The Mighty Man of Gods Creation Sapient contacted me, LETS ANSWER THREE OF HIS QUESTIONS ON GOD

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The Mighty Man of Gods Creation Sapient contacted me, LETS ANSWER THREE OF HIS QUESTIONS ON GOD

  Mr. Sapient man of Reason/Rational Response told me He had made specific rules for me, and told me that He had posted word "i" had written in Atheist vs Theist section, yet "i" went there seen His Amazing wall of Text / List of questions for the answering if God exists???  So lets answer some of His questions which if "i" could have the time "i" would/could answer them all,  but Lets direct ourselves to the first Three...


1.  The Lord was excepted readily by the Judean's/Jews, but the false jew, whom had control over His Word at the time, did not hear His Word {{ John 8th Chapter}} where our Lord explained how they the false jew could not hear His Word/truth due too them being sown by the devil/born of the devil!  In Ezra 9:1-2 He explains how any mingled of God seed and the heathen are not of His truth, they are strange children saith the Lord!  Rev:2:9-3:9 explains that there are those who say they are jews and are not but do LIE!  In the book of acts, and in the book of Amos the Lord and His prophets point directly at the false jew!  So the 1000's who believed who were/are the true Judeans, proved Him as Lord God!

2.   As posted and seen here in Trollville, the weekly sounding letters where "i" gave links too view Gods Holyspirt which just appeared over Jerusalem for this our Gathering!  The CHERUBIMS Who chased Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, and the Angel in Revelation having the Tongue as a Two edged Sword, are of the same Spirit, and the Arch Angels that went before the Children of Adam and The Children of Israel {{Book of Exodus}} and were as the film of the Angel of God that recently appeared for our gathering over Jerusalem, were as Pillars of Fire by Night, and Glowing Clouds during the day, before the children of Israel, they took the Form of a Man Like Being with Wings in the Garden of Eden, and as a man before John, and as they Are always before Israel leaving Eygpt, and as they appeared for this our Gathering over the Temple mount in Jerusalem!  So the reason no sword was Found, or Cherubims is due to the fact, that they never Die, and the sword they wielded was made of spirit and Light!

3. The Gps, Global positioning System of now modern man has proven the Bible, as "i" proclaim too all, that the Bibles mystery is finished Rev:10:7 making the way straight for the now coming of the Lord!!!  The Four Rivers of the Garden of Eden have been found by GPS, and two of the rivers, being smaller than the other two, were covered in the flood which brought forth more water too the oceans, {{water as explained in the bible that were from the fountains of the deep, springs in the earth}} and GPS HAVE found the two rivers submerged off the coast of Modern day Iraq!  The Euphrates is still flowing, the Hiddekel/ TIGRIS is still flowing, the GISHON, AND PISON are submerged off the coast of Iraq!!!  Ask and yet shall receive!  Tried posting these on Atheists vs Theist, yet failed in my Attempt, so me knowing deep with in me that SAPIENT ESQ; is merely a man searching for truth...  There is your truth of 3 of your very piercing Questions.... Much respect too all of Gods book of Life,  all others prepare for burning.... It has begun...

I am sent by God, the Scientific soul His Son JESUS to awake those on the highways and byways who have been lost due to the many infected souls controlling Gods Word here on earth! It has begun..

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For anyone curious as to what Elijah is trying to answer, he is referring to this thread: