Word for Bob Spence and any other of God seed here on Rational Response TROLLVILLE

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Word for Bob Spence and any other of God seed here on Rational Response TROLLVILLE


 Sorry "i" am late with this weeks call to the wild here, the Lord has issued again signs for our Gathering which are written within the sounding call letter below...IT HAS Begun

Mon, April 4, 2011 7:44:24 PM
Subject: {{ "i" have had a Dream Joel 2:28 }} Again Word to Science of satans attack upon mankind that Jesus the Great Lord God Physician forewarned us about so this day of Increased Knowledge we would know the symptoms and the Enemy --- Again earthquake Texas 3.0 too those "i" call there -- "i" have had a Dream, Oklahoma Beware, He has called you and called you -- Below Proof of the Sounding God has made to Oklahoma through me His and Your smallest prophet and researcher -- Drought abounds across America and Earth, Texas 95% extreme Drought conditions -- death, and Sickness, And Aging now ends, THROUGH SCIENCE, THE WORD CREATION OF GOD --- "i" Gather the seed of Adam, the 144,000 and more remnant inheritors and many more "i" PRAY .... It has Begun

{{ "i" have had a Dream Joel 2:28 }} Again Word to Science of satans attack upon mankind that Jesus the Great Lord God Physician forewarned us about so this day of Increased Knowledge we would know the symptoms and the Enemy --- Again earthquake Texas 3.0 too those "i" call there -- "i" have had a Dream, Oklahoma Beware, He has called you and called you -- Below Proof of the Sounding God has made to Oklahoma through me His and Your smallest prophet and researcher -- Drought abounds across America and Earth, Texas 95% extreme Drought conditions -- death, and Sickness, And Aging now ends, THROUGH SCIENCE, THE WORD CREATION OF GOD --- "i" Gather the seed of Adam, the 144,000 and more remnant inheritors and many more "i" PRAY .... It has Begun
 grun Hear me O'Adam, Hear me O'Eve {{  Mark 16:20 - And They went forth, And Preached everywhere, The Lord Working with Them, And CONFIRMING THE WORD WITH SIGNS FOLLOWING. AMEN }}   AS Many of you have seen and can attest too, the Lord follows me with signs and wonders, so many truly since my birth "i" could not hardly write in one book!   He the Holyone who came and Destroyed death and aging for us centuries ago,  has me waking and gathering His increased knowledge and those Taught, of Science and Theology for the now soon Inheritance of earth!  Daniel 12:4 -- {{ This verse "i" prefer the Greek Septuagint, brenton English translation }}  And thou, Daniel, Close the Words, And Seal the Book to the Time of the End;  Until Many Are  "Taught," And Knowledge is Increased ."  Many of those "i" gather, are "Taught" of the Increased Knowledge of Science and Theology, as can be seen on the Lords website at http://www.adamandeveseedgatheringministry.com     342px-moses041.jpgMoses one of the Many Major Prophets, me being the only Minor prophet   Moses being one of the Many Major Prophets whom "i" and any this day of Science and Theology of Adam seed represent,  Moses was a Word researcher,  as am "i" and so many "i" contact!   Moses, as "i" as near countless others have been delivered Knowledge By God, too begin their search through the Word!  As one of the More notable Apostle/Prophets of our Modern era Sir Isaac Newton Esq;   He was delivered physics by God, and then Isaac was Lead through many experiments by the Great Physician the Head Scientist of our Scientific Universe Jesus Christ! Again Greek Septuagint,  Daniel 1:17 -- And as for these four Children, God gave Them Understanding and Prudence in All Learning and Wisdom:  And Daniel had Understanding in All Visions And DREAMS!  As History has pointed out, and as Theology keeps in the Scholastic learning, all Science Discovery of old {{the Great Theorems were began, scientific discovery and invention, was brought by God}} and developed by men who feared and Loved God, yet, most not truly understanding that they did not give Glory to God by giving their discoveries unto HIM!  They gave Glory to God because He lead them to their discoveries, literally delivered wisdom unto them as He did Daniel and His follow Children of God Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah!  "i" beyond all my understanding, yet, He our Lord said "i" am/was/will be of Destiny and He has delivered Knowledge unto me,  for this now Epic Gathering of Adams Seed and Adams Research Data!  On the Lords website on the services page explains Adams Research, and how it is now Finished! http://www.adamandeveseedgatheringministry.com    "i" have had a Dream,  just weeks back our Lord gave me again warning of the Disaster which comes's too Mexico, and now He gives me warning to those whom "i" have cried out to now for years in Oklahoma of all Places! {{He always allows me to give forewarning too any He brings Disaster or signs of His Love}}  There in Oklahoma "i" have called out to men such as paul crouch,  Oral Roberts University, and many scientific organizations, and even unto many Native American groups there, even Churches and Ministries my call/sounding being the same too them as Those in New Jersey and Virginia, and Texas, and around earth to England and Sweden and Germany, Germany, even His Much Loved by God Germany, and the many satelite nations made up of Germany and Sweden from the Danes, too the Icelanders, too the Greenlanders!  CALLING all saying It Has Begun!  "i" have some understanding of Dreams as Daniel, my Dream was of large buildings destroyed/damaged and being carried by Helicopters, by men in country garments/garb!  Flying over rural areas of Oklahoma!  And again during the dream me and these men speaking of ceramic tile! "i" believe this means as "i" prophesy unto Oklahoma months back and beginning years back when stating He brings all those "i" call earthquakes of Love!  {{and "i" believe the Tiles again represent Mexico where most tiles are made, and their coming disaster}} Quakes of Love, Which is a quake of 2.5 - 3.5, 2.5 may not mean much to some, but when a man contacts you and says a quake of love giving the size, and your area of earth not having quakes some in recorded History, that is a major sign {{ Again Mark 16:20 }}  So below "i" am going to give a rather large list of attached pass sounding letters where "i" literally speak the quakes where they have been taking place before they do so!  The first letter below "i" actually declare in the subject matter of the sounding letter which hundreds of you all ready have copies, that He now will make the quakes stronger that He is bringing to those He loves, In Oklahoma and New Mexico WHY??? {{Due to bringing them quakes right under their feet and me prophesying them}} and Because they are not waking properly!  Oklahoma for example, "i" have had Ministries be very crude and disrespectful while telling them "i" am come unto them by the direction of God the Messiah, and it is my task to gather them and prepare them for His Glory!  Then be cussed by Ministries, He knows the Atheists will do such, but those who have been fed and blessed by His Word sent through time to this Epic day, NO!   We The Lord, and "i," receive at times more respect and concern from those He loves in Science, some of Whom were long time unbelievers, yet, now are waking!  He this summer will Shake again many, drowning and crushing many around earth, while "i" scream/cry/sound out, awake Adam, awake Eve! {{as foretold He must move many areas of earth, for the crushing of many of His childrens and HIS enemies, not of His book of Life, bring Home your missions and researchers from around earth!  He prepares earth for the making of a great valley in Israel Zec:14:4, yet, the end is not yet, Matthew 24:6}}  The Daughters of God and His creation Eve are so well involved with the now end of aging and sickness, God leading many of them into Discovery and Science!  Genesis 3:15, So yes He has me Calling Eve!!!  So to those Ministries and Universities in Oklahoma whom "i" have asked for Grants and funds, and Tithes and Ear's, and researchers,  from whom "i" told then and again now "i" SEARCH For Heroes, those who can over cometh death/satan/phages of the air, body, and brain, too now gather with me, and prepare satan for its final death!     They think many of them that they can now just say, delay thy coming Lord, Matthew 24:45-50, when "i" have taught and explained in the name of the Lord many times why He cannot delay His coming! satan is death, while some try to call it Gods friend, and Gods devil, what they do not understand is satan is the sickness and act of death! And this is the day death ends  Rev:20:14 -- And death, and Hell shall be cast into the Lake of Fire, this is the Second death!  When we pass into sleep called by our Lord, the act of death, the infection of death upon Life, has already lived in many other bodies besides our own, and helping kill us as it did our family and Ancestors!  We as the Lord taught us in the Bible, are in the midst of a major spiritual war, each of our bodies in every sense of the Word a battle ground of LIFE against aging and death/satan/phage community of unclean spirits which our Lord removed from bodies before witness long ago!   "i" am now going to list some of the ways we have death cornered quickly, and also mention some of the signs which have begun and have come, and those which now come are listed at the end of many sounding letters, and listed on the Lords website, on the Prophecy and the signs page!  The Letter attached below have many discussions of how satan attacks and how it will now end, with many examples in the news and society of satans secret attack, which reminds me, lets first list just a few of the strange ways death/satan which lives in every home and Life form on earth begins attacking to try and take your Destiny of Now Inherting earth!....One.. 1:  Just as the Lord showed us in Matthew 4:1-10 satan trys using with in your mind, and spirit first Gods Word against you, trys to give you doubt by using Gods Word against you, while you are reasoning within your soul, any voice you hear saying this man is not the truth or Gods bible is not true or Literally quotes bible scripture unto you, you have heard satan if a man is false, it is the reverse you hear God telling you that He is false prophet, while you hear satan saying the atheist is true or the muslim is true and so on, but satan is that which try's making false become true, so any lie you hear in your spirit, you at that time heard the secret voice satan has spoken to you with all your Life! It can come right to your home and stand bfore you as it did Isaac Newton and Jesus our Lord in 4th Chapter of Matthew...2. Again Matthew 4:1-10 satan tried to get our Lord to Cast Himself down/Kill Himself, satan to stop anyone speaks within their mind and spirit for them to kill themselves!  Saying such as you are a sinner, you did not even believe in God, yet now you listen to this man who calls for God, then it can say, God will burn you for denying Him so Long, cast yourself down, or as with the Lord, again Told our Lord even if you dash your foot against a stone the God/Your Father will save you, so go head kill yourself and God will save you!  And the Lord told satan you do not tempt the Lord thy God! So when the slanderer, the accuser, satan begins saying you cannot inherit earth because you have sinned too much, tell "it" begone, that your Lord said you can come unto Him at anytime, too be His Child!3. When satan is attacking you spiritually and physicially, you can become engulfed in a spiritual battle as Daniel, as John the Revealer, His spiritual battle was/is Massive is Johns that is exposed within Revelation and other books!  And the Bible tells us How when God is trying to communicate with His prophets they become ill, or Faint! Zechariah 3:1-2 -- {{ God showing Zechariah a vision of why His battle is so fierce }} And He shewed me Joshua the High Priest standing before the Angel of the Lord, satan standing at his right hand to resist him. And The LORD said unto satan, The LORD Rebuke thee, o'satan; even the LORD That hath Chosen Jerusalem Rebuke thee: is not this a Brand Plucked out of the Fire!  God explaining there that He with stands satan for us the day long, as in the Book of Daniel, where the Lords Angel tells Daniel that satan / prince of persia had been resisting Gods Angels is why Gods Word could not get unto Daniel at times!  "i" myself have been through a major spiritual battle against satan and its secreting quorum sensing ways!  It satan is the nucleus of death/decomposer/phage sociey, it is mobile and is why some churches and some nations have done such strange things in spiritual battle while most not knowing or believing that there really is a massive community of microbes/unclean spirits that arrived at their organization,  or capital and are changing minds and acts of mankind, yet doing so secretly!   BUT prophets do not fool so easily!  In the Book of Daniel, naturally in the King James version, or septuagint at times, it is very clear!  Daniel 8:23-27, and Daniel 10:13-21, these "i" will let you research on your own, but in essence He Daniel while listening to Gods Angel speak, satan is attacking Him!  Most scholars believing this meant Daniel had sickness from encountering God, but it was satan doing all it could to make Daniel have fear, and make Him not be able to hear or understand Gods Word being brought to him! Daniel became very ill,  fainted briefly, and His gut became corrupted, due to the hidden attack of the gut flora, which due to Daniel awaking, and becoming a prophet/overcomer, had lets say a legion of unclean spirits now making Daniel their hiding place and attacking Daniel day and Night!  John the 1st Chapter of Revelation the same fainting, Moses fell upon His face, Ezekiel fell on His Face!  Now God wants your praise and attention, and Fear, but doesnot want your fainting or sick before Him, it is satan!  God would have all these mens complete attention if not for the attack of satan,  when God is trying to reach His children for Guidance!  God has great purpose for not Destroying satan until this day, and had to let Daniel go through His spiritual battle and all, God wanted and has done so, wanted satan disected and researched by the Children of Adam the First researcher, by His children of science!  Genesis 2:19-20, below in one of the attached past calling / waking letters is much more detailed discussion of satans weak attack upon us all secretly, and those that are wide open attacks such as my encounters with death/satan!  If it must, "it" will appear before you, yet fears science Greatly, learned another hard lesson when it appeared before Isaac Newton esq;  Isaac called "it" death/satan, the shadow!  And stated that he Isaac had chased the shadow into near madness!   The extra toxins satan begins making within a man can feel nearly as though you are losing your strength and spirit as Daniel and Isaac Newton esq; Read more on the waking attack you and all must overcometh below in the pass sounding letters! ...Now listing a few signs and Keys/codes sent us by Messiah which are mentioned in The Letters below.....  one ... 1. Nogo - A, a protein/toxin discovered by Science, one of our Brothers in Switzerland/Germany has discovered Nogo-A a secreting toxin that if we block it, we can live double and beyond our Now Life span....In mankind Nogo-A will look some what different... 2.  Vitamin K-2 this Word and Discovery was brought to me by Who???  As Daniel the Lord delivered this Discovery to me, not by Direct delivery due to death/satan setting in my rear, behind me where "i" put "it" in the name of the Lord, and with His the Lords Angels beside me and before me!  But He the Lord brought me into death,  and just before being beyond death into Heaven satan/death attacked me from its hiding place and when Jesus the Mighty Healer brought me back, "i" knew where to begin Looking, and my shock was finding "it" being a substance that mankind mistakenly thought was helping us, when it is murdering us!  Strange that science in many case's donot realize that polypeptides, as proteins in the animal society and the microbe society are more often than not a bacteriocin/toxin/venom!  So Vitamin K-2 with its configuration of aminoacids is actually a toxin/venom made by the unclean spirit society of satan/death/the serpent spirit!  3. You will notice that "i" in many of the sounding letters speak of something new in each, such as of proteins or of prions, or the brain of mankind showing some of the places in which satan/phages hide doing their dirty work, yet it is evident "i" was/am in research tracing down satan/deaths hidden ways!  We have two found, yet, "i" feel there is several others that are taking place, yet we have now the keys to find them with ease, with the Data already given us by the Lord who directs our Work in truth/research from wthin our very souls, due to Him being the Life of the Body, and us being the new soul created there IN!SIGNS THAT HAVE COME..AND ARE COMING AS WE SPEAK1. Below on the bottom of each sounding letter "i" speak of different signs, all of which are coming as "i" type!  But such as the earthquakes prophesy to take place in the Black sea where our Lord gave me a Dream showing that that is where the Massive Quake of Destiny will be from too Jerusalem Zechariah 14:4!   And as prophesy those Volcanoes beneath the Black sea have since awoke, and have not shakened since the days of our Messiah in Jerusalem! 2. Many of you have letters where "i" prophesy the hurricane too Houston Texas, and did so but months before its arrival, and had prophesy storms to Houston every year due to one mistake, which is mentioned below!  Now too Virginia beach Virginia and Houston Again will come hurricanes such as in 2003 to Virginia beach where "i" prophesy it but days before the Eye went right over the 700 company Virginia beach!3.  The Explosions on the Suns Surface which the Lord allowed me too speak, Him telling me ask and receive, due to me battling satan one day and satan said that it commanded God, and had infected God and secretly rules God, and "i" declared stones too Sudan Africa and To the Sun Giant Flares and explosions, and since doing so, science has said the Sun has been changing, and greater explosions than ever recorded in modern History!4.  The Quakes too Oklahoma and Arkansas which now take place preparing America for a major Shaking in Washington D.C and Again Virginia Beach Virginia, as back in 2003 where "i" prophesy quake to Virginia due to some there resisting me with satan/for satan, and God brought it the very size in which "i" spoke 4.5 the greatest ever recorded in modern History to Virginia and "i" spoke it but days before it came!  Oklahoma awake, "i" call YOU Saith the Lord God, He looks for Heroes of the Word/science and theology around earth in the seven nations, from Sweden too England too Ireland too Germany, He calls you unto this waking and gathering for Destiny!{{ Below the very last attachment from past letters, "i" could not get the entire letter to format to this letter, but "i" pasted the subject matter and date, and the list of signs, and on the very first sign #1 "i" mention Arkansas quakes, due to preachers there not waking, and say they have begun,  which "i" had prophesy unto preachers there, and mention that there will be more to come, and as we see, they are coming, The National Geological survey along with others of geology, were prophesy these quakes and many more before their coming, actually one year before the Irving Texas Quakes and these which now fall, so National geological "i" call you}} 5. And now very recently "i" prophesy in the name of he Lord the Quake in Diversplaces to Japan and Tidal wave to Alaska, and asked all to pray with me, and our Prayers were answered, small tidal wave hit Alaska after Japan was brought Disaster as prophesy!  Alaska the first to be hit besides Japan with Tidal Wave and it was very small, as prayed as prophesy!  6. Famines/Dought as prophesy too Texas back in 2004 and Australia and around earth taking place by the Call/sounding of the sventh Angel/"""me""" "i" am not the seventh Angel But He has been in my Home!  FORNEY TEXAS, 75126  OR PHONE  469-288-0152  OR E-MAIL [email protected] or [email protected]   AS ALWAYS "i" SPEAK WRITE AND BREATH, AND GATHER IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON, THE HOLY SPIRIT OF ADAM AND EVE, In the Name of The Mightyone,  The Holyone, The Flamboyantone, The Uniqueone of GOD, THE MERCIFULONE,  THE POWERFUL JOSHUA CHRIST JESUS, THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD, JEHOVAH THE ALMIGHTY...In the name of the the Family/four of the Beginning do i, speak and pray...much love and respect Elijah paul Moses, the smallest / minuet / minute prophet of my GOD AND PEOPLE...all tithes and offerings for this Epic gathering can be sent to the address above, and you can contact the website for more information and many more proofs of this Epic day of this Epic Generation of Prophecy... Please examine the letters below many hard to read at times, my only excuse is "i" was hurrying to beat the signs in which they prophesy...Much respect  [email protected]
