Ray Comfort's new prolife schlockumentary

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Ray Comfort's new prolife schlockumentary

For several months, Ray Comfort has been brewing yet another product to make evangelicals spend a wad cash on, so it can find it's way in campuses all over North America.

Since he's pretty much ridiculed, debunked and ripped to shreds for his support of creationism, the good people at living waters ministries decided to go with another angle; the issue of abortion.

And in order to avoid a backlash like he suffered last time with the "Origins In schools", he tried to keep this even hush-hush.

He failed. Some of us knew for months what was brewing. Like the idiot he is, he did the mistake of putting the video and site on Living water's servers, thinking no one would notice.

From the site http://www.heartchanger.com:

This website was passed on to you in confidence. The “180” video is meant for your personal previewing only.

You are not permitted to pass on this website address and password to anyone without written consent from Living Waters.

If you desire to share “180” with others, please request permission (specifying who you would like to share it with) by emailing [email protected] Thank you for understanding the sensitive nature of this project.

What are you going to do with “180”?
We will be giving away 250,000 copies of the DVD in 100 of the top U.S. universities (in one day) in the fall of 2011, and invite pro-life organizations, churches, and individuals to join us by having giveaways in their own areas.

If you guys want to see this crap-fest and debunk it early, here are some links;


Password: heartchanger

(Ray is so unoriginal).

Have fun with it. Debunking this is like shooting fish with a thermonuclear warhead.

FYI: the universities hit will be the same that were hit with "Origins in schools" if they were there last time, they will be there a second time around.