The Weird World of May 21

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The Weird World of May 21

Been reading the reactions to the failed May 21 Rapture prediction on the CNN Belief Blog

This is typical of some believer responses:

You'd be hard pressed to find a REAL minister, pastor, preacher (outside of some fringe minister in some small town in America) stating that they Apocolypse will happen on a given date at a given time – IT JUST SOUNDS MORONIC! This is NOT what the vast majority of christians believe. This Camping character is just that – A CHARACTER, and all the athiests on this post need to stop ascrbing his thoughts and beliefs (and those of his people) to all people who believe in the bible and believe in GOD!

Many mainstream Christian religions don't buy into the whacky predictions of nutcases like Camping. On the other hand, those same religions' core beliefs predict the very same things  he did -- the second coming of two-thousand year-old preacher who may or may not have even lived, the Rapture of believers, the sorting out and judging of believers and non-believers, and the re-animation of dead human flesh for eternity in a magical place. Somehow they are able to reconcile their disdain for guys like Camping, with the fact that their own beliefs are just as insane. And that's what's scary - nutty guys like Camping are easy to dismiss, but people that have honed the same crazy notions into socially acceptable and powerful religious institutions are the ones that need to be challenged and exposed.  The media covered Harold Camping's prediction as if he were a uniquely delusional crackpot -- but all he did was put a date on what virtually all Christian denominations believe with equal delusion.



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