Good Morning Ralph, Good Morning Sam, by Brian37

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Good Morning Ralph, Good Morning Sam, by Brian37

Good Morning Ralph, Good Morning Sam, by Brian37

In the fertile crescent
In Mesopotamia
The feud persists
In modern times

My land my land
Both proclaim
And over what
Invisible friends

The time clock punched
The dog the century
The sheep the prey
The bloodshed real

I wish it were
A silly cartoon
I wish I didn't see
Death on the news

I wish Israel
Would know it's power
I wish Palestinians
Would not seek theocracy

If a toddler
From both sides
Put in a room
With no divide

If both these children
Were not told
Of adult beefs
How would they get along

If you put
In front of both
Toys of fancy
Without boast

They would play
Without concern
Laugh at cartoons
And have no qualms

This ancient illness
Is not of children
But of adults
Who sell them certainty

I wish I wish, with all my breath
The worst children would see
Is "Good morning Ralph
Good morning Sam"


This poem is to portray the dichotomy between childish strife depicted in  cartoons and the real strife that leads to bloodshed which would not happen if the children of both sides were put in a room without the adults. They would both play without beefs and create their own social structure.

It is also in reference to a Wanner brothers cartoon I grew up with where the Sheepdog protected the sheep from the Coyote.

My point in this poem is to SHOW if it were not for adult influence children would not end up like there parents in being so divided. It would be nice if a time clock were the worst conflict humans had to argue over.


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