Two suns for the Earth in 2012 are probably not taking place

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Two suns for the Earth in 2012 are probably not taking place

Reports are emerging that the planet earth might have 2 suns in 2012. A nearby star, Betelgeuse, is within the process of dying and it is likely to go supernova when it collapses. The star is too remote to know when it will go supernova, and the Earth is well out of the line of fire. Source for this article - Do not expect Earth to have two suns in 2012 by

The chance that 2 suns could possibly be for the Earth

The Daily Mail explains that there's a rumor that there can be two suns the Earth may have causing 24 hrs of daylight for two weeks. The Orion constellation has a star in it. This star looks like a supernova may soon happen. The star, called Betelgeuse (pronounced beetle juice) is a red supergiant and is one of the brightest stars in the night sky. University of Southern Queensland’s Australian astrophysicist Brad Carter explained that 2012 would probably be when this star turns into a supernova.

Making the sun Betelgeuse

Jupiter would be really close to its surface with how large Betelgeuse would be if it were to replace the sun. Because of the mass and energy, the star could not just disappear. This is just like other stars that have become supernovas instead. Because of the mass and gravity involved, a black hole is instead created as the core of a star in supernova will collapse on itself with a perpetual state of collapse. However, because Betelgeuse is about 600 light years away, according to CBS, there is minimal chance much of its light can be seen from Planet Earth when it goes supernova.

2012 being involved

In the year 2012, the Mayan calendar ends. This has brought on lots of talk. No serious Mayan scholars give it any credence. Conspiracy theorists are going to have to find another explanation for 2012. Betelgeuse won’t do anything to Planet Earth being 600 light years away.

Information from

Daily Mail on twin suns

CBS News

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Yes, that prediction is

Yes, that prediction is really irresponsible.  From what we know, we have an estimate that the eventual supernova is likely sometime in the next million or so years, not on some specific date in 2012.


Actually, what appears in the sky depends on the exact date that the energy reaches us.  If it happens in late December or early January, then yes, there will probably be what amounts to a single daylight period of about two weeks in length.  However, if it happens right around early July, then it will be behind the Sun and the only real indication we will have is the detection of the event from the neutrino flux, which will fail to impress anyone other than a few scientists.  By the time that Orion becomes worth looking at again, all of the light show will have faded and there will just be one less star in the hunters shoulder.

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Betelgeuse made me think of

Betelgeuse made me think of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy .link.

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