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FOUR EARTHQUAKES LAST WEEK I WAS INVOLVED IN MUCH CHAOS, AND HAD TO DELAY  MY LETTER TOO HUNDREDS AROUND EARTH FOR THIS NOW DUE SEASONS INHERITANCE, AND AMAZINGLY THE MESSIAH AGAIN AS HE HAS DONE BEFORE,  POSTPONED HIS SHAKING OF THOSE "i" GATHER,  AND THE SHAKING OF HIS ENEMY!"  Four quakes in a ten hour period of those i contact in Oklahoma and New mexico and again Texas!"  Right after i told all that He now AGAIN SHAKES THOSE "i" gather!"  He can shake just your home,  if He decide's, or open a pit, and take in our ENEMY!"   HE IS THE MIGHTYONE!"  AS THOSE "i" SPEAK WITH AROUND EARTH KNOW, AND UNDERSTAND,  THIS IS THE DAY OF INHERITANCE,  AND THE DAY OF GODS / MESSIAHS VENGEANCE!"   AS STATED IN MATTHEW 24: 8, ALL THESE {{SIGNS}} ARE THE BEGINNING OF SORROWS {{ FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT OF GODS BOOK OF LIFE!"}}   REV: 20: 15, AND THIS IS THE DAY,  IN WHICH death DIE'S!" REV: 20: 14,  AND death AND HELL {{ garbage dumps with bacteria, is the meaning of hell in this verse }} WILL BE CAST INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE{{VOLCANOE'S!"}} THIS IS THE SECOND death!"   MATTHEW 24: 7, FOR NATION SHALL RISE AGAINST NATION, AND KINGDOM AGAINST KINGDOM, AND THERE SHALL BE FAMINES {{ DROUGHTS/DESICCARTION OF LANDS, Australia/Texas/California/Florida/africa }}  PESTILENCE'S {{ AIDS / FLUE'S / DIABETE'S / VD'S }} EARTHQUAKES IN DIVERSPLACES!"  {{ TSUNAMI INDIA, FROM QUAKE IN DIVERSPLACES , CAUSING TIDAL WAVE TO DIVINER'S LANDS,  and as we set, there have been many quakes around earth, in the depths of the Oceans, circling Africa, and South America, and New Zealand, and ICE LAND AND GREENLAND,  AND ALWAYS AROUND INDIA, AND IRAN!" Soon quake of great destiny to Black Sea volcanoe's beneath the wave's , that have layed dorment sence the DAYS OUR MESSIAH WALKED THE STREETS OF JERUSALEM, HE IS THE MIGHTYONE!"  THESE Quakes which come from this volcanic eruption will bring forth the PROPHESY EARTHQUAKES OF ZECHARIAH, THE MAJOR PROPHET!"  ZECHARIAH THE 14: 4,   IN THAT DAY, HIS FEET SHALL STAND UPON THE MOUNT OF OLIVES,  WHICH IS BEFORE JERUSALEM ON THE EAST,  AND THE MOUNT OF OLIVES SHALL CLEAVE IN THE MIDST THEREOF, TOWARD THE EAST,  AND TOWARD THE WEST,  MAKING A VERY GREAT VALLEY: AND HALF OF THE MOUNTIAN SHALL REMOVE TOWARD THE NORTH, AND HALF OF IT TOWARD THE SOUTH!" {{ VERY precise prophesy, Amazing }}    "" THAT IS SUCH A POWERFUL VERSE AND PROPHECY!"' HE IS A MAJOR Prophet, as i am the smallone/smallest prophet of my God and People,  has given Word,  and meaning for this Days gathering of the remnant inheritors of this promised land called Earth!"  Every Word of the Prophets of Old Testament are coming to bare, as are the Words of our MESSIAH, WHO IS THE WORD!"  THERE IS but one minor prophet born, and it is "i"!"       "We have had Prophets sence the writing of the Bible,  but they came under different name's and title's,  In History,  from priests,  to Scientists, too Women of God,  to Presidents, to servants and handmaids!"  This is the Epic day in which LIFE OVER TAKES death and old age, as prophesy by MESSIAH!"  "i am the smallone who has been thrown the keys/code by a great chain of mighty men, and wo-men of Reknown!"  i am the small link, setting upon the end of this Great unbroken chain, hearing the WORDS FOUGHT AND DIED FOR BY MANY OF OUR ANCESTORS!"  WE HAVE MUCH TO DO!"  If they can be thrown to LIONS, AND TIGERS, AND BE EATEN, WHILE PROCLAIMING GLORY FOR GOD, If they can be separated from society,  yet build our society with character!"  We can surely now gather and prepare for their  Epic Return!"  Yes i said Return!"   If of Adam and Eve unmired,  your People soon split the sky,  with the sound of a mighty trumpet, with Our GOD AND MESSIAH, THE MIGHTY LORD GOD REDEEMER,  AND TAKE EARTH AS FULL POSSESSION FOR GOD THE FATHER!" FIRST JOHN THE FIFTH CHAPTER THE SEVENTH VERSE,  MESSIAH IS THE WORD, AND TRUTH WHO CAME TO EARTH, Read all of 1st John,  many say,  that the book of John, is the book of Love, read 1ST JOHN, TOO FEEL much love, and powerful truth!"   He spoke such truth and science, yet done so with LOVE!"   BUT A FEW CHAPTERS, YOU CAN DO SO in one setting!"  He speaks of how,  the LIFE/JESUS/MESSIAH/MIGHTYONE, was manifest with us, meaning, that which builds our bodie's each day,  is the Messiah Himself, the LIFE/WORD, AND HE CAME TO EARTH!"   SO PREPARE FOR THE SIGNS OF OUR GATHERING,  AND PREPARE for Destiny,  those i the smallone call's now, me the whomsoever sent by Messiah, to be received by You!"  So as that we can preform an EXODUS, Yet not even leave our Home land/promised land of America,,  and the other six nations ridden by the harlot of lucifer/babylon!"  ...Tithes.... "TITHES" MUCH needed for this days inheritance of this promised LAND CALLED EARTH""   "  Tithes are the backbone, of the citie's of History and future citie's of inheritance!"   EVERY LAND WE OUR people have ever had sence Egypts Exodus, has been supported mostly by Christones/Adamone's giving for strenght!"  Genesis 14: 18-20, Abraham, gave a tenth part of the spoils of War too Melchizedek, the Priest King of SALEM/JERUSALEM!"   In the beginning  Jerusalem was called Salem,  and the New Jerusalem of America, started as "Salem!"  And is why, satan/lucifer attacked the Salem of America because "it" Knew,  that Salem in America was the New Jerusalem being Born!"  History tell's us how, Witches rose up among the wo-men,  and how  men knew not what to do but,  follow the Old Testament of BURN THEM!"   AS MESSIAH SAID ABOUT DIVORCE, HE would have said about satanic spirits/viruse's/principalities of the air,  taking possession of their women!"  He would have said, due to the hardness of the Hearts of the People of the old Testament, is why GOD HAD TO SAY!"  BURN THEM!"  It truly happened, as written, and they were literally possessed by satan, satan trying again through the wo-men to take over all minds of a nation/harlot of babylon!"  But the men stood strong, and many WO-MEN DID THE SAME,  but a cushite maid,  was allowed too speak too groups of wo-men and talk them into possession by satan/lucifer!"   BUT AS YOU SEE THE CITY OF SALEM/BEGINNING OF AMERICA was built by Men and Wo-men of God!" AND Science was built by Men and Wo-men of God, and Religion naturally was brought into America and Sweden and England and Ireland, and around earth, by Men and Women of the mighty soul come unto earth ADAM CHRIST THE LIKENESS OF THE FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN!"  HOW DID ALL THESE THINGS TAKE PLACE?  "TITHES," TITHES,"  TITHES,'  THE BACK BONE OF Science, of Nations great in History, of this Destiny, the hard earned money of GODS CHILDREN!"  Ten Percent,  from all true believers,  and praise God for the  WOMEN who  for GODS WORK Give their last pentience!"{{ Luke 20: 47 - we cannot be like the pharisee, as Messiah made sure that OLD WOMAN WAS WELL KEPT }}   THE POWERFUL Woman spoken of by MESSIAH!" Right now i ask around Earth for Money for this Epic day, when Money soon become's worthless/economy falls,  prophesy by Messiah long ago, and reiterated/prophesy by "me" years back, now coming true!" {{ what obama and the democrats are doing, is actually hurrying the fall }}   WE HAVE MUCH TO PREPARE for this mighty Prophecy,  Matthew 25: 34,  the Kingdom Prepared for us, those i gather,  the 144,000 and their families {{ satan had fought John into writing those men undefiled by Wo-men, a symptom of the wolbachia principality of the air/disease called lucifer/death!"  How can one be fruitful and multiply,  if you can not be with GODS/MESSIAHS WO-MAN!" If that word wold have followed by all His children there would be no sons of God here!"  Abortion, and burning, and eating of the children of old, and now,  was for one purpose , Keep Gods soul from Increasing, as Science has now proven, the main symptom of death/lucifer/wolbachia phage virus,  is "it" causing any society "it" secretly attacks to stop producing/abortion/offering their first born too baal!"  So "its" hosts can finally out number the people who settled that, or this promised land!"  If not for this symptom of satans disease,  secret attack on our People, we would blanket the EARTH }}  WHY DO "i" need Tithes so badly,   for transportation, Oxygen machine's for those i gather {{ we must all over come, satans attack which "it" used against Daniel and Moses, and Ezekiel and Elijah, and  JOHN , AND all serving God, when "it" satan secretly attacks house holds,  it doe's so by causing, panic attacks, and asthmas,   and heart attacks,  fanting spells,  those are truly in every sense of the word, secret attacks by satan!" DANIEL: 10: 17 " it is satan that cause's these symptoms when one is truly facing or just hearing His truth, and speaking with GOD,  AS WE WILL ALL BE WAKING TO HIS WORD THIS DAY, AND MUST OVER COME, so i need Oxygen machine's for many, i have found inexpensive machine's,  but still beyond my reach right now,  for i am a prophet }} and  Research,  preparing many for destiny, i am a prophet,  you see many on television/ idol which speaks and around earth,  who do prophesy,  yet never seen His shape,  or Heard His voice!"  Yet,  you see many more MAN AND WO-MAN, who claim prophesy!"  {{ i have found a few who have prophesy, we are all capable }}   Ezekiel the thirteenth Chapter!"  Many do not this day, mean harm form false prophesying, but God / Messiah hates such, "it" cause's chaos in the Word spoken on the streets/in churches!"  This is the day of Prophecy!"  Which is greater,  the beginning,  or the Beginning?"  The only Time in our Peoples History more greater than this day, is the Day God/Adam/Messiah landed in the Garden of EDEN!"  AS I HAVE TOLD MANY!" FEAR NOT,  MERELY Repent/Rethink and say unto The Father in MESSIAHS NAME, i repent, i didnot know/realize this days great importance!"   SO TITHES,  AS YOU and i know is of great value when standing against satan,  and now even greater,  for us to gather and inherit this land called Earth,  and ALL POSSESSIONS OF EARTH!"  REV: 21: 7, HE {{ THEM }} THAT OVERCOMETH SHALL INHERIT ALL THINGS,  AND I WILL BE HIS "GOD,"  AND HE SHALL BE MY SON !" {{ AND WO-SON}}...Memory...... MEMORY BEING MADE  IN THE NEWS this weekend they spoke of a Memory being filmed in the process of being made, in the mind of a sea slug {{ we are worms of a supernatural soul called GOD/MESSIAH/HOLY SPIRIT, CREATED BY THE FATHER , OUR SOUL so fast so quickened at death, we are literally faster than what? Light!"  we are the children/Soul of the God of Fire and Light, He must slow down just to be seen as even a blur, YET HE CAN stop and be right before your eye's, that is the power of the army that Prepare's to come unto Earth, and make Earth Holy once again!"    Two will be grinding at the mill one shall be taken the other left!"  Matthew 13: 30, and 13: 49-50,  first the tares/wicked shall be severed from among the just/children of GOD GATHERED by me,  and "i" prepare the servants/children  and i mark them  with Gods Word/name,  and they/we shall be left too inherit the Kingdom prepared for us,  from the foundation of the world/earth }}  but i am unsure of the sea slug,  but "it" intrigs me,  there is that possiblity but, Messiah has assured me, that we are made in the Father's image, He has many created beings though!"  Many of the beasts/creature's of earth are made by God, many more, are mutants infected by wolbachia phage!"  Which are know longer of GODS BOOK OF LIFE!"   AGAIN Rev: 20: 14, 20: 15!"  The body and brain are actually little universe's/earths, all made on the same principle, earth has all HOLY OF GOD, WHICH IT IS MADE UP FROM, and so doe's our body,  have all true of Gods matter/minerals, as doe's Gods Universe!"   But then the evilone was cast to earth, to see what it make's from Gods creation/how "it" infects!"   We are literally little laboratories for GODS WORD/ADAM, AND MESSIAH to examine,  and THEN destroy the evil after full Dominion is taken by GODS RESEARCHERS/CHILDREN OF ADAM'S SCIENCE/GODS!"       "THE BRAIN CAN HAVE MANY THINGS GO WRONG,   we do have our memory banks,  but more powerfully we are receivers!"  We receive Gods Word/purpose for us each day,  from the soul of the four of the beginning, which abide in all of Gods created children, The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit of the Father ADAM and Eve!"  Only,  as proven by Science,  pseudomonosa aeruginosa/vibrio harveyi/fischeri/wolbachia possessed souls of the sea,  enter all things on earth,  and disrupt GODS/MESSIAHS WORD/COMMAND UNTO THEM!"  And "it" wolbachia/satan also speaks into mans mind for him to receive what?"  Sinful thoughts while God  is calling ALL!"   He our Lord God reaches us through His written Word, and through our reasoning, {{ Isaiah 61: 8- i will direct their work in truth!"  Reasoning telling us, while working and building, AND researching, That  HIS mind/soul will be guiding you/US }} so everything from memorie's too suggested Righteousness , to suggested sin, we receive from either Our Father who art in Heaven/Messiah His Word, or From the Holy Spirit of Adam and Eve/the Fathers Godhead on earth!"  Or satan/wolbachia/death/lucifer/principality of the air/allah!"   " How does "it" cause death , and old age?"  By a Life Long attack secretly upon our Host/body, every bacterial microbe which enter's us, is possessed by satan, and has a purpose in "its" filth/infection/symptom called death, and old age!"    We have it cornered, but we must now take GODS WORD/MESSIAHS TWO EDGED SWORD, AND DESTROY DEATHS hold, on our People , as prophesy by PAUL,  1ST CORITHIANS 15: 26 - THE LAST ENEMY THAT SHALL BE DESTROYED IS "death."  As proven by the prophecy of i the smallone, when i declared in the name of MESSIAH,  that He would now bring earthquakes to those i gather/contact if He desired them, and when i contacted the man/scientist who has descovered Nogo - A,  a protein/bacteriocin / hormone, in animals which cause's them not to self repair/regenerate their body!"  This Earthquake,  The Messiah brought too a area which science had proclaimed as the safest on earth, against GODS/MESSIAHS QUAKES, He the Mightyone, too show all, He can split the earth if He desired!" He brought a 4.5 earthquake,  but three hours after i contacted The brother of our People in Switzerland!"  wolbachia is death, and old age,  is the maker of that Nogo - A in us all, maybe slightly diferent in man, but it will be there!"  And Rev: 20: 14 - proclaims when the Father and Son/Sons split the sky and pour through for the final battle of earths LIFE AGAINST death!"  All creatures shall be Judged by God/Messiah, and CAST INTO THE FURNACE/VOLCANOE'S OF FIRE,  Literally as we set and write and read,  satan is being burned with the False prophet/muhummud in hell,  but the satan/lucifer which was first cast to earth,  has been allowed too run too and fro across earth, so God/Messiah and His children of science could take research data, on the enemy of LIFE, called death and old age!"  While we set bacteria is being gathered by Gods Light and put into volcanoe's, man/science literally has the act on film, yet know not what they HAVE!"  IF NOT, the air would be thick with black filth/mold/mildew/wolbachia/yeast/LEAVEN!"  LEAVEN, THE live microbe of yeast, is the enemy of Life, and that which wolbachia of the sea/beast of the water, makes "its" infected mutants from,  by entering mankind, and beasts/animals, and changing oh so slightly their genome's/blue prints,  bringing a slightyly different being forth, that it has literally entered "is" soul,  and possesse's "its" Life force,  AND GOD HATES THIS THING called death/wolbachia called by Science!"  the dictator of global quorum sensing, and by Messiah called satan, "it" that has fooled the world/earth/globally infected Life on earth!"  So maybe they have filmed a memory, or it Could be the battle within our souls,  of satan trying too possess/take our memory for "its" possession!"   We have much to do!"'   listing the signs which come.......one..... SIGNS OF THIS DUE SEASON1. EARTHQUAKES FROM EAST COAST TOO WEST COAST, many for love and gathering, and now some for anger against those who allow satan/death/wolbachia too make them be anti - christ,  and prefer the company of men!"  AND QUAKE TO Ireland for love, and Others around earth for our Gathering of Inheritors, whom i speak with!"  Is God the Quake?"  Daniel 10: 7 - a great quake fell upon them;  Isaiah 54: 10 - {{ along with a great promise from God to us }} for the mountains shall depart;  Naham 1: 5 - the mountains quake at "HIM";   Matthew 27: 51, {{ the greatest quake ever to be }} AND BEHOLD , THE VEIL OF THE TEMPLE WAS RENT IN TWAIN {{ sybolizing the fact Messiah had come, and destroyed satans/wolbachias hold on mans mind/soul, and brought the keys/code for this days inheritance, and bringing back again LIFE ABUNDANT John 10: 10 }}  FROM THE TOP TOO THE BOTTOM;  AND THE EARTH DID QUAKE, AND THE ROCKS RENT!"  Read all of Matthew 27: will not take but a moment, and then again you will feel the Power that had/has come too EARTH, CALLED THE HEALING SAVIOUR,  HE SO POWERFUL, AND WHO COULD HAVE SAID,  LETS WIPE THIS ONE OUT, AND START FROM SCRATCH, INSTEAD HE SAID, FATHER FOREGIVE THEM, THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO {{ BECAUSE satan/lucifer/infectious disease had confused all }} and he marched willingly, too the CROSS,  AND LITERALLY CLIMBED UPON "IT" AND SAID WITHIN HIS HEART,  death "I" COME FOR YOU!"  NOW THATS A GOD!"'2.  EARTHQUAKES WASHINGTON D.C , FOR THE GATHERING OF OUR PEOPLE, AND  FOR MERELY PREPARING TOO INHERIT EARTH and all things upon EARTH!" AND TOO SHOW all, not too mingle with the heathen,  and for THE NEW ABORTION LAWS, WHICH HAVE been brought down upon our People, by satan/death, and "its" hosts.3.  earthquake for virginia, beach virginia for the false prophets there who tittle with Gods Word, while claiming His Angels donot have control over EARTH, and moving them from this small prophets path!" 4.  STONES AFRICA sudan kush, for the broken covenant of Babel/Noah,  there will be three, for this covenants re-establishment in the hearts of His children, and Too show all that if you think you can form a weapon against GOD AND HIS ANGELS STONES/METERORS/FALLING STARS, HE BRINGS THREE!"5.  STONE / METEOR/FALLING STAR, TOO THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE PROGRAM/STATION FOR ENTERING GODS HEAVEN calling space, while proclaiming that they / we have conquered GODS HEAVEN,  SPEAK THE WORD CONQUER in His Heaven,  you better be speaking of GODS DOMINION OVER ALL EXISTANCE!"6.   STONE 700 company as the stones/meteors too Peru, and Austin , and Australia for my Mission and teaching, so shall he teach us,  that we donot make millions from HIS WORD, and then say GODS ANGELS CANNOT CAST MILL STONES/STARS!"   Through this companie's ceiling,  small,  yet very wakening too those who were called, yet denied GODS VOICE!"  through me, whomsoever sent by MESSIAH THE LORD GOD, JOHN 13:20!"7.  HURRICANE Virginia beach Virginia, as  PROPHESY THERE FOR OUR GATHERING YEARS BACK, SO SHALL THIS ONE BE!"8.  HURRICANE HOUSTON, AS THE HURRICANE PROPHESY BY me, last year, and 2004,  for touching/tittling with GODS WORD/BIBLE HOUSTON!"9.  DROUGHT AND FAMINE, AROUND EARTH, FROM CALIFORNIA TOO AUSTRALIA, FOR OUR EITHER WAKING AND GATHERING, OR FOR THE PLAGUE'S proclaimed in Deuteronomy 28th Chapter!"" As the drought of Elijah i spoke upon America and Australia years back,  for the leading men of this area's of GODS GREEN EARTH!"  SO SHALL THEY CONTINUE until our waking and gathering/until my word says differently FOR MESSIAH!"   ISAIAH 42: 15 - I WILL MAKE WASTE MOUNTAINS AND HILLS, AND DRY UP ALL THEIR HERBS,  AND I WILL MAKE THE RIVERS ISLANDS:  AND I WILL DRY UP ALL THE POOLS!" 10.  STORMS AS TOO CONNECTICUT WHICH JUST SPLIT a house!"  The states which just passed laws against marriage/for same sex marriage will be ravaged until these laws are reformed, the first state which did so,  had a ice storm worst in forty years,  just weeks after saying i do,  to SAME SEX MARRIAGE!"  Homosexuality as proven now by science is caused by who?  lucifer/wolbachia phage in our brains suggesting sin/sex acts unclean before God, we now have the cure for Homosexuality, the first cure being here for many years, called fasting and prayer!"" storms across America and nations ridden by the harlot of Babylon...bringing floods of biblical proportions11.  THE SUN SHALL SHOOT FLARES FROM BOTH SIDES THROUGH "ITS" CENTER AMAZING AND CONCERNING SCIENCE, as the Lord God MESSIAH did for my Mission years ago..too alert all, and even satan, that none THREATEN GOD, or His smallest prophet!"12. earthquakes and volcano and exploding stone / METEOR, over Washington State, for Washington state university too prepare for our gathering, Those whose SCIENCE DATA RESEARCH HAS MEANING FOR THIS DAY...13. EARTHQUAKE JAPAN AND TSUNAMI Alaska for our waking, pray with me, for a small tsunami/tidal wave!"14.  EARTHQUAKE OF GREAT DESTINY,  TOO THE BLACK SEA caused by the volcanoe's in diversplaces which have not been awakened by GOD SENCE THE DAYS OF MESSIAHS VICTORY IN JERUSALEM, BRINGING forth the Mighty Quake of PROPHECY ZECHARIAH 14: 4,  AND IT WILL MAKE A VERY GREAT VALLEY, WHERE THE blasphemus dome of baal/allah/satan set's worshipped, by the Likeness of the false prophet muhummud, and where the false jew are still thinking they can worship the star of Remphan and be worshipped as chosen!"  Amos 5:26, acts 7: 43!"  False Jew Zephaniah 2: 5,    Rev: 3: 9, and 2: 9 ,  Ezekiel 16: 2-3, Hosea 5: 7,  Obadiah 1:18 {{ the house of Esau for stubble / chaff }},  Ezra 2: 61-62,    Ezra 9: 1-2,  Ezra 10: 12,   Jeremiah 50: 37, Romans 9: 6,   Genesis 16: 16,    1st Kings 3: 1 ,  Ezra 10: 44 ,  Genesis 26: 34 !"  i am the smallest prophet, and must as you all of religion and now science, see and hear and prepare for the truth too be ,  and only speak the truth of the Bible!"  MATTHEW 13: 36 - 52,  HIS WORD GATHERS MANY KINDS,  BUT THE CHAFF/mingled , tares children of the wicked one, must be cast into the furnace of Fire{{ WHICH BRINGS US AGAIN TOO MATTHEW 13: 49-50!"}}   WE HAVE MUCH TO DO!"   HE COME'S WE HAVE MUCH TO BE FOUND SO DOING,  AND IT IS MERELY PREPARE FOR A MIGHTY ARMY OF LIGHT, TO BRING AGAIN GENESIS TOO EARTH!"   THE BEGINNING COME'S.....FOR PAYING TITHES, AND DONATIONS, AND FOR OFFERING PROPERTIE'S FOR THE SHOWING OF MANY UNTO THE HOLY SPIRIT OF THE FATHER, AND I DO MEAN BRING A CAMERA!"  AND FOR RESEARCH LABORATORIE'S BEING OFFERED AND RESEARCHERS, GRANTS, ANY FUNDS FOR THESE EPIC DAYS, BEFORE FUNDS BECOME WORTHLESS TOO ALL....DO SO AT THIS CONTACT information... ADAM AND EVE SEED GATHERING MINISTRY2100 TOSE MAY DRIVE FORNEY TEXAS, 75126  OR PHONE  469-288-0152  OR E-MAIL [email protected] or [email protected]  or [email protected]   AS ALWAYS "i" SPEAK WRITE AND BREATH, AND GATHER IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON, THE HOLY SPIRIT OF ADAM AND EVE, In the Name of The Mightyone,  The Holyone, The Flamboyantone, The Uniqueone of GOD, THE MERCIFULONE,  THE POWERFUL JOSHUA CHRIST JESUS, THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD, JEHOVAH THE ALMIGHTY...In the name of the the Family/four of the Beginning do i, speak and pray...much love and respect Elijah paul Moses, the smallest / minuet prophet of my GOD AND PEOPLE
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Sent: Monday, July 27, 2009 3:44:42 PM

