Host of PZ Myers' Pharyngula blog attacked by DDoS

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Host of PZ Myers' Pharyngula blog attacked by DDoS

If anyone's been having trouble loading Pharyngula the past couple of days, here's why:

PZ Myers wrote:

We've finally received some information from the overlords about the recent problems. We're being attacked.

We have been forwarding reports from bloggers and users to our hosting service, Rackspace, over the past few days. After monitoring our traffic and these reports, Rackspace has determined that ScienceBlogs is experiencing a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack and has blocked a range of IP addresses involved. While this means that ScienceBlogs is now loading correctly for most users, the attack is still ongoing and other users may still encounter sporadic loading problems, or be blocked entirely if they were incorrectly included in these preventative measures.

We're still working with Rackspace to determine how and why this has occurred, and to get the site 100% accessible again, but in the meantime, we'd like to collect IP addresses from users who are still experiencing problems. Please ask anyone who has brought this problem to your attention to send their IP address to [email protected]. If they have trouble locating their IP address, you can send them to this site:

Who did I annoy now? Crazy astrobiologists? Fans of Ray Kurzweil? David Brooks? Every Christian, Jew, and Muslim on the planet?

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 Yah, rackspace gets nailed


Yah, rackspace gets nailed all the time. He may not have even pissed anyone off because it is rackspace. Some people hit rackspace at random. Not that I would know or anything but yah...


Does he have enough traffic to merit the obscenely expensive hosting that they provide?

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Never ever did I say enything about free, I said "free."


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PZ's hosting service

Some of the highest profile political blogs use blogger or wordpress.  PZ ought to move his blog asap.  This isn't his first time at the racetrack having to deal with tech support issues on his website.  Alternatively, he could just switch totally to Twitter at 140 characters per post.  LOL.

It makes absolutely NO SENSE that the highest trafficked web blog is being hosted by a company (whatever one it is) that obviously has issues with proper handling of DNS issues.

At this point in time, he might as well consider using servers in Egypt since I don't think they were down as long as it looks like he's gonna be.


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Is... anyone surprised by

Is... anyone surprised by this?

I'm not.

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Time to start building

Time to start building atheist 'only' servers...

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He might be staying simply

He might be staying simply because it is a science blogging website. If he switches to wordpress how many people will not see anything that science blogs has to offer?