A theory predicts believers will extinct.

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A theory predicts believers will extinct.


I am so glad that this is already at the level of short-term predictions.  Maybe my grandkids will live in a religion-free society.


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and I happen to live...

...in none of those place... sigh...

The sad thing is that here in the states, many of the extreme fringe elements in the religious community would try and start another civil war before seeing 'Merika go the way of a non-religious country.

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The article didn't mention a

The article didn't mention a non-belief in god...only a decline in religious affiliation.

I wouldn't get excited just yet.

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                Religion will slowly become extinct,  in the U.S.of A. slower then other countrys. It is up to us as atheists to make it as acceptable as possible for average people to admit that they don't really believe.  The more people being more honest will end religion far faster.



                There will always be fringe religios, weak willed individuals following some charismatic nutcase [David Koresh, Jim Jones] but they will become more marginalized and maybe even illeagal in a more rational society.

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Seems pretty neat. Although

Seems pretty neat. Although in Holland we are getting a lot of immigrants, so the statistics are going to be wrong, since most of them want to stay muslim and don't want to become atheists.

Also, bi66er, they only predicted it for those countries, because they had proper surveys for a century. The same trend may be there in other places, too.

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Seems plausible here in

Seems plausible here in Australia.

It's not so much a 'theory' predicting this, it is a particular mathematical model which seems to have been shown to fairly accurately match the statistics from various different countries. By using the model to predict how trends are likely to move in the future, it suggests that in those societies attachment to established religious will continue to decrease.

I don't see it as a theory, explaining why individuals join or leave religions, for example, so much as an analysis finding strong correlations, patterns, in the behaviour of various groups, by looking at particular statistics.

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