                                             “EARTHQUAKES AROUND EARTH, “TOO THOSE “i”  GATHER, “AS PROPHESY”


    “AS YOU ALL know “i”  am he sent, by Messiah to gather you for your familie’s Destiny of inheriting the promised land/paradise of Messiah called EARTH!”  THE MIGHTY LORD GOD WHO CREATETH THE WIND, AND FORMETH THE MOUNTAINS, AND WHO MOVE’S CONTINENTS AND ISLANDS!”  HE WHO BROUGHT THIS MIGHTY DAY FORTH BY HIS SCIENCE/WORD!”   OUR MIGHTY FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN, THE GOD OF HISTORIC, AND SCIENTIFIC ACTIONS, THE MIGHTY SOUL OF RENOWN, THROUGHOUT ALL THE UNIVERSE/CREATION!”  WITH HIS MIGHTY SON MESSIAH THE LORD GOD REDEEMER, HAS AGAIN BROUGHT FORTH EARTHQUAKES OF PROPHECY!”  “i” the smallest prophet of my GOD, AND PEOPLE!”   Prophesy months back that He our Lord God, AND MESSIAH!”  Was now going to bring quakes to all those “i” call !”  Of those I contact, who did He first “call?” Those Of SCIENCE!”  HE  IS THE WORD, AND THE WORD OF ADAM/GOD/MESSIAH HAS BROUGHT FORTH SCIENCE!”  BUT He calls with His quake also Men and Wo-men of the Word/religion called CHRISTIANITY/CHRISTONE’S, HE IS AMAZING!”  SPOKE ALL TRUTH!”  LAST week QUAKE NEW ZEALAND TOOK PLACE, AFTER He,  the next day after a Man {{ a good man, merely not receiving the truth sent by HIM, through “me” John 13:20 }} spoke very strongly against me, down in New Zealand!”  I had already told this man days before that quakes would be in diversplaces around earth, and down under, and they had been coming, from the top of earth, to the bottom!”   But he spoke against me, and denied my Message sent by HIM to others, and He MESSIAH doesnot allow this from those trained in His Word/Priest!”  JUST HOURS later the biggest quake too hit New Zealand in 78 years, fell just miles off shore from this man!”  “i”  am a wretch, and the smallest prophet/angel of Messiahs now gathering!”  But He doesnot allow Word against me, and His message!”  “i”  carry HIS KEYS/CODE, and “i” am sent for YOUR DESTINY!”  OUR ANCESTORS SENCE THE GARDEN, WITH GOD/MESSIAH/ADAM THE HOLY SPIRIT OF THE FATHER BEFORE THEM, HAS BROUGHT THIS EPIC DAY OF GODS GLORY, INTO F0CUS/BEING, {{ MATTHEW 25:34, REVELATION 21:3-4, Rev:1:17-18  death now ends as we know “it!”}}  AND BROUGHT ABOUT by Messiahs mighty stand long ago!”  Him being the Holy Spirit/Ghost of the Father AND SPIRIT OF ADAM AND EVE!”  So be assured He will not allow anyone, too disrupt the Fathers Mighty Victory upon Earth called THE FATHER, THE SON,  THE HOLY SPIRIT DIVINE OF ADAM AND EVE!” THE MIGHTY FOUR OF THE BEGINNING,  ALL BROUGHT FORTH BY THE GREAT I AM, THAT I AM!”  THE MIGHTY SCIENTIFIC SOUL OF OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN!”   WHO else did the Father and Son, call out too again this past weekend?”   “GERMANY,” HE LOVE’S GERMANY!”  What? He our Messiah Love’s GERMANY!”{{ I contact many Scientists there He love’s, and many religious }} THEY HAVE BEEN greatly abused secretly by death/old age/satan/Lucifer/the war monger called wolbachia phage/principality of the air!”  Two Quakes just hours apart, one 3.9 on the richter/rector scale,  and the other 4.1!”  Quakes of Love, yet repentance!”  AS you know I have explained how the Messiah brings quakes in various size’s, showing His thoughts along with Waking, and to His enemy, {{ QUAKES OF DESTRUCTION }} or His children who serve the enemy too greatly, He must bring punishment with His quakes!”  Genesis 6:13!”  Such as now come’s again against His enemie’s the muslim {{ which sence 9-11, He has killed over a million and a half muslim around earth for attacking America!”  VENGEANCE, IS MINE SAITH THE LORD GOD!”  HE is the onlyone who can attack America, and the other nations lost from/of Adam Christ!” Any other, He himself soon Destroy’s, if “HE” has not already done so!”  He promised us in Genesis and Deuteronomy, that He would come and destroy those of His own children, that became too controlled by death/old age/Lucifer!”  An infectious disease we all have, and “it” can take full possession of the bodie’s and spirit and nations of His own children!” Nothing hurts HIM GREATER!”  But His truth must stand, and it is His soul/Children that must bring forth this truth!”  Many in science, and religion, and Germany and San Francisco, and all the nations ridden by the harlot called satan, are now denying the truth of GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON, GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT OF ADAM AND EVE!”  The evil, He foretells of their not being in His book of Life, and that satan brought them forth, that they must burn from His Earth!”  And sadly He foretells of His own children, being fooled/blinded by the infection of earth, called old age and death!”  Old age has symptoms associated with “it, but most donot realize, it go’s much beyond wrinkles!”   Wolbachia/phage/viruse’s/satan, attack not only the body secretly, they attack the soul/spirit secretly, bringing forth what Messiah called “sin”, acts unnatural, from drunkenness, to homosexuality, too cursing/cussing, too ABORTION, VERY UNNATURAL too kill your own child, and “it” through the numbing/infecting our bodie’s with poisons/toxins, and the toxins it makes in the air we breath our entire cause’s society to be in chaos/madness!” Deuteronomy 28:28, and 28:34,  {{ the sixie’s until now }} the Lord shall smite thee with madness, and blindness {{ fooled }} and astonishment of heart!” THE symptom of wolbachia/death/old age/Lucifer!”  When His children break His law’s and eat the wrong foods, and follow the anti-christ/children of satan, which He commanded we not live with, in BABEL, AND NOAH SAID donot live in the same tent or camp!”  WHY? BECAUSE THEY INFECT HIS WORD/CHILDRENS UTTERANCE, which finally makes them LOST!” AND IS WHY? THE LOST TRIBES OF ADAM/Israel are lost from their identity,  many years of eating the wrong foods, and following the wrong Voice, the voice of the anti-christ!”   AS NOW IN AMERICA and our people abroad, when those not of His book of Life, when allowed too live with His children, cause chaos, confusion, blindness, the end of their NATION!”  For they are of satan/wolbachia we are of the GOD OF LIGHT!”  THEY ARE OF DARKNESS!”  SO LETS DISCUSS some of the now confusions of AMERICA, AS MERELY Example for all the lost tribes right now, that are BLIND!”  Yet will soon see, the LIGHT POURING IN, AND AMAZINGLY the Light will be their PEOPLE/ANCESTORS, coming in for Gods final Revenge upon His enemy!” Deuteronomy 32:43…….


