Inspirational stories stolen by the religious.

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Inspirational stories stolen by the religious.


This has always been something I find particularly annoying about religious folk.  They take a great story, something moving, something so human and slap an ugly god sticker on it and call it their own.  This video is a perfect example, great video, and great story.  It is a testament to many things, a mans will to get up after falling hard, a mans dream to accomplish his goal, the love of a father for his son.  It is many things, human things, things we can all relate to.  That feeling of being so overcome with emotion you can fight through any kind of physical pain, that feeling of seeing a loved one suffering and the need you have to literally and simply just run as fast as you can to them no matter what obstacles are in your way.  Unless you are a robot and completely devoid of emotions, you'll probably be very fond of the footage, until the annoying religious folk who cut the video spend the last 20 seconds tying the story to god.  The religious always find a way of connecting human things traits to god, of saying “see that, god is like that,” assuming not only a god exists but that they know his exact character traits and we can’t be good without him. It’s just so annoying, it’s an unmannered hijacking of the good in humanity.  

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 It's a brainwashing

 It's a brainwashing technique.  The saddest part of humanity is that most people have no clue that they're perpetuating a false system.

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 Here's what I sent

 Here's what I sent them.

"@Striker2595 Actually, the god- believers are quitters. Instead of  taking responsibility for their actions and helping people because it's the right thing to do, you expect a God to forgive you, wipe the badness away and help those that you can help so you don't have to deal with them.


For all you know, God tore that kid's hamstring just so his dad could help him and schmucks like you could have a story you could use to sell him to others."


Of course, comments are pending approval so I doubt it will be seen...

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