Must-See Movie: PAUL

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Must-See Movie: PAUL


If you enjoyed the movie, "The Hangover," you'll love this movie, too.

It was much better than I anticipated and the xtian jabs were priceless!

My favorite, near the end, when Paul does something "miraculous" and someone praises the lord for it, Paul says, "Yea, whatever Dude."

I give this flick

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Great name for a movie

I watched it last night. Kick ass movie.

The Christian jabs were great. Nothing like an alien telling a  YEC believer that they are wrong.

And I also like the name!


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It was a great film. Watched

It was a great film. Watched it a few months ago. I love these guys in all their movies, and Seth was perfect.

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I really enjoyed it, too. Having the alien go the hard yards against the godly was nice. Made me wish an alien would turn up and turn believers inside out. 

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I really enjoyed the movie.

I really enjoyed the movie.

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I watched it on pay per view

I watched it on pay per view last year and ended up getting the dvd for it. Really good references to the "you don't know shit" point of view "because you are inside a little tiny box on a little tiny planet and you haven't travelled anywhere".

But people of faith, even if they traveled to other galaxies or universes/dimensions/etc, would always come up with some bullshit that god still exists.