“corruption in NEW JERSEY”

New Jersey a state/land of a history of corruption!” and is an example of satans/deaths choas{{ Praise God for the Holymen and Wo-men of Gods Word Science there }} and His Word Religions blindness!”   From politicians too Mayors, too RABBI’S, WHAT?  RABBI’S!”  FROM MONEY LAUNDERING, too human FLESH!”   Mayors taking bribe’s, politicians helping cleanse money/hide, and RABBI’S doing the most unthinkable, selling human flesh/organs!”  How repulsive!”  Nothing too compare to this act except the Slavery, of OUR PEOPLE centurie’s ago, by Ishmael/egypt, and now the blood of Ishmael, live’s in these Rabbi’s, through Esau, and Ishmael Himself!”  Talking poor people into selling a kidney, or taking/stealing it in a hospital illegally from the dead!”  And after paying 10,000 dollars for the Organ of Life!”  Bringing it to America and abroad and selling for 150,000 and more!”  The people of Israel, the state, due too much lobbying by evangelists have money poured upon them from around the earth/world!”  6 billion dollars from America alone, the nation, and millions by Christians not understanding that they are the anti-christ set up in israel this day and hour/due season of Messiah!”  What did Messiah say?  In the season of my return, the Likeness of the anti-christ, the likeness of THE FALSE PROPHET muhummud /the muslim, and the likeness of the false jew,  infected/polluted by the blood of ishmael/Esau/muhummud!  Ezekiel chapter 16: 2-28 {{ but the entire chapter speaks the truth }} And as this day in Africa, and now America, it is the spirit of Ishmael/canaan/cush that sells the organs of another human being, trafficing the flesh of another one of Gods creations MAN!”  AS JOSEPH was sold unto the slave merchants of Ishmael,  now the poor being asked sell your KIDNEY, BE my slave so I can make 1000’s say these RABBI’S!”  One gets it cut from His body, linger near or into death!”  And the one sick enough too put it on ice, in a cooler, and sell receive’s ten time’s what the butchered man or wo-man received who sold this ORGAN OF LIFE!”  So a land where people receive money just for saying, I am Abrahams off spring!” {{ when the blessing was Jacobs, for he polluted not His blood/seed, as His grandfather, whom God did love!”  But the Lord God made sure Abram’s name was changed too ABRAM-HAM, so all this day would know, that he did as “HAM,” NOAH’S SON, and mingled with the egpytian/hagar!”  So Abram became Abraham, and the blessing was brought too Jacob!” But as stated Gods love was with Abram and His offspring, but  Ishmael received not the blessing!”  As canaan received not!”  And is the seed of who?  Satan, as told by Messiah and is to this day those who are anti-christ/anti Messiah, ANTI-GOD, they worship allah/baal/moloch/remphan as does the false jew!” Polluted by satans chaff/Rev:2:9, Rev:3:9, and AMOS 5:26, AND ACTS 7:43….THOSE WHO BROUGHT FORTH THE TABERNACLE OF MOLOCH, AND CHI-UN THEIR IMAGES, THE WHAT?”  STAR OF THEIR god, which they made to themselve’s!”  Call it the star of David, but the star of remphan/moloch!”   There are true he=brew among the jew of the state of Israel, but few and far between!”  And what Does Messiah say?  Especially of this DUE SEASON?”  JOHN14:6 – I AM THE WAY,  THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE, NO MAN COMETH UNTO THE FATHER, BUT BY ME!” SAITH THE LORD!”  There is no exceptions too that WORD/RULE, AND THIS IS THE DAY AND HOUR OF ITS PROOF!”  He our Messiah so powerful, THAT WORD HE SPOKE GO’S SO FAR INTO MEANING!”  WHEN HE SAID NONE FROM EARTH , cometh unto Heaven and unto the Father but by HIM, He was speaking of all existence,  HIS soul is spread from one end of Heaven unto the other!” {{ I can prove scientifically, and with the mighty hand of God }} When anything try’s entering His Heaven,  He is the Voice they hear saying WHO GO’S THERE!”  YOU CANNOT GET TO MY FATHER, EXCEPT THROUGH “ME!”  AND HE MEANS THROUGH HIM!”  AS A MIGHTY SOLDIER/GUARDIAN OF HEAVEN, MESSIAH WHO AGAIN WAS BORN ON EARTH!” IS THERE PROTECTING US, AND GODS HEAVEN/GOD, AND THE FATHER IS WITH HIM, NOW THAT’S A GOD!”” 

      SO AS STATED,  SELLING organs of human beings while earth give’s freely unto the false jew ,  they were traced years back, to be the center of the world wide selling of counterfeit diploma’s, WHAT?  PHONY, documents sold around earth!” When they were caught Israel turned their head, and the world, they answered we do it to help mankind better themselve’s, {{ the 100’s of dollars made from each piece of worthless paper ment nothing they said }}  while jews from Israel do a little study of a trade or science, and receive a phony diploma for proof and selling diplomas in news papers and magazine’s around earth, and traced back too a group of RABBI’S!”  VERY UNSUAL!” WHILE THEY COULD JUST SAY!”  send me money, I am chosen!” That’s right they already receive billions beyond what that scheme should have brought them !” John Chapter 8 and 5, the false jew standing before Messiah saying kill him, the seed/likeness of those anti-christ of Jerusalem of old, now sell organs and phony diplomas waiting for moloch/allah/baal/remphan/satan to take over some how secretly, again AMOS 5:26, AND ACTS 7:43, THOSE WHO WORSHIP A STAR!”  “i” gather the lost house of Israel/Jacob/ADAM, saith the LORD GOD MESSIAH AGAIN THROUGH “me!”  MATTHEW 15:24 –WHAT DID MESSIAH SAY EVEN THEN?  I AM NOT SENT, BUT UNTO THE LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL!”  NOT THE LOST HOUSE of Ishmael/Esau, Esau is the stubble/chaff, as is ishmael, and well written through out the old testament!”  Only those who deny the WORD CAN except any other doctrine!”” John:5:37, - Hosea 5:7, - John 8:19, - JOHN 8:42, - John 8:47, - John 8: 44, ye/they are what?  Of their father the devil/satan/Lucifer/principality of the air/wolbachia/death society/moloch!” OBADIAH: 1:18 WHERE HE LITERALLY POINTS OUT THEN AND NOW THE CHAFF/STUBBLE!” ANY MIXED OF ESAU/ISHMAEL/canaan/Egypt/cush, are the souls not of HIS BOOK OF LIFE!”  “i” gather the true lost of the house of ADAM/ISRAEL, WHOM the Messiah prophesy would be the lost of Israel / jew worshipping Him this now Due Season!” THE CHRISTONES/CHRISTIANS OF AMERICA AND SWEDEN AND ENGLAND AND IRELAND, AND GERMANY and the satellite nations of them!”  AND THOSE I CALL NOW unto their MESSIAH/SAVIOUR!”  The scientists who have been separated from the WORD BY THE ANTI-CHRIST OF THE PAST, WHO took the Word of God, from His Word CALLED SCIENCE!”  THOSE “i” now gather inherit this promised paradise of MESSIAH CALLED EARTH!” ………..




  “AS 100’s of you know,  “i” in 2004 called for Elijahs drought here for their touching GODS WORD HERE AND IN AMERICA the ten commandments and HIS BIBLE Houston Texas!”  And sence drought, in Texas, and America, and abroad for the attack upon GODS/MESSIAHS WORD FROM HIM!”  AND as you know, I contacted the white house and the Texas governor, and Mayors around Texas, with Warning, along with the Holy men of religion!”  THE DROUGHT HAS FALLEN upon us, and still they are blind!”  But we will be gathering silently for the now coming of the army of GODS LIGHT!”  OUR ANCESTORS, for their removing the chaff from earth, and for us inheriting all of this Globe called earth!”  Sounds usual too non-believers!”  But to those I wake in Science and religion,  it is more than understood!”  HE MUST DO AS HE DOES, we have made HIM come!”  We have made His wrath to COME!”  HE WARNED US all through history, there come’s a day when I must destroy the evilone’s, stay from them!”  Yet we are now again living as one, when He told us in Genesis that he confounded our languages so we would not live with the heathen as ONE PEOPLE/NATION!”  There are those in religion whom I contact, that are now selling tape’s saying God wanted us too mingle/mix!”  I have again this day, given thee the commandments of THE LORD THY GOD, UNTO the children of Israel/ADAM!”Deuteronomy 28:13!”  So when you see California burning, know that I years ago, contacted the leading men of California!”  And told them wake or He will burn you!”  AND HE NOW BURNS CALIFORNIA!”  SO WHEN YOU SEE Texas in extreme drought know I contacted the leading men of Texas, and they prefer the company of anti-christ!”  Know that I contacted Australia, and England, and many around earth, saying wake or “i”  myself must fall upon AMERICA AND EARTH WITH MESSIAHS HAND!”  SO WE have much to do, the signs are again falling daily!”  EL SADDAI HAS AGAIN ENTERED THE PACIFIC, so weather patterns now are again changing , storms across America in the midst of DROUGHT as prophesy by me, the smallone, your smallest prophet sent too gather you and your familie’s if a wise and fateful servant!”  Fear not if of science He love’s you, if of blindness He love’s you, BUT if of atheism, fear greatly!”  He understands that the infectious disease called wolbachia / death has caused many too not know their under attack by the author of lie’s/Lucifer/luciferin/lucifrease, SO REPENT/RETHINK His love for you and your family if a non believer now made a believer by the Messiahs Word sent to SCIENCE, through “me!”  BUT THIS IS HIS FINAL DAYS OF CALLING, we must prepare for His landing with a mighty thud / shaking upon earth!” Isaiah 24:18 – 21!””……….


“Dragon found / mutant of wolbachia infection!”


 “Lucifer/WOLBACHIA/principality of the air, is doing as Messiah has prophesy!”  “it” is trying too again develop what?  DINOSAURS/DRAGONS!”  In indonesia they have found a new species of comono dragon!”  Very small, but a freak/mutant/new specie’s!”  Science finds them the year long every year!”  New specie’s of plant and animal and insect and serpents/lizards/dragon!”  God destroyed the dragon/dinosaur, but as prophesy too us, and reiterated  by me, your smallest prophet!”  Wolbachia/vibrio murex snail infection is that which mutated the dinosaur from stealing as science has proven DNA, AND RNA OF MANY LIFE FORMS, and built its own filth!” Wolbachia taking the dna of the serpent/vibrio snail, and building around itself, with the dna, and rna, of birds, and plants, fish, and serpents!”  In essence trying again too build a DRAGON/DINOSAUR!  SO the monitor Lizard named now Varanus Lirungensis, is a weak attempt of wolbachia/death too come up with another big LIE/DECEIVING CREATURE, that none know where it came from, or why it had not been discovered as yet!”  Because it had just been infected/mingled together by wolbachia phage!”  The GREATONE LONG AGO, destroyed the evil called the host of death/old age/disease called dragon of satan, but as the Revelation of John foretell’s too us, its body is gone, but its soul/filth is still in the air, causing death and old age!” WHICH is where the freak microbes that cause sickness and death originated from, that we now examine under microscopes, what was once deceiving large, now deceivingly small…the host of satan/death/old age called the dinosaur…  we have much to do!”……….




  “AS the bible foretells us, and as “i” the smallone has explained!”  The 666/www.com is the reflection of www dot com. Off our foreheads when {{ “W” being the letter number for “6” in he-brew }} we look upon this machine, the bastard child of the idol which speaks/television called the computer, which God himself prophesy He would bring forth, but also spoke of how satans hosts would get control over what was ment for good, and make it a sin!”  He ment it for communication and teaching!” But, what else does the infamous 666 elode too?  ANYTHING, CAN ANY IN SCIENCE see a connection too GODS WORD CALLED SCIENTIFIC study?”   Rev: 13:18- {{ says this }} for it is the number of a MAN; and his number is six hundred threescore and six/666!”  ANYONE, IS THERE THOSE WHO NOW SEE A CONNECTION TOO SCIENCE?” CARBON, CARBON, does carbon also have meaning in this verse?  I pounder this a lot, and now open it to you!”  All life on earth, is said too be carbon based in one form or another!”  And what I have found, by Revelation from Messiah is that His word, means this in one generation, and this in another, Him literally saying you will have the meat/word in your due season!”  And His Word from the Father, so often explains many things, yet being just a few Words, but go’s into many realms!”  One generation is fed with Milk, and another is given a full portion of meat!”  As you may have noticed I have been given my portion of MEAT WITHOUT A TRACE of milk!”  So if 666 is the number of man!”  And all Life forms mammal, are carbon based!”  WHAT CAN WE DERIVE FROM IT?”  AS YOU KNOW, CARBON HAS THE NUMBER OF MAN IN ITS GENOME!”  SIX PROTONS, SIX NEUTRONS, AND SIX ELECTRONS/666!”  So if you would, POUNDER THIS WITH me, and lets decided!”    ………the signs which are coming, and many that have COME……LISTING….




