WHY AM I AN ATHEIST??? [trollville]

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WHY AM I AN ATHEIST??? [trollville]


Well, let's be honest. To be an atheist would mean you're very selfish. There are no rules, kind of like anarchy. Yeah, there are rules of the govenment but not rules philosophical speaking. So if i want to be consistent as an atheist, i could technically stab my grandmother and call it a day.

Also i'm an atheist so nobody can hold me accountable. I can be an asshole and it's like, oh you're an atheist, that's okay. Or you can murder your family. You're be arrested, but you won't feel bad, i'm an atheist. Oh okay.

Another reason why I'm an atheist is because of an ego trip. Yeah, i can be extremely arrogant. When people notice this about me, what do i say? I remind them, hey i'm an atheist, and their like, oh, please continue

Yet another reason would be pride. I can be very proud and not humbling.

And yet again, i can steal. I can't push old ladies on the street and steal her groceries and purse. And run. There's no reason for me to feel guilty at all. Why is that? i'm an atheist remember.

Also, i get to target the weak Christians. The strong ones let's leave them alone.

And finally i get to be a hypocrite. I get to claim logic on the street and deny it in the classroom.

It's so fun being an atheist. No morals or ethics. No meaning or purpose in life. No sense of beauty or objective love. I don't have to love my children. Since loving my kids are just brain squirts in my head. They're not real. When my daughter gives me a hug, my head squirts, that's all.

Perhaps someday when Christianity is illegal, we atheists will burn the Christians at the stake. This is consistent anyway.

So I can remain ignorant but via a leap of blind faith just go nutty nuts. And build a website and start different denominations of atheism so i'm off the hook when Christians are like, what? You're a weak atheism now? lol.

But there is this one Christian I cannot beat. Jean Chauvin. My nose has been bleeding for days. and i'm afraid it will continue as long as his intellectual boozooka is pointing my way.

Selfishly Yours.


Jean Chauvin (Jude 3).

A Rational Christian of Intelligence (rare)with a valid and sound justification for my epistemology and a logical refutation for those with logical fallacies and false worldviews upon their normative of thinking in retrospect to objective normative(s). This is only understood via the imago dei in which we all are.


Jean Chauvin (Jude 3).

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Jean Chauvin wrote:I'll

Jean Chauvin wrote:

I'll explain again about a system. In order for a system to be a system there must be at least one universal to tie it into a system. So for example, Botany, Chemistry, Biology, all have at least 1 tenet to tie it in to meaning.

Christianity has several. One of those universal essentials is how you get to heaven. Jesus says

I am the way the truth and the life, nobody comes to the father, except through me.  (John 14:6).

Billy Graham denies this essential universal thus disqualifying him from the system of Christianity. He is thus an apostate.

On Robert Shuler's little show, he said that Jesus is NOT the only way to get to heaven thus contradicting what Jesus said in John 14:6. Billy said you can be a pagan and never ever hear about Jesus, but if you follow the light you've been given, you'll go to heaven.

Now. you can agree with Billy or me, doesn't matter. What matters is that via the definition of essential Christianity, Billy redefines a trait that is essentail to Christianity as a system is an apostate going to hell. This is one of many other issues. He also finds occultic religions of value.

And he's a democrat which is right there enough to send anybody to hell.


Jean Chauvin (Jude 3).


Damn man, you got me. I'll see you in church, lets say, a week from NEVER!

Quoting your holy book is as impressive to us as when a Muslim quotes the Koran, and is as mundane as taking a dump. At least when I take a dump I can prove my poo is real and don't have to make up a poo god to explain it.

Quote your comic book all you want till your blue in the face, but do not ever think we will ever be impressed by it or bow to it.



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Honesty honesty honesty .. ..

Jean Chauvin wrote,  "I've been studying the occult since the age of 15. I have an extensive library, and know the subject well. I am not interested in becoming OF the occult at all  .. I study in order to witness to these poor deceived people.

    Were this a Xian board you could "s-a-y" anything you want.  If so far you had passed the smell test. It wouldnt be questioned.  On this board you will have to do more than talk about a thing.  Straightforwardness means you have to provide some simple evidence of some sort.  Where's the beef ?



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You do not need a

You do not need a 'universal' for any system, even if 'universals' could be determined.

You need a set of initial assumptions, the axioms, including normally, by default, the Laws of Logic. That is it.

The relevance or accuracy or meaning of any conclusions within such a system are determined by how closely they correspond to reality as we perceive it.

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Jean wrote:
Luca spiritual combat? Care to elaborte? I can just be absurd and shout things. Hey Luca, ever hear of Kentucky Fried Chicken with there 11 herbs ands spices. Um, i just did what you did.
Look, if you do not want to even do a simple search, just say it. As usual it's "the first link with google". There's even a spiritual warfare page on wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiritual_warfare

EDIT: Oh, and do you want really to impress me? Then read something like Hawking or Penrose, for example "The road to reality". That is something, not old and yellowish books.

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Answers in Gene Simmons

Answers in Gene Simmons wrote:



 Just messing around in the Troll forum.   Image above is senseless, the weapon is not a "bazooka" and it's not pointed backwards.... yeah, I know, no one cares but as a fan of military weaponry such inaccuracies irk me, like people who call magazines "clips".