Hungry Stomach

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Hungry Stomach

Human beings should be free to do what they want, as long as it does not harm anybody or in general; as long as his actions are not harmful to anyone, right?

I want to eat food. I am starving, but I cannot eat. And it is not because I am poor, or there is no food available or I have lost my way in Sahara desert. But it is because somebody had told others not to eat or drink for one month every year nearly 14 centuries ago. What is this? I am not given my very basic freedom. I do not want to harm anyone, I just want to eat a simple fucking burger or something like that, I am about to faint.

 I know I won’t die or anything like that. Because I will be allowed to eat, drink, fuck in like 4 hours. Ok unfortunately the fucking part won’t be available even after evening, but that is a different story and ok.

People tell me even if I don’t belief the same bullshit as others, I need to respect what others believe and respect. That sounds fine in theory, but when they do not let me eat when I am hungry like a wolf; how do you expect me to respect your nonsense?

Shops won’t sell food, they won’t sell cigarettes, although some big supermarkets are ok, they do sell you whatever you want. But even they do not prepare the usual snacks they used to have. But still you can have some chocolates, something conserved. But what is the use if there is no place to eat? Wherever you eat, and they see you, you are in deep shit.

This is so annoying! FUCK THEM ALL!

Religion makes me suffer everyday!

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Yeah, fuck that noise. I

Yeah, fuck that noise. I think I can add to the list of reasons why that's complete crap.

If they really want to avoid seeing things they disagree with they should just stay indoors for the duration. It's selfish and arrogant to expect everyone else to bend a knee toward their particular preference for imaginary company. It's one thing for people to voluntarily starve themselves but, if you think about it for a moment, insisting that others do it too actually diminishes the supposed meaning of what they're doing. The onus is on them to avoid these things - taken to its logical extreme they could prevent themselves from sinning at all by blinding themselves and becoming hermit farmers. Who cares if that's not an easily survivable option, they've got an afterlife to look forward to!


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It is a blatant nonsense to

It is a blatant nonsense to label Ramadan a fast. It is skipping lunch.

That label is an insult to anyone who really 'fasts' for any extended period.

What would these people do if they were living at high latitudes when Ramadan fell in summer? No sunrise or sunset?

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What part of the world



are you in Honeymoon god? Can't you lay up a stash of tucker and hoe into it when the religious police aren't looking?

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NoMoreCrazyPeople wrote:
Never ever did I say enything about free, I said "free."


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No SHIT!, heheh, that has to

No SHIT!, heheh, that has to be a joke right?