1.   Earthquakes around earth, from Germany, CANADA HAS HAD SEVERAL QUAKES, ONE IN DIVERSPLACES, YET ON LAND 4.1, and New Zealand, too New Jersey, too Oklahoma, too Texas which I foretold too all would be coming!”  AND NOW STILL QUAKES OF LOVE AND WAKING TOO MANY I CONTACT each week for this now end gathering of the CHOSEN FEW, WHO now soon Reign on Earth with MESSIAH!”

2.   EARTHQUAKE NOW COME’S TOO SAN FRANCISCO, and I fear for its magnitude!”  His wrath has waxed HOT AGAINST THE LEFT COAST, SERVING BLINDLY SOME, yet some openly serving satan!” Quake for those again who prefer the company of MEN!”



5.   Hurricane Virginia beach Virginia, for Washington d.c. and Virginia tittling with GODS WORD/AWHORING WITH THE HEATHEN/ANTI-CHRIST!”



8.   STONES/METEORS/FALLING STARS/MILLSTONES, FOR AFRICAN SUDAN cush for the breaking of the covenant, of BABEL/NOAH!”  Three too show those who think they can form a weapon against GODS STONE, THAT IF THEY DO, He brings three!”


10.THE SUN NOW SOON SHOOTS FLARES FROM BOTH SIDES, THROUGH ITS CENTER, AS YEARS AGO FOR “my” MISSION TOO SHOW satan, and others, that you donot Threaten GOD, OR his smallest prophet.


12. Stone/METEOR 700 company, through its ceiling, too show those who think they can take from GODS WORD, THEN DENY THE VERY WORD THEY TOOK, too make a numberone best seller!”  Write of His stone’s, then say His Heaven has no ANGEL THAT CAN THROW MILLSTONE’S!” BLASPHEMY/HERESY!”    ……..INFORMATION FOR GATHERING AND TITHES,  ALL donations of labortaries, and researchers, and equipment!”   And for offering propertie’s such as churches or colleges for showing many unto the Holy spirit of the FATHER!”  AND I DO MEAN BRING A CAMERA, as Moses and the tabernacle, HE HAS “me” showing many unto HIM…..FOR CONTACT DO SO AT THIS ADDRESS……..



FORNEY TEXAS,75126  PHONE 469-288-0152… E-MAIL [email protected]  or [email protected]   as always in the name of the almighty FATHER, IN THE NAME OF THE POWERFUL SON, IN THE NAME OF THE HOLY SPIRIT OF THE FATHER, ADAM AND EVE!”  In the Name of the Mightyone, The Flamboyantone,  The Uniqueone, The Holyone of The FATHER, HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON,  in the Name of the Mercifulone of GOD, THE POWERFUL MESSIAH CHRIST JESUS,  THE LORD GOD REDEEMER OF ALL THE HEAVENS!”  IN HIS MIGHTY NAME am “i” given the right too preach, pray, and BREATH!”  IN THE NAME OF THE FOUR OF THE BEGINNING “i” write and teach/wake and gather…the smallest yet most loving prophet of my GOD AND PEOPLE, Elijah paul Moses..


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Sent: Tue, September 22, 2009 3:03:02 PM



GARDEN_OF_EDEN.JPG "HERE ME O'ADAM;  HERE ME O'ISRAEL; HERE ME DAUGHTERS OF ZION"   AS MANY OF YOU KNOW "i" AM HE SENT!"  Sent by the Mightyone; John 13:20!" "i" am the whomsoever awakened too do spiritual battle with the harlot of darkness/lucifer/death and old age!"  He the Great Physician came and done battle with the filth we call death and old age, and He swallowed it up in victory!" Isaiah 25:8!"  And He threw us the keys/code to the now LIFE ABUNDANT!" REV:1:17-18;  death was and is now most certainly destroyed by our Messiah, Our Savior!"  Who came and just as He declared took back the keys to hell and death, and then Sent them by way of our ancestors carrying the Word of God to this day and time, for this generation of Increased knowledge/Word of God, called His Word Creation SCIENCE/MEDICAL SCIENCE!"  AND WITHIN THE PAGES OF HIS BOOK/BIBLE HE BROUGHT US THE NOW CURE FOR DEATH AND OLD AGE as we now know "it!"  His keys have been given His ministry/this ministry for the soon and "i" mean very soon beginning of the glorification of our Bodie's and soul!"  With His code/keys we this ministry found not only that death and old age is an infectious disease, it has a cure and it is in the bible, where this cure was found/method!"  Now very soon those "i" gather will live again centuries instead of decades!" John 10:10; Life abundant; not symbolically, but really, and be just as Messiah proclaimed, the beginning of the reigning upon Earth with Him the Mighty JOSHUA/JESUS/YESHUA THE MESSIAH!"  Rev:5:10!"  So as normally when sending out this end time calling/gathering letters!"  "i" expose satan and death and old age/ the sickness, the infectious disease of death, and its methods, as "it" secretly attacks mankind/wo-mankind!"...some of the signs are now falling "i" prophesy just weeks back...floods/storms..   ""storms and floods from Texas too Georgia, from Oklahoma too Tennessee""   "'GEORGIA HAS BEEN IN DROUGHT;  for many months, "i" contacted and sent a letter too the Governor, Governor Sonny Purdue, who has examined the floods and declared as meteorologists that these rains and floods are the worst in 100 years and more!"  Ezekiel 13:11, and 13:13!"  As "i" prophesy just weeks ago that this was going to be , too those "i" call and gather, and to those HE IS VERY ANGRY WITH!"  "i" prophesy earthquakes to those "i" call and gather, and Georgia has had earthquakes/LOVE QUAKES "i" call them!"  "i" prophesy storms and floods; and now there are storms and floods,  "i" prophesy many volcanoe's around earth would be waking, and now finally many volcanists are saying, that there are more volcanoe's erupting than they have ever seen!" Such as the scientists in Russia who are having many volcanoe's awake for this now SHAKING OF EARTH, WHICH WILL GATHER US FOR HIS GLORY!"  "i" spoke drought to texas in 2004, and it has been in drought ever sence!"  And to california and Georgia and carolina and "i" wrote/prophesy this fact too 100's of you "i" speak with this day!"  NOW THE STONES/METERORS "i" spoke in the name of MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST NOW COME FOR THE WIDE OPENING OF YOUR EYES!" TOO THE FACT THAT THE BIBLE NOT JUST TRUE;  ITS TAKING PLACE ALL AROUND US!"  AS PROPHESY FALLING STARS/MILLSYONES/METERORS now come too african sudan cush!"  AS THE WARNING STONE HE EXPLODED OVER SUDAN LAST YEAR JUST DAYS AFTER "i" prophesy this fact unto you!"  HE NOW BRINGS THREE STONES FOR THE reproving Of Noah, and the Reproving of Babel,  and the reproving of the Bible itself!" And for the reproving of the Mighty MESSIAH who came and said, I GO TO PREPARE A PLACE FOR YOU; AND I WILL COME AGAIN THAT YOU MAYBE WHERE I AM  John14:2-3/our ancestors sence Jerusalem, and Rome and Greece, and sweden , and England have been with Him in Heaven waiting for this day!"  Deuteronomy 32:43  This is His day of Vengeance on His enemy and His day of Rejoicing for those "i" gather, too inherit this promised land called Earth!" Matthew25:34!"  So when these stones NOW FALL, none can look again at this small prophet who has been sent too call and gather, can nolonger say, floods happen, Quakes happen {{ even thou many of these quakes happening where quakes donot happen, yet prophesy by me }}, and the so called priests of our People saying, God has no MILLSTONES OR ANGELS THAT THROW THEM!"  HE DANCE'S FOR HIS CHILDREN WITH SIGNS MIGHTY AND GREAT, and the priests and prophets just say,  These are not signs!" Well prepare for MIGHTY SIGNS, THE EARTH NOW SOON REELS TO AND FRO like a drunkard  Isaiah 24:20, and falling stars now fall upon them which say, He has no angels that cast His stones!"  His priests and prophets are Light and treacherous persons / HER { "America" Zephaniah 3:4 } prophets are Light and Treacherous persons; Her priests have polluted the sanctuary; they have done violence to the Law/HisWord!"  Those "i" contact who believe, fear not; we must gather!"  Those who cannot see for the Lies of our Priests, and prophets fear not, merely open your eyes!"  As "i" have told the pope and tele-vangelists, of the idol which speaks in America and abroad , fear not, just do as "i" and repent, and come to this now end time's gathering of the 144,000 remnant inheritors and their familie's!"  Some are strong others are not!" Donot let the beast/satan/death/lucifer come and take your now Destiny of Inheriting the promised land/paradise of Messiah called EARTH!" MATTHEW 5:5, AND MATTHEW 25:34!"  AFTER THESE STONES TO AFRICA and international space program/station Russia, know that "i" am he sent, John13:20, and "i" am sent for YOU!"  "i" am HIS AND YOUR smallest prophet/servant!'"  And know that you are to nolonger go to africa, but bring your ministries and tithes too this now gathering of HIS GREATS/ELECT!"  MATTHEW 24:30-31!" WE HAVE MUCH TO DO!"....now a Word of how death/lucifer attacks secretly Little girls in the Night!".... ""CASSI AND ADDI HEMPEL ESQ, TO PERFECT DAUGHTERS OF MESSIAH/GOD AND THEY ARE UNDER ATTACK BY satan/lucifer/principality of the air/ the filth Messiah called death and old age!""     ""If you go on line, you can see two of the most preious little girls you have ever seen!" Twins!"  Cassi and Addi Hempel esq!"  "i" explain on my website maybe more properly than in this letter {{ so  http:// www.adamandeveseedgatheringministry.com }}  about how lucifer/death hates little girls!" WHAT?  The harlot called lucifer hates little girls!" Why? Because God made them so Strong and beautiful!"  "i" have two little grand daughters which are their age and they are powerful!"  Take your heart the moment you see them!"  And is what helped me, the smallest prophet take notice of these two perfect children of GOD UNDER secret attack by lucifer!"  There is even more reason why? They are under attack, but for this letter we speak of this very evil truth, that satan hates little girls!" { Again there is more information on His/my website!" With proofs!"} These little girls have been under attack for many months!" And a well trained prophet or priest could have stepped in when they first came under this attack, now satan/death has a hold on them!"  THAT "i" now plan on BREAKING, WITH THE MESSIAH BEFORE "me!" "i" pray!" "i" have had the same attack brought on "me", and with Messiah with me and before me, "i" have triumphed!" As "i" explained to many!"  "i" died!"  What ? "i" died!"  And Messiah came and got "me!" For days such as this!"  The Bible explains the symptoms/outline's the symptoms perfectly, and the remedy, But as stated they have been under this attack for many months!"  You can read about them and their symptoms in The Scientist; magazine of the life science's!"  The ailment they call it, is what science now calls Niemann-pick type c {{npc}} which effects cholesterol trafficing in the body!"  But what did our Messiah say?  bacterial demons are set up in their body and in her home!"  The principality of the air,  the Lord came and fought, was bacterial filths we now in science call Phages/viruse's, but there is a group of them, that travel around earth, and attack secretly, many that it wants stopped!"  "i" can prove biblically , scientifically, AND WITH THE MIGHTY HAND OF MESSIAH, OUR LORD GOD REDEEMER!"  ISAIAH 44:6- THUS SAITH THE LORD THE KING OF ISRAEL, AND HIS REDEEMER THE LORD OF HOSTS {{ OUR MESSIAH }} I AM THE FIRST, AND I AM THE LAST; AND BESIDE ME THERE IS NO god!"  He is the Mightyone, the great Physician who came and brought us the keys too His Medical science!"  Which He brought forth through us, Isaiah 61:8- He directs are works in truth/Science!"  So as stated, all sickness is caused by satan, but the direct attack of satan is as now happens upon this little girls!"  One of the great reasons beside's THE LORD HIMSELF, WHO GAVE "me" great strenght to do battle against satan!" {{ i am he who over cometh Rev:2:7, and Rev:21:7 for this days gathering, and any i gather and wake will also have to do spiritual battle against satan/death!" AND you will overcometh with me with you, AND MESSIAH BEFORTE YOU }} Fear not you are great, it is weak, it acts strong , you are Strong }} When "i" did my first spiritual battle against the hidden dictator of death and old age, that has all life forms on earth dying younger than they are to do!"  "i" realized, that it was attacking some people "i" had great love for, and they are WO-MEN, now, but this filth attacked them secretly their entire youth, so "i" became even more angry with who? lucifer the dictator of death, who has fooled the world, and what science says has global quorum sensored the world!"  "i' Went into battle for THE FATHER, and after seeing its attack, i awoke to the fact, i knew many growing up who had suffered a secret attack, more evil than even my attack had been!" And they were little girls, and then "i" found in the bible were God foretold how satan, wanted to stop WO-MAN!"    SO any priests whom "i" now speak with, go on line, too "the scientist" magazine, the November 2008 issue, read the symptoms of the beginning of the attack, and see if you diagnose the same sickness/secret attack, upon these little twins, join me in pray for THEM!"...  NOW ...Worlds oldest man has another birthday...a 113 years old, and has been mutated by lucifer/death..what?" ""  WALTER BREUNING ESQ TURNED 113 ON SEPTEMBER 21, 2009, AND IS MUTATED!""     "" Walter Breuning esq, became the oldest man alive on His birthday, he was born on Sept. 21, 1896!"  He is a handsome man, yet at one time looked much better!"  But when he/we are mutated by death, the life long secret attack upon our Bodie's we morph into a weakened being, that has been some what redesigned/MUTATED!" WHAT DID "i" just say?  We our entire Live's are secretly attacked by death/lucifer/infectious disease called old age!"  And while we first begin to grow, "it,"  death/satan/principality of the air/wolbachia phage viruse's/lucifer has already begun putting us in the downward spiral of old age!"   We our genome's and bodie's have a built in re-generation system which is the LIFE/Messiah!"  He is the Life within ADAMS CHILDREN if you are of Adam and Eve unmired!"  But the proteins and hormone's made by our bodie's is slowly altered by death and old age, a secret infection overlooked by Medical science!"  They have it researched and documented, but  they have thought it had no effects upon mankind!" They have thought that wolbachia,{{ a phage virus with many specie's of it living in everything on earth, hense all dying }}  which they have found throughout mans body, only effects animals and insects, but have been terribly wrong!"  That is the principality of the air fought and spoken of by Messiah!"  There is one specie's that was thrown to earth long ago by GOD!"  Which is the original sin/disease called death/lucifer, and it has made many specie's sence!"  And it is mobile, can go where it wants, often slowly, but still can go where it has wanted to go, only "its" day of "its" second death {{ Bible and Messiah called it the second death, Rev:20"14-15, and science has proven viruse's and phages are dead }} has finally arrived!"  So men and Wo-men who live 100 years, or 115 years will soon be called youngsters!"  And will no longer be mutated into weak beings, instead growing stronger until 100's of years of age!"  These are the days of NOAH!"  WE,  those "i" call and gather will again begin living LIFE ABUNDANT, what past generations have considered symbolically Living live's of riches and possessions, was in reality Messiah saying just what HE MENT!"  He said; The {{ John 10:10 }} "thief" cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy; "I" AM COME; THAT THEY MIGHT HAVE LIFE, AND THAT THEY MIGHT HAVE IT MORE ABUNDANTLY/longer !" NOW THAT'S A GOD!" HE IS so amazing!"  He did literally what He declared and proclaimed every where He went!" He came and fought death, took back KEYS/A CODE, and sent it to us, this day of increased Knowledge, for us to now remove death and old age as we now know "it!"  To Begin again Life abundant as in the days of NOAH!" LIVING LITERALLY 900 AND MORE YEARS!"  SO MEN and wo-men who live these days and celebrated for it, too the age of 115, and younger, will be a thing of the past, those "i" gather, will begin the re-genesis of earth and mankind,  bringing Life into the age's of ADAM AND EVE OUR MOTHER AND FATHER!"   ""EDNA PARKER lived 115 years of age, in Indiana and died , mutated, sadly mutated by the bacterial infection called death!"  Walter Breuning esq; now live's as the oldest man, at 113 , yet he is mutated into old age!"  When Henry Allingham esq; died in England , he was the oldest man, last year he died, AT 113 YEARS OF AGE, and attributed his longevity too cigarette's and wiskey, and wild wild wo-men!" {{ he was wrong, Edna out lived him }} Yet,  he did not know, not only did he not have to die so young, that He could live into 100's of years as a mighty man of renown, HANDSOME AND STRONG,  you can see a picture of him on the net, a beautiful man!" {{ GENESIS  6:4 VERSE }} So when Edna parker esq; said just before she died at 115 years of age, that education was the key!" She was right!"  The education brought by Messiah, His Word Creation called science!"  AND THE MANY CHILDREN OF SCIENCE of this day, who learned from Messiah, by HIM doing the directing in their souls, directing them in truth, so they could find the methods of the now end of death and old age!" {{ again Isaiah:61:8 }} Sad such a wise beautiful WO-MAN, Miss Edna Parker esq; couldnot stay and become part of this gathering for the Destiny of Gods children, If of Adam and Eve unmired, or of His Red Clay People/children unmired!" But the Beautiful thing is this, Edna, as Henry will soon return with my Ancestors and yours, From ADAM, TO EVE, TOO MESSIAH, TOO DAVID, TOO MOSES, TOO ISAIAH, TOO ELIJAH, they all soon split the sky, and say!"  WE ARE AGAIN A FAMILY UNMIRED OF GOD!"WITH THEM IN SPIRIT AND US IN BODY, THERE WILL BE NO STOPPING THE GLORY WHICH COME'S FOR THE FATHER...death has been found, with the keys given His/my Ministry, and we have much to do!"  Prepare for mighty SIGNS THAT WILL NOW WAKE AND GATHER YOU!"  When you wake, you will find, literally a hidden being that thinks it owns your very body/satan, and it will say, you are mine!" AND YOU ARE TO SAY, death and old age, begone from me, I AM A CHILD OF ETERNAL LIFE/LIGHT!"  OVERcometh "it" and gather unto me!" {{ call me and "i" will fight it with you }} We have much to be found so doing!"...signs listed for our gathering.....one...   ""SIGNS WHICH HAVE COME AND NOW COME""1.  EARTHQUAKES WASHINGTON D.C AND VIRGINIA BEACH VIRGINIA, for the awhoring with the anti-christs!' 5.O OR GREATER!'2. EARTHQUAKES THE WEST COAST, L.A. WATTS, AND SAN FRANCISCO, FOR THOSE WHO PREFER THE COMPANY OF MEN, AND THE ANTI CHRISTS CONTROLLING GODS CHILDRENS SOULS!"3. EARTHQUAKES HAVE BEGUN TO THE BLACK SEA AS PROPHESY by "me" unto 100's for the now soon splitting of the mountain in Israel bringing forth a great valley!" AND SWALLOWING THE DOME ON HIS ROCK!" ZECHARIAH14:4, THE MIGHTY QUAKE OF DESTINY!" SWALLOWING UP THE FALSE JEW, AND THE MUSLIM!"4. Volcanoes erupting around earth, as prophesy by me, end of last year and this years beginning!"  As in Russia, sInce that prophecy six volcanoe's just on one peninsula!" The Scientist who was speaking of it, said it had been over 60 years sence that had accured, and said that there were unexplained eruptions around earth like never before!"!"  Now there will be more eruptions in preparation for the great shaking of EARTH!" ISAIAH 24:20!"5. Hurricanes Houston Texas, and Virginia beach Virginia,  for the tittling with His Word, for the touching of His Bible there, and for the tittling with His Word in Virginia, by the so called priests of America!" Ezekiel 7:26!"6. As prophesy that there would be storms and floods with Drought in between!" And across america, there has been floods from Texas, to Oklahoma, To tennessee, and Georgia, and "i" spoke drought to Georgia and Storm!" To the governor and all!"  Texas Austin still whethers, sence HE OUR LORD TOLD "me to Speak Drought Texas in 2004, for touching His Bible in Houston, and "i" first spoke Hurricane there/here, and they HOUSTON have had one every year sence, 72 mile's an hour winds or more!" Ezekiel 13:11!"7. stones/Meteors/falling stars to Africa sudan cush, after these stone's know that you are to nolonger go too africa, or bring them here, your time and tithes are for this now gathering of HIS ELECT!"  MATTHEW24:31!"8. STONES/METEOR too Russias Space station, for entering His Heaven calling space, HIS FORTY YEAR ANGER ROLLS!"9. STONE/METEOR TO THE 700 COMPANY for writing best seller with His Word, then denying to all that He The Lord God, has no Angels that cast His millstone's/meterors to earth!"  When "i" have spoken other falling stars with Virginia and many, and when they came, they MADE LIGHT OF IT!"  Like the warning last year after "i" first spoke the Meteror for 700 company, and just days later METEROR EXPLODED OVER VIRGINIA BEACH VIRGINA!"10. SUN SOON SHOOTS FLARES FROM BOTH SIDE'S THROUGH ITS CENTER, AS IT DID for the beginning of my gathering many years back, and the scientists were shocked!"11. Earthquake japan with Tidal wave too Japan, and tidal wave too Alaska for our gathering, as all these signs!"  Rev:6:14!"12.  STONE EXPLODES SOON OVER WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY,  With volcanic eruptions and earthquake for this gathering of His soul/scientists!"13. as stated stones now come again too many "i" call for this gathering, from Scientists too Holymen and Wo-men of Religion/theology!" As the quakes which have come too new mexico, and Oklahoma, and Texas, which you all know "i" foretold of for this gathering!"14. Earthquake too our enemie's in North korea, given me in a Dream!" As He states throughout the Bible, "i" will make your enemie's my enemy!"  As right after Afghanistan attacked our towers, He had me foretell too the president, that He now shows us who is our Enemy, and He shook Afghanistan and killed nearly as many in the towers!"  We have much to do!"...as always in the name of the ALMIGHTY FATHER, IN THE NAME OF THE ALL POWERFUL SON,  IN THE NAME OF THE ALMIGHTY HOLY SPIRIT OF THE FATHER ADAM AND EVE CHRIST!"  In The Name of The Holyone, The Uniqueone, The Flamboyantone, The Mercifulone, The Life And Resurrection,  The Son Of Science, The Son Of History, Of Destiny, Of Mathmatics,  The Son Of Reasoning, The First Born of The Holy Spirit Of The Father!" The Mighty Messiah Who Came and Swallowed Up death in Victory {{ Isaiah 25:8 }}  IN THE NAME OF HE WHO BROUGHT US THE KEYS/CODE TO ENDING DEATH, AND OLD AGE, YESHUA CHRIST, JOSHUA CHRIST JESUS, In His Mighty Name am "i" allowed to write, breath, eat, and pray, while feeling my heart pounding in my chest!"  In His powerful name do "i" come to you, and call you.....much love and respect From me, the smallest yet most loving, and most angry prophet...Elijah paul Moses!""FOR OFFERING tithes and donations of equipment, and man power for this mighty day of Destiny, do so at the address below...any checks or money orders make payable too the ministry, Capitalize The Name of our Mother and Father ADAM AND EVE....ADAM AND EVE SEED GATHERING MINISTRY2100 ROSE MAY DRIVEFORNEY TEXAS, 75126...OR PHONE 469-288-0152... E-MAIL [email protected]  or [email protected]  much respect E.p.Moses Mon, May 10, 2010 1:53:10 PM

