Wandered over from the AFA

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Wandered over from the AFA

Hi all,


just wandered over from the Atheist Foundation of Australia (http://atheistfoundation.org.au/forums/index.php) . Sorry, something is blocking the link dialog, and its 1am, so I'll work out how to deal with that another time. I also hang out at RationalSkepticism.org.

Atheist, mostly liberal, mostly progressive. I'm into business and making money. I'm also into board games, RPG (especially Call of Cthullhu), singing, hiking (or as we call it in Oz "bushwalking" ) and computing science. Oh, and science of all stripes. And painting, drawing and reading sci-fi, and some fantasy. And..oh I'm moderately activist-ish.

Plays nice with others, even those that insist on speaking eejit and wooberish. Opposes evil. Recently took to wearing glasses. Not to disguise my secret identity (that never works) but because I'm getting on in years and I need them to read.

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Welcome! If you feed the

If you feed the trolls, make sure it's unpalatable. Sticking out tongue

Enlightened Atheist, Gaming God.

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                       Another AFA shows up! Ta DA!!!!  You will fit in nicely around here with all the other Aussies,  Canuck me self. Post early and often.


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G'day. I live in

G'day, and welcome!. I live in Brisbane.

Been involved with our local Atheist Meetup group for quite a few years now.

Your handle brought back memories from my childhood - old sci-fi comic-strip hero...

Favorite oxymorons: Gospel Truth, Rational Supernaturalist, Business Ethics, Christian Morality

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Welcome to the forums.Tell a

Welcome to the forums.

Tell a friend, mate!


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Welcome Smiling 


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Welcome Dan



Sydney boy, me. You'll have fun here. 

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Welcome.  Pull up a chair

Welcome.  Pull up a chair and crack a beer.  You will find that we are only mildly radioactive (blame that on the potassium we eat).

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