Women and Atheism - uncomfortable yet?

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Women and Atheism - uncomfortable yet?

I've just noticed this little sideline known as 'Elevatorgate'.  Women in Atheism: What do they *really* talk about?

As a female I an not so much afraid to be nuked by feminine disapproval, so here it goes. 

I actually think Richard Dawkins' comments didn't quite cross the line from pithy to obnoxious.  And I think Rebecca's reaction was overblown.  Do we really expect men to reverse millenia of evolutionary programming and pass up an opportunity to spend some time with an interesting and likely attractive woman (a deadly combination).  During social events, social rules are different and propositions flow like wine. What needs to be maintained is respect.  And I don't see the situation as inherently disrespectful.  Feminist reactions like that are what make men like my husband completely freaked out about feminism.  Until I tell him that I'm a feminist and feminists can still give BJ's .

The religious have somewhat clear 'rules' on interations between men and women.  While I don't agree with them, perhaps it makes situations less confusing for folks.  Atheism can expect to have its own growing pains when tyring to incorporate a more feminine element.  And I think it's worthwhile to try to bring out the grrrly atheists.

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Careful, now. Talk like that

Careful, now. Talk like that will likely get you accused of "parroting misogynist thought" in a CFI talk. Eye-wink

For a rational feminist take on EG, see Miranda Celeste Hale, Paula Kirby, and others.

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I love what Dawkins wrote.I

I love what Dawkins wrote.

I think feminist/anti-sex reactions like Ms. Watson's are what drive the anti-westernism of many Islamic men. Islamic men see and hear women like her and think they never want to live in a society that produces women that react this way, so they go to the other extreme of totally controlling women.

Also, Ms. Watson is quite naive about the wide range of sexuality in women and quite presumptive that every woman's sexuality should be as hers. Many women would hook up with a guy in these circumstances and men are not mind readers to know what her reaction would be.

We have laws on the books to cover rape and sexual harassment, there doesn't need to be any other 'rules'. Athiesm should embrase all kinds of people with all kinds of sexuality.


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p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

OK, out of curiosity, how would this have gone down if it had been a gay dude making a pass at a straight dude?


The best case that I can see is that the straight dude says no and then buries the matter so that none of his friends ever hear about it.


The worst case is that the elevator door opens up and people see a gay dude getting bashed. In that case, the conversation would not be about some random dude making a proposition but rather about whether gays can proposition straight dudes and not have their rights violated.


Either way, it would not be a conversation over whether it is acceptable to say what elevator dude did.

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