AHEAR ME O'ADAM, HEAR ME O'EVE{{THE BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER OF GOD, MARY MAGDALENE, NEALING BEFORE OUR LORD}} """AS many of you Know!  "i" am sent by the Great and Mighty Physician, The Scientific-one, who floats earth upon nothing! To gather His elect from the four corners of earth!  Those lost of Adams House,  Deuteronomy32:8!  The Lost tribe's of Adam/Israel, which are spread across earth, living in the Seven nations, ridden by the harlot called death/satan!  Those blinded by the fact that they are direct decendants of the Royal seed of Adam Christ/GOD! Ezra 9:1-2!  This mission given "me," your smallest prophet, and researcher of Gods Word!  The smallest researcher of His Word creation, called Medical Science!  The very reason for earth,  Is more greatly Explained, in His gathering/sounding website, at www.adamandeveseedgatheringministry.com! Mission, Gather His Word/Data, on the infection of earth, called old age and premature death, and gather the Children lost, and show them who they are, that they are not false, but true of God, Rev:3:9, and they are who he love's! This is the Epic Season, of our Lords Return!  As "i" have proven in past sounding letters around earth, His epic day of Glory has arrvied!  His day of Glory, and our Day of Destiny, Matthew 25:34!  The very purpose of Earth, has now come full circle!  Now those who have been lost, will know they have been found by their Great and perfect Shepherd! John 10:14 - I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD, AND KNOW MY SHEEP, AND AM KNOWN OF MINE!  He has sent me for those who know in their heart, that they are the lost of Adams House!  Those who are of the true Judeans/TRUE JEW, REV:2:9-3:9, who WERE  Exodus from the land of Israel long ago, to found great nations, that our Lord foretold would be!  Matthew 21:42-44!  Those who would bring forth the fruits of the Word, such as The Germans, who spread across earth, into England, and Norway, and Denmark, and AMERICA!  Bringing with them, the Word of God, and making a nation founded in His name, bringing forth the fruits of His Word, which is SCIENCE!"  HE sent us in parable, a code/key Rev:1:18, for us this day of His increased knowledge, DANIEL 12:4, to bring forth medical science, so as we can now, bring forth again Life Abundant, John10:10!  Life abundant as in the days of Noah!  Living again centuries, instead of decades!  THE infection of all Life forms on earth, has been studied, and researched for many years, but science had not known what they had truly examined!  As when the Lord God, Jesus Christ the Great and Mighty Physician, proclaimed and declared unto me, years ago, HE SAID, gather them, gather them, they have all knowledge needed, I HAVE IT LAYING AT THEIR FEET! Saith the Lord God unto me!  His and your smallest prophet! REV:10:7! He layed His solved mystery at our Feet/Science!" 
  ""WELL as you know, and many of you will find out, as "i" make new contacts each week! Writing my brothers and sisters around earth, the week long!  That "i" always use the news of the Day, and the Hand of God, for the waking and preparing for our Epic gathering, to inherit the paradise called earth!  HE the Lord God of the Midst of the earth, Genesis 6:13, and Exodus 8:22!  Has begun His tribulations upon those not of His book of Life, and upon His children With mercy,  Deuteronomy 32:43, for the Now beginning of sorrows, of all the tribes of the earth, not of His book of LIFE!  MATTHEW 24:7-8-29-30! THE Bible not just true, its taking place!  While satans hosts, those men and women not born of Adam, unmired! Make authored lie's in the news and science, to try and explain away, this now Epic Day of Great inheritance and purpose for God! "i" the smallone, who is literally the voice of the seven Angel sounding!  Rev:10:7, and Rev:11:15!  HAS prophesy, and even spoken signs in the Lord Gods name, "i" am the true and faithful servant sent for your waking, and His gathering!  Matthew 24:45-46!" SADLY, we need signs from our Father, His teaching hand, for this days waking! As He brings floods, and storms, and earthquakes, AND NOW SOON STONES, WHICH "i" pray for each day! As listed on His website, on the prophecy and the signs of our gathering Page!  He while breaking His heart, has brought floods, to America and England, and storms, to wake His children, and floods, of lesser size, so often too His AND HIS CHILDRENS ENEMIE'S WHILE DROWNING 1000'S!  While waking His children with His deliberate hand, He has lost at times twenty, and Him with tears in His eyes! {{Katrina drown exactly whom God plained to Drown}} As Jeremiah declared in the name of the Lord, that God weeped over what He must do!"  So as you will see, on the prophecy and the signs page, and on the calling/gathering Word for Messiah page, that these volcanoes, and floods, and storms, and earthquakes, have been prophesy by this your smallest prophet, so you, and yours, willnot miss their Great day of Gods Glory, and their Destiny!  Lets speak of some of the Authored lie's now being circulated, by those not of Gods book of Life in Science, and By many of His own children, contaiminated by satans authored lie's of the past, which made their way into HIS GODS SCIENCE!...Geneticists say that they now have proven we are of the neanderthal/WRONG!
 ""WIRED SCIENCE MAGAZINE AND BLOG; have repeated the Words of a few researchers who have proclaimed us as modern Neaderthals, which is part of the true, yet, authored lie, called evolution!  {{ As explained on His website, www.adamandeveseedgatheringministry.com , on the Proof in the news, and Science, and Theology page!}}  As explained on the Lords Website,  The Data taken by Science, is naturally correct, their conclusions are off, Oh so slightly!  satan/lucifer/wolbachia/pseudomonosa aeruginosa, is the cause of evolution in Life forms on earth! But God is the creator of Life, lucifer/wolbachia page, and mycobacterium are the infectors of Life, upon earth!  Taking of Gods Life forms, and making from the stolen Dna, and Rna, mutant forms of what God had intended for that LIFE!  So the data of the infection of earth, which cause's Life forms to mutate, making beings not of Gods book of Life!  And is why? God had His children follow the trail of the Infection of Life, called satan by the bible, and Wolbachia phage virus/bacterium by science!   Well pointed out by the Word of God the Bible, which has sent us a code, to now end the infection of Life upon earth! Which brings about premature aging, and death, which now gives us the means to Live again Life abundant/long Life!  Again Wired Magazine says/repeats the Words of an institution, which "i" have, as the LORD, have great respect for!  The MAX PLANCK society, so much so, "i" have Max Planck listed in my LINKS, ON THE LORDS WEBSITE!  But, Svanti Paabo says he has now proven, that mankind, is decended from the Neanderthal, and that most have its Dna/Rna within them!  Far from the truth!  As NOAH Rosenberg states in the same article, that those not of African decent, among those not marred by the mating of the African, is between one and four percent decended from the Caveman!  That is a true statement, but my friend Svanti Paabo, is very wrong!  Yet,  if Svanti Paabo is of Adam Christ, and unmired by the Neanderthal, He Svanti is doing what We are commanded to do!  Research EARTH AND NAME ALL WE SEE!  As our Father Adam was commanded, so we have been , AND WE have done so, His Gods/Adams Mystery is finished, Adams Children have named all they have seen!  On The Lords Gathering Website, on the Services page, at the bottom, it is more greatly explained How we are, the SOUL of Gods Word/Science!  As our Father Adam was brought to earth, and made from the dust of the ground, by our Father, and made us, in His Image!  Is the exact truth, and the very purpose for earth! WE, our Father, and the spirit of our People, Created Earth! As a laboratory, and many other things, examined and spoken of on His website, we our People created earth, and then we/Adam, were brought to research!  But here is the Words of our Lord Jesus Christ the Great Scientific research, the Great Physician!  John:8:23 - AND He Said Unto Them, Ye Are From Beneath; I Am From Above:  Ye Are Of This world; I Am Not Of This World!   And we are His children!  So when you hear of men like Svanti Paabo Esq; remember he is lost in the authored lie's of satans hosts/false science!  But Max Planck society,  has done many Powerful things for the Word Of God, Science!  Just send them to the gathering website, and if of The Lords Sheep/children they will begin to wake! 
{{This painting shows the journey, in brief form! Yet it is satan, which nows burns, due to ADAM!}}""AS SEEN HERE, The Fathers Family was brought to Earth, which is/was ADAM! Then the Father, just as declared by the Book, made His family from Adam!" 
 good{{And the Holyone, came and died, for Adams/Gods/His children!  John:10:11}} 
""JOHN:10:11 - I Am The Good Shepherd:  The Good Shepherd Giveth His Life For The Sheep! The Good Researcher, Giveth His Life For The Research, The Good Physician Giveth His Life To End the Disease/infection!  The Good Lord Destroys His Enemy!  He the Lord Jesus Christ is all of the Above, and many time's over!  He done just as He declared, He declared, I Am Come, That you may have Life More Abundant, He said He came to Destroy death! And has done so!   With the Data collected by Adam, and His Children, and This Word was/is Given us by the Lord Jesus Christ!  HE is literally the Word/reasoning of our Body! Isaiah 61:8- I will direct your Work in Truth, and make an ever lasting covenant with you!  "i" can prove biblically, Scientifically, and with the Mighty Hand of God the Messiah, that He and our Father created earth with our Peoples souls/spirits/family!  On His website, are verse's which prove He came and healed us, and prophesy in parable, that He would return this day of Microbiology! ""A MOSQUE is being built near the disaster of the Twin Towers""" ""Very briefly, "I" MUST COMMENT ON THE NEWS THAT THE MUSLUM ARE BUILDING IN OUR NATION attacked by them, a mosque!  A place where they worship satan/lucifer/allah!  They, unbeknownst to themselves {{yet some of the clerique's know}}  worship that which kills them, and eats their soul!  allah is the mycobacterial society of death!   "it" literally speaks into their soul, due to the fact, that "its" false society of death/infection has mated a false being developed by satan, from Gods creation! Into their family/people!  And well out lined in the bible!  The Philistine once worshipped baalzbub, and the philistine, in Babel literally openly worshipped satan!  And developed many false religions from the day of Babel, to this very day!  They admit this openly saying they worship the "it"/him of many names!  They also openly call it the very same name/term given it by Messiah!  Our Lord said, stay from the author of lie's, and the muslum, say they follow the "big deceiver!"  What does a deceiver do?  LIES!  AND MAKES LIE'S, AND IS THE FATHER OF LIES! Just as declared by our Lord God!  The some what sad thing, is this!  What does a Deceiver first due?  Deceives those who follow it!""AND BAAL, allahs name in the old testament! Does to nations as it does to bodie's!  Possesse's them! It had many names/terms in the old testament, and has authored many false names since those days!{{and deeply possesse's the arabic people}}   To this now Epic day of the Lords Return!  But as we see them building a mosque near the land they secretly attacked, that is satan within them saying, "i" want that land, i want to possess it!  Then, when ever they move to a land, mostly by begging and crying, saying help me, my people are crazy, and are killing me and my people, we are political refugees! When that is baals authored lie!  Beg its way in, then demand control!  They worship the bacterial filth of the air, what the Lord called principalities of the air/bacterial demons, and that which possesse's them!{{arabic people call it a genie, German's and others gremblins, the Messiah called them bacterial demons/principalities of the air}}   And that same filth lies to them, for their worshipping it, saying they receive seventy virgins, and even pubic boys, for satans/allahs/baals homosexual tendencie's!  Which science has now proven, as on the Lords website, that satan/wolbachia phage is the infection of mankind, which cause's homosexuality!  And this same filth they worship, which literally speaks from their mouths, while inhabiting their bodie's!  Is the infection of Life on earth, called old age and premature death!  And is the cause of all death upon earth!  When they die, they receive nothing, but being devoured/lysis!  The Messiah told us, call on me, believe in me, and if you are not unmired of Adam/mingled of the hosts of satan! I Your Lord will protect you from the devourer/mycobacterium and all the hosts of "it," from Wolbachia/yeast/leaven/pseudomonosa aeruginosa!  Fear not, our Lord come's! We now, the protected inheritors of earth, will now over the next few years, watch the Lord crush and drown and destroy His and our Enemy those who worship "it" death/allah/satan/baal!"  Governor Rick Perry says the Oil Spill, is an act of GOD! ""GOVERNOR RICK PERRY BEING MADE A BELIEVER"" ""i"" the smallest prophet of God, was commanded years back, 2003-2004-2005, to speak Hurricane upon America!  Ezekiel 13:11, and 13:13!  As "i" have prophesy all the storms which have hit this mighty land over the last 8 years!  And in Ausgust of 2005 Katrina hit louisianna, and killed over 1000 people! 95% of them where not of His book of life!  He the Lord hates Louisianna, with great passion!  As "i" declared the Hurricane to Houston texas, to Governor Perry'S office, and many beyond!  And after it hit, many since are becoming believers in the Lords now Anger, and in this small prophet!  As the Lord had me speak against the space shuttle in 2003 and then He brought it down!  So did the Lord cause this Oil explosion, and brought more end to Louisianna!  As the Lord Allowed me to speak against Haiti, even allowed me to speak the very day of a drowning flooding overflowing shower, to the devil worshippers of Haiti, and as He just crushed Haiti, after having me proclaim bring home your missions, and stay from Canaan, and Stay from Cush/african, AND HAD ME PROCLAIM, HE NOW MOVE'S ISLANDS REV:6:14!  And since Tonga, as He just crushed 200,000 of His and His Fathers enemie's! In Haiti! Devil worshippers, He distains them!   And before He is finished this now due season! There will be none Left of this thing called devil worshippers, in any form!  So yes, Rick Perry Esq; is catching on, It is the Hand of God against Haiti, and any of them/louisianna!  Zephaniah 2:5- Wo unto The Inhabitants of the Sea Coasts; the nation of the Cheritites;  The Word Of The Lord Is Against You; O Canaan Land of The Philistines: I Will Even Destroy YOU/thee! That there shall be No Inhabitant: for the Lord hath spoken it...Bring home your Missions, bring home your research teams from around earth!  He soon destroys many, and destroys the economy of earth!  Those "i" gather, of the Red Clay People unmired, and of His Children unmired of Adam and Eve!  Will be protected, and soon inherit the promised land/ paradise/ laboratory called Earth!  As promised by the Great and Mighty Researcher/Physician, Jesus the Conquerer for His Father, He that Destroyed Eygpt for our People long ago, now destroys every nation, and its People not of His book of Life!  For more information on the now soon end of old age and premature death, the infection of Gods Life on earth! Go to The Lords Website, and read from front to back!  Nothing but truth there, and contact information for this now Epic gathering, of the Elect from His four corners Matthew 24:31, and of His meek inheritors Matthew 5:5!  And of His Children who can now overcometh satan in spiritual battle for this days gathering, which "i" have already done so, for your learning and gathering, For your Destiny and mine! Rev:2:7, 2:17, 21:7!" Bring home your missions and researchers, all funds for these missions, and projects now must soon come to our gathering, for this Epic day of Life over taking old age and death, as in the days of Noah, living again centuries, instead of decades!  As Noah, and our Father And Mother, of the Garden Adam and Eve! For information of how to send tithes and offerings, and medical equipment and supplies/medicines, and to offer laboratories, and researchers... go to His website at www.adamandeveseedgatheringministry.com  ............AS ALWAYS, In The Name Of The AlMighty Father, In The Name Of The All Powerful Son, In The Name Of The Holy Spirit Divine, Of The Father, Of Adam And Eve!  In The Name Of The Holyone Of The Father, Jesus!  In The Name Of The Flamboyantone, The Uniqueone, The Great And AlMighty Physician, The Lord God Who Has Healed US!  The Life And Resurrection Of Our Bodie's/Soul!  In His Powerful Name do "i" Speak and Pray Each day!  As always much Love and Respect From "me" His and Your Smallest Prophet..

