Charity and Conversions

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Charity and Conversions

I read a blog that was really encouruaging to hear how many with AIDS are getting help.



Yet, I wonder what many think who would reach such a story. Clearly, the religious help comes in part from a desire not only to help but to convert. Do you think that the desire to see converts kind of takes away from the medical help or do you think it does not negate the help and, as a long as people get aid, these people are genuinely doing a good thing?



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I think it's good that those

I think it's good that those people are helped, but it borders on sick that they have hidden agenda's to convert those people to their religion, as if we are better, and their sillies superstitions should be replaced by ours.

My church donated money to Japanese churches. Now, of course it's good they're helping Japan, but they're discriminating against non-Christians. They give money to build churches when there are still people dying out there.