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Freethinking teens

 I just made a post on about the abundance of spam on that site.  I had to turn off permissions to comment and create accounts on that site.  Since this site uses the same database then any user who wants rights to post over there can ask for them in this thread and receive them.  Freethinking teens only please.

- Sapient


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Too bad about the spammers.

Too bad about the spammers. The idea for the site is a solid one. I hope some young people take this opportunity to resurrect it (not like Jesus, tho!).

I know that back when I was in high-school, I would have loved to have a site like that around. It was so annoying being surrounded by people in school who looked down on anyone who had any unpopular opinions (uhh, me!).

I remember one time a guy was bugging me about his belief in the literal word of the Bible, and I was bringing up some obviously wrong quotes I had found (like how the number pi equals 3 according to one story). Then this girl tries to 'break it up' by saying, "That's an overly simplistic interpretation. The point of the story isn't to give an exact number for pi. blah blah blah." Totally missing the point that this guy was arguing that the Bible was 100% literally true in every word. But of course, challenging stupid religious beliefs was seen as 'rocking the boat'.

If something like FTT existed then, it would have been a huge breath of fresh air. Even just meeting one other person who valued skepticism would have been a relief!

@Sapient: Are avatars disabled on that site, or maybe it's a bug? Your picture doesn't show up, and none of the others do either.

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I think that avatars only work if you upload a new image from that site.  But it might break the image on this site.  It is a bug of sorts.  We will look into it for the next upgrade.

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Hey. Been just over five

Hey. Been just over five years since I joined FreethinkingTeens. Time sure flies.

I stopped checking regularly on FTT after a few months of total inactivity there. I did try removing some of the spam, but there was too much to deal with, and the whole place was empty anyway.

I'd still be interested in moderating/posting there if it ever becomes active or if I'm needed. Haven't given a damn to arguing religion in about four years now though. Moved on to arguing ancap for a while, then shifted left-libertarian (Proudhon's mutualism, etc.) before landing up at apathy towards that as well a couple or so years ago.

Anyway shoot me an email if you get the FTT site back up and/or need my help. hernoor08 at gmail dot com.

Take care!