What is a 'Consistent Atheist', Jean?

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What is a 'Consistent Atheist', Jean?


Borrowed from another thread:


Hi Sandy,

I understand your position since you are an atheist. But I've been arguing this since I got here. A consistent atheist is a screw up. They have no morals.

Dan Barker from FFRF says he BORROWS the morals from Christianity (more like steals). Which demonstates that atheism is an empty void of nothing. It's like Nietche nihilism.

Now, I speak of consistent atheists. This actually makes me sad. But it is my argument and Jimmy is the 2nd example on here to demonstate my point.


Jean Chauvin (Jude 3).


Okay, Jean, I'll bite.

1) What's the difference between a 'consistent atheist' and an atheist?

2) What makes you think that atheists borrow their morals from christianity?

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Jean Chauvin wrote:Um, wow,

Jean Chauvin wrote:

Um, wow, what honesty. I say this all the time and I get resistence. You do not know, you are guess or "think what's happening."

You do know, this was not your position when I first met you.

He's not changed his position at all.

You simply interpret his comments, inappropriately.

Jean Chauvin wrote:
So then, if you agree with my position regarding your atheism in regards to empiricism, then by default, empiricism and all other forms of secular attempts at knowing are nil.

If he agreed with you, he'd articulate that clearly.

No need for you to intervene and 'project'.

Jean Chauvin wrote:
You agree.

No, he hasn't.

Jean Chauvin wrote:
So you contradicted yoruself


You 'projected' your incorrect interpretations.


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