Testosterone, By Brian37

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Testosterone, By Brian37

Testosterone, By Brian37


The alpha male


Is obvious

In history


We mask it

In labels

Of religion

And politics


Chest beating

Conquering land

Defeating the outsider

Is all it is


Above all others

We put ourselves

Our race and religion

Will triumph


Our politics supurb

And if of others

We force

To submit


An illusion

We never escape

That all humans

Meet the same fate



Although natural

With all it's violence

Causes so much disaster


While it protects

It also ignores

It's finite existence

All humans face



The blight on humanity

That superstition savors

To continue the myth


Look at me

Look at me

I am the hero

I've won the day


Resources I bring

And climb on top

To be in control

My fame cant stop


Bluster and all

With fluxing fists

Blood and carnage

We cant resist


Number one

None will ever be

For time

Is our reality


Boast and brag

Bludgeon and beat

And after all this

Death our only feat



Is what we have

Fortunes fall

Without fail



Humanity's blight

Disguised as honor

And ignorant virtue


It is the tale

Of evolution


Loses to a moth


Win now

Support the club

What matters not

Is whom suffers loss


It matters not

Whom we kill

As long as

We end up on top



Invented religion

For only such

Has a male God


The alpha Hippo

Cannot be challenged

For a subordinate to do such

Would be death


Protect the harem

Protect the tribe


Is needed to survive


I hope some day

This very species

Of which I am part

Can learn to do without it



"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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