who are exchanging religion for a faith free life. RR as a key portal into the Freethinker movement. Many who leave religion need emotional support. They have no idea where they can find Freethinker resources. They may not even know what the word Freethinker means. RR provides that link. There are thousands of groups trying to get you into religion, we are the only one helping you get out.”

With over Twenty-five years of ministerial experience Jerry DeWitt brings to RR a broad understanding of the religious lifestyle and its effects on personal wellbeing. He also holds the distinction of being the first graduate of, and spokesman for, The Clergy Project, a private, invitation-only “safe house” community of current and former ministers who no longer hold the supernatural beliefs of their religious traditions. The Clergy Project was started by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, philosopher Daniel Dennett, researcher Linda LaScola and former minister Dan Barker.

Jerry will take over the day-to-day operations of RR and manage the development of the new local groups as well as strategic cooperation with secular organizations. Dr. Ray will remain as Chairman of the Board and Chief Advisor.

The RR mission

After publishing his book, The God Virus: How Religion Infects Our Lives and Culture, Dr. Darrel Ray found a huge need for some kind of support group to help people deal with the aftermath of leaving their religion. Such a move often causes problems with family, spouses, children, even employers in some cases. RR is dedicated to helping people, not reindoctrinating them. RR doesn’t care if someone has a god belief, what we are concerned about is the religion part of it. The RR mission is to coordinate and facilitate face-to-face meeting for those who desire support in leaving their religion.

RR also facilitates on-line forums and resources in cooperation with other secular organizations and groups. It tries to connect those in need with secular therapists in their local community. RR encourages people to live a faith-free rational life, without superstition and fear of the supernatural thus becoming Recovering Religionists. For more information visit

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