Pope is the Third Largest Landholder on Earth

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Pope is the Third Largest Landholder on Earth


Queen Elizabeth is the largest, tho' her 'holdings' are crown land in Commonwealth countries so she does not actually own land in a real capacity. Second is that hero of the righteous, the king of saud. And third is the pope.


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Atheistextremist wrote: And third is the pope

    This kind of shit should be known by the religious idiots that gives them money each week, or are left in some moron Will,this reminds me of the time when I was at my Mothers House and a priest knocked, he wanted a donation for their block collection and my Mother was not Home, so I said to the priest "maybe you should ask the Pope to melt down some gold or sell some land that the Catholic Church stoled !         Ps. I was just watching the "Robert G. Ingersoll " lectures/contest -sponsored by "FFRF" and "Skeptical Inquiry"  on YouTube and it got me thinking, is there a internet show that does the samething and where do I go to find out ?  

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And that is what allows the

And that is what allows the Pope to be the number one dick in the world. Money equals power. Now while outside his tiny dictatorship, he holds no government control over other countries, he holds power over the credulous because of all the money that comes in he uses for his PR. You don't have to hold civil office to have power over others. All you have to do is be a successful marketeer.


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