Mum's Surgeon Was Jesus

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Mum's Surgeon Was Jesus


I've just spent a few days with my elderly, former missionary mother who's been having some cancer removed. The family all prayed in relay teams of supplication prodding the lord from his lazy-boy armchair where he was watching the ANZAC rugby league clash while sucking on KB in soft, glimmering cans from his private stash..

Needless to say, the success of the op, the line of meticulous stitches, owed all to the intervention of the lord; who, immaterially; personally ensured that all went well. After the op, Facebook resounded to the congratulations of the stalwarts of the prayful PR campaign conducted to draw jesus' attention to their particular old lady. Jesus had done it all, they said. It was all down to him...

"Jesus is the best" gushed one, particularly sick-generating post as the faceless, exhausted public hospital doctor was relegated to the position of instrument of the lord. I'd have been impressed if a hairdresser had done the thing, better yet, a greenkeeper under a gum tree.

It goes without saying that the only atheist in the family was the one who arrived a day early, spent the night then took the mother down to hospital at 6am and held her hand in the waiting room and stayed with her for three days while the christians went about their busy lives content with the copout of praying.

Oh, lord. Mysterious are thy fucking ways...


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What does your mum think of

What does your mum think of the fact that your family prefers praying from a save distance over helping her through her though times? Does she realise the fucked-upness of their attitude?

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I wish you all the best!

I wish you the best. I have had loved ones, like my mother and grandmother, both deal with breast cancer and live and I lost my friend Will to cancer as well. Just remember to appreciate the time we have with our family and friends while we have it! Don't worry, you are not alone in getting pissed off at the "pray the problems away" crowd. I always want to ask why they won't do anything helpful, but that seems to cause more problems then it helps! At least they mean well, even though their pleas to empty space do as much good as my nerd pleas for a chance with Karen Gillan!

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Glad to hear your mum is

Glad to hear your mum is doing well.  When my mom was dying in the nursing home, the churchy people never visited, even though she asked for them and I asked them to come.  But the atheist daughter was there as often as I could be. 

Hang in there.  I know it can be a struggle not to lose your temper in front of someone who is ill and wants to believe but has no support from those who should be there for her.   Keep us updated, you know you can always tell us all about it.


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Atheistextremist wrote:


I've just spent a few days with my elderly, former missionary mother who's been having some cancer removed. ...

You're a good boy.

I sometimes wish I'd had a son and not just a daughter.


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Religion is an easy way to

Religion is an easy way to explain the world and so prayer is an easy out when you don't actually want to do anything.

It's just insane to me, someone can basicly say "I will pray and talk to my invisible friend and he will help ..maybe ..possibly if he wants too .." and then whatever happens they can interpret it how they like, if the person gets better they praise jeebus if the person gets worse or dies they can say it's just that persons time or if they are a mean person they might add that whoever it is must have done something wrong. Total insanity and most people don't even realize it.

"This is madness!" "This is religion!" Yea cool as the spartans were they failed in the end and so will the religious.


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