  {{ NUMBER ONE ON THE LIST MENTIONS ARKANSAS quakes, with more o come, prophesy realized, men "i" contact there are not awaking }}
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Sent: Monday, July 13, 2009 2:33:08 PM
Subject: "GATHERING SCIENTISTS AND HOLY MEN AND WO-MEN FOR THE NOW END OF death and old age!" EL SHADDAI HAS RETURNED TO THE PACIFIC!" " Female Police Detective commits suicide!" Abortion Pill made what? "SAFER they say!"

"SIGNS"1. EARTHQUAKE'S WEST COAST TOO THE EAST,{{ and as you know they have begun }}  quakes of love, as seen by those i have been contacting,  too gather you unto me,  and QUAKES OF REPENTENCE, prepare west/left coast/san francisco!"  This past week again quakes of love came too those i foretold them to/you!" Greenland, and Iceland, quakes top of the earth/world, too those i contact there, july 7, 6.1 quake 105 miles from Thule/Quaanaaq!"  and two more quakes identical size top of the world, 4.7, quakes of repentence and waking with love!" Arkansas, quake with more coming!"  Today July 13, perfect quake of love to those i contact in Utah 3.0!"  Prepare for the earth too shake, china quake too the anti-christ displaced 500,000 people killing but a few,  San Francisco, prepare yourself!""  Richmond Virginia a small quake of Love, before these quakes of repentence which come!"2.  Earthquake Washington D.C, AND VIRGINIA beach Virginia for those who go awhoring with the heathen, and for touching/tittling with Gods/Word!"3.  Hurricane houston Texas, as the Hurricane i prophesy too all last year and 2004, they touched the Bible, after GODS MESSIAH PROCLAIMED , TOUCH MY WORD, AND I WILL MAKE THIS LAND A WASTE LAND!"  Isaiah28:2 4.  HURRICANE VIRGINIA BEACH VIRGINIA FOR THE FALSE PROPHETS there which take word from the Bible, and make best seller from it, then Deny that God is the STORM!"" which this storm will move on into washington d.c with flood/overflowing showers!"5.  STONES/METEORS/FALLING STARS too africa sudan cush, for the Mighty broken Covenant of Noah/Noe, and the covenant of Babel!"     Three too show all that if they think they can form a weapon against GODS MILLSTONES, HE BRINGS three!""6.  Stone/Meteror International space program/space station for entering Heaven calling space and dare saying we have conquered space/Heaven, if there is a space in Heaven it is due too GOD/THE FATHER COMING TOWARDS IT!"7.  DROUGHT {{ AMOS 4:7 & Deuteronomy 28: 24 }}  again around earth, from Texas, too California as it burns again due too the Fathers anger at hollywood/Left Coast!"  From Georgia too south carolina, too again Australia for waking and repentence!" 8.  EARTHQUAKE japan and tsunami Alaska, pray with me for small tidal wave!"  Too the anti-christ again fed at His table/our table!"  AND FOR OUR WAKING AND GATHERING!"9. EARTHQUAKE TOO THE BLACK SEA FOR THE MIGHTY QUAKE OF DESTINY, ZECHARIAH 14:4 - SPLITTING THE MOUNTAIN EAST TOO WEST AND MOVING IT NORTH TOO SOUTH!"  SWALLOWING UP IN VICTORY THE blasphemus dome on HIS ROCK!" ALONG WITH THE FALSE JEW!"  JOHN EIGHTH CHAPTER, AND REV:2:9 & 3:9..NOW SET UP THERE BEING WORSHIPPED/LIKENESS OF THE ANTI-CHRIST, SET UP THERE BEING WORSHIPPED!"10.  THE SUN SHALL SHOOT FLARES THROUGH ITS CENTER FROM BOTH SIDE'S, AS HE DID FOR MY MISSION YEARS BACK, shocking Science, and the evangisee!"  Moving all from my path!"11. STORMS AND FLOODS OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS!"  AS THE ONE'S WHICH COME TOO THE THREE STATES IN THE EAST WHICH SAID I DO, TOO SAME SEX MARRIAGE/homosexuality which is merely a symptom of the infectious disease called old age and death/lucifer/wolbachia infection!"  We now have the cure for the possession called homosexuality!"  San Francisco  Prepare yourselves, wake and repent, gather unto me!"  The smallest prophet of my GOD/MESSIAH AND PEOPLE!"" ....for Tithing and donations, for the now gathering of the inheritors of Earth!"  Or for offering researchers and laboratories, and equipment for the now end of death, or for offering propertie's for me too show many at your organization the Holy Spirit of the Father,  and i do mean bring a camera, and for being one of the 144,000 scientist and holymen and wo-men,  which help inherit the paradise called Earth/promised land of Messiah.... do so at this address.......ADAM AND EVE SEED GATHERING MINISTRY2100 ROSE MAY DRIVEFORNEY TEXAS, 75126...phone 469-288-0152... e-mail [email protected] or [email protected]  as always in the name of HE WHO FORMETH THE HEAVENS ABOVE, AND THE EARTH BELOW, HE WHO MAKETH THE WIND {{ REV:7:1 & AMOS 4:13 }} THE MIGHTYONE, OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN, IN THE NAME OF HIS SON, WHO SWALLOWED UP death in VICTORY; IN THE NAME OF THE HOLY SPIRIT OF ADAM AND EVE, IN THE NAME OF OUR MIGHTY FAMILY DO "i" write, speak and breath each day...In The Name of the Holyone, The Mightyone, The Flamboyantone,  The Uniqueone, The Mercifulone, THE DESTROYER THE MIGHTY MESSIAH CHRIST JESUS, CHRIST JOSHUA, In His mighty name do "i" speak and breath, and pray each DAY!"  Much love from me, the smallest prophet of my GOD/MESSIAH AND PEOPLE!"  Elijah paul Moses        






