The Ego's Insecurity, By Brian37

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The Ego's Insecurity, By Brian37

The Ego's Insecurity, By Brian37


"Respect" he said to me today

Authoritarian view

The harsh reality

Of the bull elephant


The bane of evolution

That the alpha male

Impractical and irrational

Merely protecting their place


It matters not

What I provide

Or contribute

Obey no matter what


I am aware

That life goes on

Not in the least

Centered around me


But that damned ego

He admitted to

Even his children

Will "Do or else"


He thinks I put myself down

Because I admit my insecurities

When the reality is

"Respect" is the demand of the insecure


I hate reality

I hate testosterone

I hate egos

I hate evolution


I hate it's flaws

That bull elephant

Protects it's own

Even when wrong


And this brutal truth

I must face

No matter what

"Know my place"


Yet for what he gains

Will not last

No human will ever

Escape the future


It is of comfort

Knowing this

That power is fleeting

And never lasts


I love evolution

With all it's flaws

The massive universe

And our future


I can cope

With here and now

And the petty elephant

Who thinks they're so smart


All his sound

And all his fury

Nothing to signify

In the end


Boast and pound

Assert your power

Only a fool

Think's it's forever



Cares not

Of ego

Or "respect"


Now is all

Tomorrow not given

Labels and status

Delusions of grandeur


Puff out your ears

Chase me down

I will not yeild

To threats of fear



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