Surprise, Family Radio is still here.

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Surprise, Family Radio is still here.

Even the scoffers sometimes don't think this through. On another forum where it was discussed that "Family Radio is gone from the Internet, is this proof of a suicide pact by Mr. Camping," (I won't humiliate the blog owner by naming his blog here), they just don't think. Only they and about five billion other people on every news service of the world has heard about Mr. Camping and his prediction. Comments from that Website (mine are last, politely saying "think"; my answers are named "James&quotEye-wink


  • #1 written by Crystal
    about 1 hour ago

    Although not a fan of Mr. Camping…..I am able to pull up the family radio website.

  • #2 written by James
    about 26 minutes ago

    As a Wiccan, I was able to pull up his Website. His live stream radio is only streaming Baroque religious music, which if you are a conspiracy theorist, could simply be on a tape loop (as electronics would presumably not be lifted up).

  • #3 written by Kyle
    about 22 minutes ago

    His website is down, yet the server is not down as I can still ping it. Crystal, have you been to the website recently before you checked… your computer might be pulling the site from it’s cache.

    • #4 written by Kyle
      about 20 minutes ago

      I’d like to know the same from you, James. Was this the first time you had pulled up the site or had you pulled it up previously where it could be in your computer’s cache? It’s not pulling up for me either, yet I can confirm that the server that the site is hosted on is up.

  • #5 written by James
    about 15 minutes ago

    I just pulled it up. I have been to the Website before, but never listened to the live stream.

    I use Firefox, which I have set to report my Geolocation as ten meters under Loch Ness, so maybe that is it. I can also get it with Internet Explorer 8 (which I have not used until this post.)

    But the likely cause of the problem is this is world news, reported everywhere from Voice of America to the BBC to The Voice of Russia. The likely cause of difficulty (and I did have difficulty earlier to-day) is simply an overload of Family Radio’s servers by the crush of faithful, scoffers, and curious.


    • #6 written by James
      about 5 seconds ago

      It is now midnight in my time zone (US Mountain), and once again Family Radio is having trouble coming through. I suspect as midnight approaches each time zone east to west, a new crush of requests go into FR’s servers. Pacific Time is the next hour, then things should settle down.

      After that, the curious, when they find the world is still here and so are their neighbours, will cause a secondary crush to find out why FR is either still on the Internet, or why the world is still working as always.

      Blessed be, bedtime for me.