 HEAR ME O'ADAM{{ below this calling/gathering letter, are attached past letter's. Where "i" prophesy disaster,  and tell all,  too not be around/living in tents/the same citie's with Kush, and told all, Exodus your ministrie's from kush, and bring them home, for this gathering. AS YOU SEEN LAST WEEK,  "I" AGAIN BY MESSIAHS Command,  prophesy the crushing of Kush, then just the next day, Kush crushed in haiti, Here in our hemisphere.  He warned again San Francisco, with a 6.5 quake, and in Haiti with almost the same size quake, has killed 1000's. CRUSHES kush, and try's showing His love to America, by allowing me, too gather many, who may have been crushed, by the destruction He must soon visit too America, as when He brought New Zealand, a 7.8 quake, and not one destroyed, in New Zealand, and then, 8.0 tonga drowning many.  He sends this day with "me," WARNING/CALLING, MEXICO CITY, AND HUGO CHAVEZ, NOW RECEIVE sorrow,  for more on this Epic day of sorrow,  for those He hate's, and joy for those "i" call and gather.. Read below, and Go to His website www.adamandeveseedgatheringministry.com there, there are past prophecie's, and coming prophecie's for this gathering }}     AS many of you know, "i" am he sent,  John13:20.  To gather the protected inheritors of earth, the remnant which now receive the promise made to our people long ago!  Matthew 25:34!   He our Lord woke me last week in the middle of the night, and told me, too make sure you understand,  that "i" warned all too stay from cushite nations as did Noah, and our God long ago in Babel!  But many did not listen, so beautiful people of God have been lost in haiti. These are the days of Noah, and Gods powerful Word of the Old Testament!  From Genesis to Malachi,  From Matthew to Revelation, all Word of God whirling into the Reality of this day!  Matthew24:30 -   and then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in Heaven, {{very important word right Here}} Then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn!  This now, as you have seen, is the beginning of sorrows, Matthew 24:8!  AS depicted in the painting above, the Great,  and Mighty Physician, CAME and stood when no others could, or even would, so you and "i" this day, can gather with all knowledge needed too end old age and death, the infectious disease, which attacked our Father, and mother of the Garden of Eden!"  He took on all sin. {{meaning, He fought lucifer and won, by beating the secret attack,  which we, and all other's could not then with stand, but now,  not only can we with stand. We can now triumph over old age and death, bringing back the days of Noah, with the Science, brought forth by the Messiah!  Where we live centuries, instead of decades}}  Blind men, of His on children, attacking Him, with the anti-christ of that day. AS seen in the painting above.  Yet He Loved them, and even us.  So this day, we can be protected by The Lord God Jesus Christ,  while gathering right before men, and satan, without a care in the world, except doing what is righteous for God, This now day of the Epic inheritance of earth! WHY? Does He now Destroy millions? As prophesy,  He now severs the wicked from among the Just,  Matthew13:49-50,  He now cleans the earth of all unrighteousness!"  And "i," am sent to gather the foundation of the new jerusalem, the new earth!"  Matthew 25:34 - Then shall the king say unto them on His right hand, Come ye, Blessed of My Father;  Inherit the Kingdom prepared for you, from the foundation of the World.  "i" gather those who will now know, that He love's them, not those who love themselve's!"  Revelation 3:9 - Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of satan, which say they are Jews, and are not,  but do lie,  Behold,  I will make them to come, and worship before thy feet, ""and too KNOW THAT I HAVE LOVED THEE.""   IT is you, those "i" call and gather, which He love's.  The lost House of Adam Christ.  Deuteronomy 32:8.  While the nation across the ocean, that gather's what they say are the lost tribe's of Israel, and are gathering, hindu, and kushite, from africa!"  "i" am sent to you, too gather the lost House of Adam/Israel,  who founded these nations long ago, in which "i" call you together from. The seven nations ridden by the harlot called death, those lost tribe's of ADAM!"  "i" speak more about the tribe's on His website home page.  Below "i" am going to give the warning, and call To heroe's of my people, men and wo-men of renown, of Science, and theology.  He our Lord sacrificed Himself long ago, So you, and "i," can gather, with all data/Word needed too end death, with His bible code/keys.  Rev:1:17-18, sent us too do this great task, of merely gathering,  and inheriting, the TEMPLE/LABORATORY called earth!  Listing the warnings, and Signs below.{{bring home your missions, as "i" proclaimed for months}} Which now wake and gather many, too His Glory, and their Reward!  Yes the Bible is true, there will be Great reward, for those "i" gather.....listing..... MEXICO, AS other's from Peru,  to Venezuela, will be in sorrow, as "i" told you, for months now.   He our Lord now shows us, what Enemie's that we have fed, from our own table's!  He love's the children He created, which we call native's in America, and in South America, but as "i" prophesy over the last few weeks.  He now Destroy's many.  Because they stand against who?  The Children of Adam/Israel in America, who have fed, and taught them, and brought them blessing!  What did our Lord say in the old testament, You my children {{of Adam}} will be a blessing unto earth!  And as seen after, and before all disaster's of earth.  The children of God/Adam, the Sons of God {{ John1:12 }} are there blessing, and helping all sick, and injured.  But the now coming Disaster's, even America the beautiful, or Sweden, or Switerland, or Germany, or England will be able too stop the Sorrow!" In the coming months/years, suddenly, all heathen nations on the earth, will realize, that God has come with His vengeance!  Deuteronomy32:43!  They will literally as above written, and written in Rev:3:9, realize that we are those He love's!  He will also visit disaster, too the west,  {{and our heart lands, even more strongly, if the men and wo-men "i" call donot wake, causing Him, to bring disasters upon ten thousand, on our coasts, and millions upon their's.  Our's for waking, theirs for destroying, and if MANY wo-men of renown, and men, donot step up, and say, "i" now gather for His Glory, many who read this may not be }} and the east coasts of America!  And He will again, as "i" prophesy unto you, end of 2008, and all last year, told you, He now brings quakes of love,  to those "i" gather, and since, from New Jersey too Oklahoma, Too New Mexico, too my home state of Texas.  HE has brought quakes of love and gathering!  "But," what does He want me too warn of this day?  As above mentioned, and last week, San Francisco has received its final warning.  As back in two thousand four/five , "i" prophesy every quake, that hit california, and spoke unto the so called great titans of religion, and all of them failed, after "i" told them,  "i" could choose them as SAMUEL chose David,  and they failed! {{some miserably, Only D. James Kennedy Esq; stood strong}} So His warning went unnoticed/they were taken lightly.  Lamentations 4:7.  And since, His forty year anger has rolled across the earth!"  His fury comes, and cannot be stopped, but it can be lightened!   He told me last week, tell those you call, that "i" now increase the size, and magnitude of the quakes, "i" have brought them, of love, bringing them into repentence quakes.  Which are from 3.5 to 4.5, and if 5.0 or greater, He has anger!  And it has already began, as you notice, New Mexico and Oklahoma had large quakes this weekend/last night, and the day before.  4.0, and 4.1, quakes of repentence.  "i" have called out too men and wo-men in those states, greatly.  He will, believe this, He will wake them and they will gather unto me, or These two states will receive disaster!  AS seen by the picture above.   He came, fought every demon bacterial filth on earth, ALONE, and then walked too the cross, and went into death, and consumed "it!" Now doe's any think, that the God who love's us so deeply, will not now destroy many of His own,  too make sure the purpose for earth, is achieved.  We as stated above, will now have to watch the great tribulations of this time, for the now gathering and waking, and preparing for the 144,000 to now inherit earth!"  "I"  speak out to the men and wo-men of renown, who can now become, Heroe's too hundreds if not 1000's.  By standing up now, and overcometh/overcoming satan/death/lucifer/bacterial mutant spirits.  Which live in your home secretly, and in your body secretly, which have murdered every ancestor we have had, and are now killing us, and our familie's,  with the infectious virus called old age and death.  Weird,  but true, Messiah foretold all truth.  There is a secreting bacterial mutant freak spirit, which has hidden from all, except those who stand against it.  So any "i" gather, such as scientist, and theologists will soon, if strong enough to inherit earth, will soon, have a voice begin too speak with them, saying donot do this. Jesus was just a man, "it" might say, then you are to say, begone from me satan, I now gather for my familie's destiny.  Then strangely, this beast spirit will, or willnot say unto you, you are mine {{ science has proven for years that we are all full of bacteria, but did not know, that these certain viruse's,  feel they have you under possession, literally think your body belongs to them!  That they can keep you blind, and then in just years, eat your body,after they have caused Old age and death. When they have finally killed you, with old age.  Death is what science calls a temperate disease, meaning it move's in, and live's free inside of you, until you age, and they even cause iT, OLD AGE AND DEATH, and they speak into your soul, your entire Life, causing you to sin/make mistake's.  Now proven by Science.  Small talking microbe's, who are lingists, because they have lived in many bodie's, over many centurie's, they are the enlightenedone, spoken of by Messiah, and the what?  Devourer, He our Lord foretold, any who follow Him, He will protect their soul from the devourer/bacteria.  Which devour their body at death.  You must overcometh, Rev:21:7 - he that overcometh, shall inherit all things, and I will be his GOD, and he shall be my SON.  That verse speaks of all the people of this day which overcometh satan, which live's in their bodie's, and in their home's.}} MORE SIGNS OF THIS NOW WAKING AND GATHERING WHICH COME'S  VENEZUELA, HUGO CHAVEZ   "i" Foretold to Chavez himself, months back, told him, you are standing against His chosen people, and you are bringing much destruction upon your people, wake up "i" told him. There will be no venezuelians very soon, in just years/months. Chavez has proven, he is mired.  But as in the news this morning, Chavez say's he wants to improve relations with America,  he is seeing, what "i" told him was coming, destruction too any who stand against this nation, which the Lord swore would be. Matthew21:43-44..  "i" love the native American people, "i" myself, came through the womb of one of His Red Clay daughters unmired.  And my children, as many whom "i" love are one with/of the native,  His children of the red clay.  BUT, He our Lord has me gathering, from His native, and His children of His soul ADAM CHRIST,  for the now end of all others, who donot believe in HIM, as Son of GOD.  He is the God of the Midst of the Earth, and of the Heavens above.  And as prophesy,  He must clean this earth, of all who donot believe, and all not of His book of Life.  He now soon shakes this earth, too and fro, and drowns and crushes many, of the society of death, whom are not of His book of Life, and Is going to drown and crush, many who are to be of His book of Life.  Sad but true, as "i" have screamed and wrote, and prayed, and cried out now for months, unto 1000's around earth.  WAKE, HE COME'S, HE must do, as He must do.  His Heaven is under attack, and He can now only keep those whom "i" gather, as the elect of earth, which "i" call from the four winds/corner's of earth.  Rev:7:1,  Matthew24:31.  "i" am the voice of His seventh Angel sounding/calling.  Those whom can beat the death/satan/demon bacterial infection. {{ which we all have}} Which holds their body, and mind as a possession, andThose who can overcometh, and gather unto me, for the protection of their familie's, from the WRATH that come's. And helps me prepare for the mighyone, too come and Glorify them and their famile's. Their first reward will be, saving many from missing their destiny, We can save many from this now day of Sorrow.     LETS speak of the demon filth/bacterial filth, which has all on earth, possessed by the infection,  called old age and death.  But if a christone,  a believer, you can now say,  Satan/DEATH,  you donot possess this body!  You will not End My Destiny, then do spiritual battle against the infection of earth, called lucifer/wolbachia mutant vibrio spirit.  Which hides in your body, and home, feeding from, and on you each day. Because, He has not left us comfortless.  He now remove's with our assitance, That Which the Messiah  now ends/destroy's...Antony Van Leeuwenhoek  Esq...... ANTONY VAN LEEUWENHOEK ESQ; Discover / researcher for Messiah, by Messiah's Word, the Little animals/bacteria   ANTONY VAN LEEUWENHOEK ESQ;  is of Adam Christ, as most all whom "i" contact.  But Antony was very special for Messiahs way, and task which is Science/the Word.  Antony as many men at the time, made their own microscope's,  but Antony's was better made than most, which is why?  He was able too see, the little animals of the air.  Why? would he call them animals, and not bug's or bacteria?  By the Messiahs command, and direction, given to Antony, through His Word/work in Truth. Isaiah 61:8. The possessor/baal/satan/lucifer/wolbachia mutant vibrio spirit,  infects all Life forms on earth, and as Messiah told us in John10:10, saying, that the thief, {{satan/bacterial dictator of earth}} cometh not,  but for to steal, and kill{{murder,Messiah said, lucifer was a murderer  from the beginning/death/old age}} and destroy, and said:  I have come that you may have Life, and have it more abundantly.  And He has conquered death.  We now,  those "i" gather, soon will begin again living Life abundant.  But why? Would Antony call bacteria, little animals?  So we this day would know, that the microbe's we see, and have attacking us, each day of our Live's,  are the possessed souls of animals.  The spirit which once lived in the body, of birds, and cats, and dogs, and Dinosaurs, hense the Word dragon, used by the Lord God Messiah.  Very sad, in most case's.  Due to the fact that the possessor/wolbachia freak spirit, possessed them, and made them disease against Gods children.  As science has proven there are bacteria, which look almost identical too,  such sickness infection/pathogens as E-COLI, and other's which donot cause sickness, due to the fact, that vibrio phages/wolbachia phages/satans possessing phages,  donot inhabit that particular specie's, meaning, it had not been possessed by one of the eight demon/bacterial possessor's.  Which other bacteria have controlling them into burning in Gods hell.  As "i" spoke with you last week, of satans transduction/possessing method's,  this is the product of the possession of beast and even men.  There are viruse's and bacterial freaks, which were once the soul of WHOM?  The heathen hosts mutated by satan long ago of mankind.  Sad but reality.  So Leeuwenhoek esq; serving our Lord God, many years ago, named the spirits of the air, little animals, and since, Some scientist laugh at that comparison, yet Leeuwenhoek was more than correct.  He was directed by our Messiah the great Physician, too make sure, that this day of discovery, men would finally see, the possessed souls, captured by satan, what did the Messiah say?  I have come too set the captive's FREE.  Isaiah61:1.  WHEN WE gather and formulate the end of this infection within us, and infection in WHO?  Many animals,  which are true of God {{ the four beasts before the throne, Rev:5 chapter }} will be freed also, by us.  {{ Isaiah 11:6, and 65:25 -  the lion shall lie down with the lamb, wolbachia/satan/infection called death, has made many animals and man, enemie's/captive's }} THE GUARDIANS of Gods Heaven and creation, the Scientists and Theologists of EARTH, who have been lead through their Word in truth/research, by Messiahs soul within us, WHAT DID HE SAY?  I am the Life, and Resurrection.  He is part of our soul, He is the first born Son of God, our Father, and our very brother within our SOUL/BODY. Keeping our Life from ending each day.  He is Amazing... Stand now and be counted by your Lord God, and say!  Satan, you now END!  IT is merely a bacterial infection, which now cause's many to miss their destiny....Donot let it take you from you, and your familie's now inheritance of the promised land/paradise called earth.  Where those not of His book of Life, are taken from the earth, and then you, and your's can sleep with your doors open, and loving your neighbor as yourself. SIGNS WHICH HAVE COME AND ARE COMING.... 1. AS prophesy by me, San francisco has received an earthquake, with warning,  If we can gather and prepare properly, He will spare many, YOU MUST call those of your people from San Francisco {{ He showed us, for this day, Sodom, and Gommorra, letting us know, that this day, He must destroy such a city....QUAKES TOO WATTS L.A. AND SAN FRANCISCO COME, gather those you love from those weaked citie's....2.  Africa, Sudan kush, now soon receive three Meteors/falling stars, for the reproving of the covenant of Babel, and the Covenant of NOAH. THESE ARE THE DAYS OF NOAH..3.  STONE/METEOR/falling star too the space station, for AGAIN HIS FORTY YEAR anger, of man breaking His covenant, donot shoot burning arrows into My Heaven, or you will hurry My coming, saith the LORD.4.EARTHQUAKES DIVERSPLACES {{ AGAIN "i" say, bring home your missions, from Africa, and india, and china, and all heathen nations, the Bible not just true, ITS HAPPENING}} for the drowning, and crushing of many of His/our enemie's of His Life. As  prophesy again last monday, saying, he now drowns and crushe's many heathen, and then Kush in Haiti, crushed.5.  South America now soon, with Mexico receive quakes of destiny, as "i" told many leaders in Mexico and Venezuela, Told the President of mexico, vincenti Fox, {{several years back}} told him you now receive Hurricanes, and disaster's, and since, hurricanes, and now coming QUAKES of destruction.....AGAIN BRING HOME YOUR MISSIONS, HE must do this,  SO HE SENT HIS smallest prophet against satan, and many so called elect of church and state.  So "i" can wake you....6.  Earthquakes too those "i" gather, quakes of love, and repentence...If you donot wake soon, in these states in which "i" Call out, He must bring destruction to your STATE, stand now and be counted, for your destiny, and save many, whom would not be, if you did not stand. ONE OF THE REASONS "i" fought satan, and won, was for you and your familie's destiny.  Most of all for our Lord Gods great love for us, did "i"  stand. BUT,  He showed me the end of many, and then said, "i" could save you, and other's.  SO HERE AM "i!"  HIS great love for us, made Him walk too the cross for us. And now we only have to stand against fruit flie's/satan, and be protected by Him, JESUS, while we gather, FOR HIS GLORY.    After He showed me, what power come's, "i" had to call you, or you would miss this now day of Destiny.7.  FLOODS from the snows, and storms which come, as the storm, He our Lord had me speak years back against Haiti, and the Lord allowed me to even speak the day/date it would hit,  and over 3000 kushites were killed/destroyed by that storm..As "i" Warned then, and knowone Listen and bring home their missions, they didnot listen to this years call, and now innocent missionaire's died, who unbeknownst to them, were used  by satan, too fed Gods enemy.  In the season of My return, you will be feeding your enemie's, from your own tables/kushite's.  BELOW "i" am going to attach several past letter's where "i" proclaimed, stay away from the heathen/kush, donot live in tents or citie's with them, and bring home your Missions, told all, Adam and Eve seed gathering ministry needs you, and that mission money,  for our now ending death and old age, and gathering His lost of Adam's House.8. Hurricane's Houston Texas, and Virginia beach Virginia, FOR THE FALSE prophets of America, and the anti-christ set up in Washington D.C..AND MANY OTHERS SIGNS LISTED BELOW, ON ATTACHED E-MAIL CALLING LETTERS  AS always in the name of the ALMIGHTY FATHER, The All Powerful Son, In The name of The Holy Spirit of The Father, of Adam and Eve.  In the Name of the Great and Mighty Physician, In The Name of the Life And The Resurrection, In The Name of The Flamboyantone, The Uniqueone, The Holyone Of The FATHER.  In The Mighty Name of The Messiah, Our Saviour, Who Has sent me, for your Preparation, For Inheriting this Promised Land called earth.... Matthew 5:5..In His powerful Name and Love Do "i" speak, teach, write and pray for your Destiny each DAY....Much Love and respect rodney paul berry / Elijah paul Moses  {{as stated below "i" am attaching past e-mails calling letters with much proof and information}}


I am sent by God, the Scientific soul His Son JESUS to awake those on the highways and byways who have been lost due to the many infected souls controlling Gods Word here on earth! It has begun..