Mock trial of Jesus, makes mockery of today's real law.

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Mock trial of Jesus, makes mockery of today's real law.

Yet another absurdity that promotes Christians as the victims.

The mock trial supposes what would happen to Jesus if put on trial in today's modern courts. Would he get life in prison or the death penalty.

First off, this mock trial might have worked as a comparison to the REAL Salem witch hunt trials. But notice what the charges would be in article, "Blasphemy".

There is no blasphemy law in this country so this argument for what people would do to Jesus today. has no barring on modern law, and it bastardizes the First Amendment by even suggesting such a case.

It is almost as if these people who are doing this are trying to paint a picture of a future where Christians will be persecuted by modern law.

The charges that get the death penalty are murder with special circumstances(malice of forethought), and it is demeaning to take a comic book character whose only charge is "blasphemy" which is an Orwellian thought crime and equate it to real human flesh being harmed.

Of course this isn't a real trial, but to even put on such a fake play with a story line that equates blasphemy as being the same as murder, is sick.

Lets pretend that Jesus did exist today, HE WOULDN'T BE CHARGED WITH A FUCKING THING. He might get his opposition protesting him, but he would not be arrested for merely bitching about anything or anyone.

THIS PLAY is yet another display of how fucked up religious morality is and is perpetuating the 2,000 year old meme that needs to die, in that of Christians are the victims and the big bad state will always come after them.

Blasphemy laws did exist in the early days of the colonies, and the people who put other people on trial were Christians. The Constitution forced society to get away from this barbarity. To suggest that a blasphemy trial would happen today is sick, even if it is just a story and even more sick to suggest such a punishment could or should happen today, life in prison or death.




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Last Thursday there was an

Last Thursday there was an event in Holland, where they re-enacted Jesus crucifixion, but in today's setting. They said that would he have lived today, he would have been charged with inciting terrorism, or something like that.

Anyway, the first question is a false dichotomy: it's not either a death sentence or life, there's a million possible punishments, of which Jesus would most likely only get punished for hitting people and vandalising a marketplace (Mark 11:15–19).

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 A more interesting case

 A more interesting case would be watching someone try to prove that Jesus Christ existed with the same standards needed for someone to prove that someone is guilty of a crime in a court of law.  Verdict: Jesus is fake


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Fucking theists, always

Fucking theists, always working towards making some bullshit happen that confirms their position.  They want armegeddon, so they push for it, they act towars it.  I bet if jesus was here today, and wasn't charged with anything because walking around telling people you're god isn't illegal, they would probably push for hardships to come to him.  We'de be like "No, we don't care that he thinks he's gods son, he's just sad, let him walk around and do his thing he isn't hurting anybody."  And they'de be like "But he's messing with the system man, he's all like trying to change things, you guys should try to kill him, cccccommmmoon, pllllease, it makes it more real and meaningful to us." 


Damb theists.