Ships Ahoy!!

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Ships Ahoy!!

Hey....I was just wondering...

WTF? Was Noah's boat the only one that anyone saved themselves on?

Did all the other boats stop floating or something?...



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The boat noah had, had a

The boat noah had, had a mechanism to prevent methane bubbles from lowering its floatability (I just got up and can't remember the actual term atm, so stfu! lol), so when god farted everything sank except noah.

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             makes about has much sense has anything else in the bible;  which is zero to none.

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Noah's myth is stolen from

Noah's myth is stolen from the Sumerian Ziusudra who built a boat per the god Enki's warning.

See -

The old Babylonian version called him Utanapishtim. He is mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh.

See -

And -


As both of these stories predate the account in Genesis it's clear the Bible version is a retelling to make a hero for the Jews/Hebrews.

Also, unlike the Bible version, we have clay tablets dating to the 3rd millenium and earlier. In the case of the fairy tale from Genesis, the oldest physical copies date to the DSS or mid 2nd century BCE.


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NoMoreCrazyPeople wrote:
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redneF wrote:Hey....I was

redneF wrote:

Hey....I was just wondering...

WTF? Was Noah's boat the only one that anyone saved themselves on?

Did all the other boats stop floating or something?...



Interesting point. Something good to throw at annoying Christians 

They make up stuff all the time. One guy told me he thinks god put all the animals to sleep on their essentially year voyage so Noah didn't have to come up with food and clean up shit. Lots of extra-biblical stuff coming from many literalist. It helps them practice making a square peg fit in a round hole.

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