World to End on the 21st

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World to End on the 21st

 Hope you've got your tin-foil hats folded and ready. <-- This would be just another amusing little footnote in the ongoing saga of crazy things spouted by 'ol Harold Camping (who has set all kinds of 'ZOMG END OF TIMES THIS TIME I'M SURE OF IT 100%!' dates before)... except that this time around, the son of a bitch has actually convinced a number of extremely gullible listeners to wholly surrender their financial security. And a lot of these people have children that are now going to pay the price for their parents' negligence and Mr. Camping's deceit.


This isn't some small-time outfit, either: Family Radio (Camping's 'business') has gone laughing all the way to bank, collecting millions of dollars from listeners and various other sponsors (strangely, the impending rapture & doom of the material planet has not compelled Mr. Camping to cease accepting money or to begin donating away his vast wealth). 


I certainly would like a Christian to explain this to me, without just some hand-waving and trying to dismiss Camping as a fringe crackpot: How is it that your apparently lovely, morally pure religion is such a vector for this sort of disease? How is it that people like Mr. Camping, and organizations like Family Radio, can become multi-million dollar entities by having a Bible ride shotgun with their disgusting messages? Do you not see this as a fundamental problem with vague superstitions? 


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- Leon Trotsky, Last Will & Testament
February 27, 1940

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BobSpence1 wrote:A "vector"

BobSpence1 wrote:

A "vector" for a disease is something that provides a congenial host for the infecting organism, and also helps it spread - this does not apply to any of the examples you gave, but then we already knew you were an misinformed illogical nutter, Mr_M, you are just reinforcing those credentials yet again. You provide us with yet another example of the mental damage religion can wreak.

Whereas religion, being based on appeals to fear (of death), and more promises to address other anxieties of existence, and dismissing the need for logic and proper evidence and independent verification, creates a very congenial psychological environment for all kinds of other interpretations of the mish-mash of nonsense it purveys.

Hey Bob!  I'm glad to see that you are still fixated on me such that you continually follow me around wherever I go.. I guess I have an uncanny ability to draw the wannabe scientists out of the woodwork, which is understandable considering that 65 year old frauds like Bob need whatever excuse they can get for dropping esoteric terminology or other such nonsense in hopes of impressing their atheist buddies.  (By the way, how many science meetup groups are you part of?)

Also, you are wrong on all counts (though 0.0% isn't that bad for you, I guess).  I could actually give you some great answers, but it's not worth my time.  

Hey, why don't you call up Matt Slick tonight?  

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I was not addressing you,

I was not addressing you, Mr_M. You are an ignorant child, not really worth debating. But often what you post is just so egregiously wrong that I cannot let it stand.

I was posting that for the benefit of anyone else reading that, just so they weren't tempted to assume it was coming from a reputable source, who actually knew what they were talking about.

A few definitions of disease vector:

Wikipedia wrote:

an organism, often an invertebrate arthropod, that transmits a pathogen from reservoir to host

[/quote="New Oxford American Dictionary"]

an organism, typically a biting insect or tick, that transmits a disease or parasite from one animal or plant to another.
• Genetics a bacteriophage or plasmid that transfers genetic material into a cell, or from one bacterium to another.

Religion provides a context for on passing on many obsolete and irrational beliefs.

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TGBaker wrote:Brian37

TGBaker wrote:

Brian37 wrote:

Read the fine print. Yesterday was the beginning of the end. October 21st 2011 is the end of the end.


Well I am missing my hamster and poodle.



My cat informs me that the hamster was quite tasty.  Also, the poodle looked lonely so he left the front door open on his way out.

NoMoreCrazyPeople wrote:
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Answers in Gene Simmons

Answers in Gene Simmons wrote:

TGBaker wrote:

Brian37 wrote:

Read the fine print. Yesterday was the beginning of the end. October 21st 2011 is the end of the end.


Well I am missing my hamster and poodle.



My cat informs me that the hamster was quite tasty.  Also, the poodle looked lonely so he left the front door open on his way out.

Damn if the end time got hard i was going to eat the poodle.


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Wow... somebody needs to

Wow... somebody needs to switch to decaf...