Christians mocking a muslim

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Christians mocking a muslim

A Muslim is trying to pray and these god-fearing, Jesus-loving christians are mocking him by putting a coffee cup in front of him where he will bow and throwing coins at his place of worship. The idiot at the end say that Islam is bad because they will kill someone who doesn't believe the way they do. DOH!!!! He doesn't know his christian history. On one level I think this is almost funny. A fairy tale belief mocking a fairy tale belief like two children yelling at each other because one believes in the tooth fairy as real and the other believes santa clause is real. But on another level it just seems ironically cruel.




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People enjoy being cruel.

People enjoy being cruel. Sad fact of life. Maybe there's also an element of masochism for the guy who's having his beliefs mocked, maybe not.

Sadism and masochism will still exist without religion, but I suspect that all the participants there are feeling very proud of what they're doing, and their religion encourages that.

If I were to watch that video, I'd feel ashamed in their place, so I'm not gonna.

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That last bit, with the

That last bit, with the fellow saying something like "What kind of god would tell you to kill someone for not believing in that god?"

Someone isn't familiar with is bible, is he? My irony meter's needle is bent.

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I kept waiting for the steam

I kept waiting for the steam roller to enter and bring much irony and entertainment, but nothing happened.
Instead, the moslem looked like the very picture of faith your average 'respectable' religious leader would love all his or her followers to exude, and the christian swarm looked like that funeral protesting family from the scum of scum. Perfect propaganda vid for moslems.

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What's with the Israel flag

What's with the Israel flag behind the Muslim guy? this video looks set up to recruit suicide bombers.  Sort of sad really, imagine if all these people invested that energy into something constructive like a "fight club", that would be worth watching.


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The Christians STRICTLY IN


But as others have stated, I do find it funny that one side mocks 72 virgins while promoting virgin births and zombie gods. It would be no different at a Si Fi convention if one geek were shouting "Klingons are real" and another geek shouts back "No Luke Skywalker is real".


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How can they feel like they

How can they feel like they are doing a service to their "god" or humanity at all.