Some Reason Why Jesus of the New Testament Never Existed

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Some Reason Why Jesus of the New Testament Never Existed


 Jesus of the New Testament is definitely a myth. A myth that may have originated from a factual character that lived and preached his own version of Judaism like many other small cult leaders of the day. I would not be surprised to find that this cultist leader of flesh, blood and bone was convicted of blasphemy and crucified as a typical punishment to blasphemers.  When this false prophet failed to achieve what his followers had anticipated they embellished the story in a typical oral tradition. The stories that emerged as time went on got intertwined to well known myths of the day. The raising the dead, healing the blind and lame, casting out devils etc, etc, etc Soon these exaggerated oral stories were written down and as time moved on again, were copied and copied and copied. In fact we know that the earliest manuscripts of the New Testaments are not the originals but in fact copies of copies.   And these earliest copies we have were changed by the early church leaders. For example, the best known Jesus story is found in every known Jesus film to date. The one where Jesus saves an adulteress from being stoned to death and the angry mob. This is the one that Jesus says (and I'm paraphrasing here) 'He who is without sin cast the first stone' thus the crowd disperses and leaves the woman alone. This story cannot be found in the earliest copy we have of the Gospel of John or any other earliest copy of any other Gospel.  Another example is from the Resurrection story. In the oldest manuscript of Mark we have tells us about the account when women go to the tomb where Jesus was laid and they discover the empty tomb. However they meet a stranger who tells them that Jesus is no longer in the tomb and instructs them to tell Jesus’ disciples that he will meet them in Galilee. The women flee and never pass this information on to anyone, including the disciples. The story ends here but someone decides to change the text in later copies of the Gospel of Mark to the point where the women do go to the disciples and tell them of the empty tomb and the stranger. In fact this religious scribe added a further twelve verses. These added verses tell the disciples to make new converts, that people be baptised in His name, and that these people who become baptised will speak in tongues, will be able to handle snakes, drink poison and that poison will not harm them. These changes are deliberate whilst there are some that look like they are accidental. In fact another change of the New Testament is when Jesus heals a leper who had beseeched him in the earliest manuscript that we have it states that Jesus became angry at this man daring to ask him for a cure to his illness. This was changed to a loving and compassionate Jesus who healed the man out of pure love. Why would Christian leaders (scribes) change the Gospels in these ways...Where they trying to build up a myth? If Jesus was the son of God and divine then we as pure mortals have NO RIGHT to change His history or his words. Unless of course he was just a man without supernatural abilities...a man not born of a virgin...not the son of God, but in fact a false prophet!These are just a few examples of the Jesus myth.  Whether Jesus’ as a man existed or not, we can be certain that the supernatural Jesus did not exist. But what is utterly silly is how many grown men and women will deny at all costs that their Jesus was a charlatan simply because they are too emotionally depended on him. But this is irrational, delusional, dangerous and unhealthy for the body politic as a whole. These delusional people would deny that Elvis Presley never existed if they thought it would reinforce their God delusions. SourceS: Bart D Ehrman. Misquoting Jesus               Logic               Reason


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                         I am one of those that believes JC was a conglomarate of several real men AND myths.   Lets look at at least 4 different personality types, all supposedly JC.


                       Matt; 10. 35 JC sounds like  Mr.T " I donot come in peace I come with a sword to cause havoc..."





                      Matt:5 5    The beatitudes, JC   sounds like   Mr.Rogers and his cardigan.




                      Jesus the Nazarene.   The nazarenes were a sect of Judaism, known for non-drinking and no dancing. Worse then Mormans. The sect had nothing to do with the town of Nazereth [which didn't exist till mid-1st century].




                        The Jesus charactor who not only drinks and dances at the drop of an invitation but turns water into wine and even tells his apostles to drink wine because its his blood.



                        Thats at least four clearly different people.  Now add a few more people and lots of fictional hocus pocus and you got the unreal JC.







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Jesus is 99% Arab MYTH and

Jesus is 99% Arab MYTH and that is proven to be true with each passing minute, hour, day, week, month, year, etc.

ChristNUTS have been 100% wrong in all their supernatural claims and all predictions about Jesus "coming back".

There is NO historical Jesus. Everything that has been cited to corroborate the existence of Jesus has been done by people who lived DECADES later but never actualy saw any Jesus and weren't even a contemporary of Jesus!

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