Jesus Sinned

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Thanks for posting, but I

Thanks for posting, but I don't think it's a very strong argument.
Matthew was writing for the Greek people, so he would use things familiar to them, like Hades. He would blend Christianity with the heathen religions, so that they would accept God. That's what a christian would say, at least.

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The entire language of

The entire language of theism is nothing but comic book superstition words as utopia hero worship.

"sin" is a vacuous word and is like saying "Kriptonite will kill superman"

"sin" in reality is merely an ignorant way of humans saying, "humans do bad things and make mistakes"

It was a word created at a time of lack of evolutionary and scientific, much less psychological understanding of human behavior. It is part of a language that fosters superstition.

"sin" is not needed to say, " that was a bad thing that other human did".

Universal words like "mistake" and "bad" are what humans are really describing and conflate these real actions to being part of some sky daddy club by the magical fictional word "sin" to conform to a club mentality.

Dogmatic utopias of any kind, political or religious are all mere forms of superstition, that while may benefit a club, it also causes division between the group and outsiders.

The cure isn't to get rid of clubs, but to recognize human behavior as just that and not the result of some fictional super hero vs super villain.

Making the argument that Jesus "sinned" might only address an issue of hypocrisy, but is a distraction of the real issue of the fantastic claims the bible makes in the alleged parlor tricks this alleged man was supposed to have done.

The bigger picture is that surviving death motifs are numerous EVEN WITHIN THE BIBLE, but exist in other cultures even prior to Christianity. The Jesus character is merely a monotheistic version of animal sacrifice, give god some meat like throwing meat at a lion, and that MAY MAY MAY prevent the lion from eating you.

Other motifs in the bible that existed prior, is the purity of women motif, first people motifs, flood motifs, eye for an eye motifs, curing blindness motifs, judgment day motif.........even the names YAHWEH is merely a borrowed name from the Canaanite pantheon.

So don't get distracted by "Jesus sinning". What is important to me is the FACT that without a second set of DNA a zygote is not going to manifest or go on to become a baby. What is important to me is that human flesh WILL NEVER and has never survived rigor mortis.

And even before you get to ANY HOLY BOOK OF ANY RELIGION, the naked assertion is that there is a disembodied brain with magical super powers.

So while it might entertain some to discuss Jesus's alleged transgressions, it does not address the fantastic claims.

Think about it, once you know that the guy on the Vegas street corner daring you to bet which card out of the three is the queen, once you know the scam, you wont fall for it.

So in knowing that our species history is full of made up gods, the bigger picture is that the queen is the distraction and the bet is the distraction when the real issue is that for it to work on you, you must blindly trust them.



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