The Rapture

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The Rapture

 The Rapture is one of the biggest irrationalities ever.  Even if one believed in God and religion, why would they believe that there is an arbitrary date for the world to end.  Why would they believe the Mayans knew (in an entirely different calendar), that it was going to happen next December?  


I think it's so irrational that I decided to write a comic about it called Katrina Hates Dead S%&, which you can find on the site


I think you guys will enjoy it.  

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Nicely done.


Although the bible is very specific on the matter of the Mayans. They can't possibly exist.


Matthew 4:8-9 shows god jr on top of a mountain from where all the kingdoms of the world can be seen. That only works on a flat earth. The Americas are too far around the world to be seen on any mountain even if it were as high as the full diameter of the earth.


Since it is geometrically impossible, that is clear biblical proof that the whole new world does not exist.  QEDB


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