Belief more important than cure for cancer. WOW and really?

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Belief more important than cure for cancer. WOW and really?

The American Cancer society turned down a 500,000 dollar donation from an atheist group.

I would expect this from a religious charity, but this is supposed to be a secular non religious charity.

BUT, even if it were a religious charity, this shows the hypocrisy of the religious who care more about protecting their religion(not all in the organization, but their leaders) than they do in fining a cure for cancer.

REALLY? Another nail in the coffin of the alleged morality of the believer. They will only lend aid to others if they get credit for it and won't accept help from others. Who cares how many people die from cancer as long as their sky daddy isn't dissed.

Shame on you American Cancer Society. I highly suspect that this is not the tactic many involved in the charity would take. I highly suspect this is a result of a few in their leadership position.



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That ... is .... so....

That ... is .... so.... sick.

Are they worried they will be so 'tainted' by accepting Satan's money it will scare away their bigger donors? What would that say about such donors?

Religion has ZERO claim to be a moral authority in any sense....


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I'm sure the Australian

I'm sure the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (or, let's face it, ANY legitimate body working on finding a cure for cancer) would love to receive a donation of this size. Hope that the potential donor can find an alternative research body to send the money to...

Time for a serious review of the makeup of the board of the American Cancer Society. According to google, they are "Dedicated to helping persons who face cancer. Supports research, patient services, early detection, treatment and education."

Glad I'm not a cancer researcher seeking funds for a ground-breaking project backed by this society.


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This just pisses me off to no end.

If I had the time and the money I would mount a massive protest against them over this.

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How much research can 500

How much research can 500 grand get in this day and age? Or... is it not the amount that matters? I think the amount does matter, because when you run a nonprofit group, you either protect your (bigger) sources of funding, or your group implodes. It is a question of financial survival and not a question of morality. Guess what? The people in question (theists) have lotsa money, and thus quite a bit of deciding power over situations like these.


I agree that this does speak to the compromised morality often seen in religion, particularly Abrahamic religions.

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Hopefully they've pissed off

Hopefully they've pissed off enough people to see their donations plummet.

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