God's wife Asherah edited from Bible ?

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God's wife Asherah edited from Bible ?

  This story first appeared in Huffington Post, last month,so this is a update. enjoy ? I hope this works --  www.huffingtonpost.com/tag/gods-wife-asherah-fertility

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Polytheism to monotheism

This is always an interesting subject.


If I remember correctly, the invention of monotheism in Judaism occurred in order to unite and control disparate peoples settling in Canaan.

Yahweh being the name of a city or a city god that was adopted and promoted to the top of the pantheon. 

The adoption of this jealous god was quite a success and the other gods were gradually killed off.


Others with better memories will no doubt correct my vagueness on this.


The pharoah Akhenaten is considered to be another inventor of monotheism when he created Aten to overrule the existing top god Amun. 

His success was short lived though, as Amun's priests eventually reasserted their power and made Amun top dog again.


More on Asherah at: