New book: Among the Creationists, by Jason Rosenhouse

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New book: Among the Creationists, by Jason Rosenhouse

This looks like a great read: Among the Creationists: Dispatches from the Anti-Evolutionist Frontlines. Unfortunately, it'll take till March 2012 to get it, but keep your eye open for it, and take a look if you spot it in the future.

Jason Rosenhouse, EvolutionBlog wrote:

Forthcoming from Oxford University Press:

The book is partly a memoir of my experiences at various creationist conferences, partly an exploration of creationist thought and argumentation, and partly a broader discussion of issues related to science and religion. I'm pretty happy with how it came out, so hopefully readers will enjoy it.

Many of you may not know Jason Rosenhouse, author of EvolutionBlog. He's a bit of a low-key blogger, compared to someone like PZ Myers, but he makes up for it by being extremely sharp and insightful. When he weighs in on a topic, I've found he brings clarity and depth where a lot of others just go for the knee-jerk reaction or the superficial regurgitation of the latest bandwagon fad (mix enough metaphors there for ya?). Anyway, while my last sentence there might be a medley of mush, Rosenhouse's writing is as clear as his thinking.

I'm looking forward to this one. Hope it gets noticed by the public at large. I like the title and cover. Sufficiently provocative that I think it might make a few waves. Let's hope so.

Here's an example of Jason Rosenhouse's take on What Does Original Sin Mean in the Light of Modern Science?

What Does Original Sin Mean in the Light of Modern Science?

Category: Religion
Posted on: September 7, 2011 6:53 PM, by Jason Rosenhouse

One of the many problems modern science poses for Christianity is the question of how to understand original sin. The traditional teaching, which holds that Adam and Eve were the only humans on the planet when they were created on day six of Creation Week, that the ground was cursed and they were expelled from Eden as a result of a specific sin they committed, and that this corrupted state was in some way passed down to all future human beings, is no longer tenable. A variety of lines of evidence make it clear that the human population has always numbered in the thousands and certainly never dipped down to two. Moreover, evolution makes clear that humans arose through eons of natural selection. There was no moment of creation, and there was no state of primordial perfection for them to sully.

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