The Nurse and 9/11, By Brian37

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The Nurse and 9/11, By Brian37

The Nurse 9/11, By Brian37


Long before Sam Harris

Yet for the same reason

One event

Became a call to action


Hailing from

The land of Cubs

An opinion from a nurse

Spoke of that horrible event


In my fear

I read my local paper

And that similar voice

Caused me to shed it


She spoke

Of what we were

As a country

That more than Christians died


Being godless too

She worked at hospitals

And felt sadness and horror

Like the majority of the western world


She advised all

Believers included

That 9/11

Affected us all


It was that nurse

Whose name forgotten

Inspired me

To lose my fear


Out of the closet

I bolted with speed

Understanding right then

To fight zealous dogmatism


10 years hence

And ever since

Combating superstition

Has been my mission


To that nurse

I can't thank you enough

For giving me my voice

And the papers that printed it


I am no longer afraid

Of admitting my position

No longer afraid

Of challenging religion.


So many before

Along with her

Sapient and Reggie

Harris and Dawkins


We cant rid the world

Of bad claims

Of superstitions

But we can contain them


For if we don't

What happened then

Can happen again

If we don't stand fast


I was alone

Before she spoke

But she liberated me

And far many others


To all to all

Who partisipate

For the fight for reason

I can't thank enough


No voice too small

All better off

When we shed flat earth's

Deity's thoughts


From Isis to Vishnu

Allah to Jesus

Humanity can live

Without superstition


THANK YOU ALL, AND THE NURSE whose name I wish I could remember,  who inspired me to shed my fear and join the Jeffersonian call to civility and fearlessness to "boldly question event the existence of a god".





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