Is Season Nine the Final Season of One Tree Hill?

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Is Season Nine the Final Season of One Tree Hill?

The fans of the TV series One Tree Hill seasons 1-8 are actually on cloud 9 as so really many different of the favorites from previous seasons hold on to flock to period of your time 9 using the CW series. These times there is additional expertise producing a appear back. So, what do you think the season 9 this the final season of the TV show One Tree Hill? We’ve obtained a lot to celebrate preceding to the weight lady sings. Tyler Hilton, Paul Johansson and Chad Michael Murray will possibly be on hand for period of your time 9, but who else is coming along to the ride? The tv collection exclusive reviews three additional actors are on their way! would you remember Allison Munn? obviously you do! She’s back again as Lauren, who utilized to acquire Jamie’s teacher. She’s not single, either. Her present considerable other will possibly be Quinn’s ex-husband, David, who is acted by Scott Holroyd. What would you consider that twist? Also, here’s a spoiler for you. Lauren is pregnant! And do you realize actors Munn and Holroyd are married in genuine life? Now you do! Two down, just one left to go. Actor Devin McGee and his character Xavier Daniels are returning. He’s the loser who physically attacked Brooke in period of your time 6. The last time the show saw Xavier, he was in jail for murder. So, is all of the audio tracks for the ears or what?

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