Is this full of sh1t, or what?

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Is this full of sh1t, or what?

Can this guy lie through his teeth or what?

There is NO way, this guy believes in the god he claims to. If a god was not a contradiction in terms, they wouldn't have to equivocate, and strawman.

He's a true politician. He has to lie through his teeth.

The equivocation here, is the attempt to make a correlation between how a god killing certain people, and letting others live, is not to be judged as 'immoral' by one who would 'murder' a 'life' through aborting a fetus.

How do they make the quantum leap that a fetus is a 'life' that's equal to the woman's, who is a host to the fetus (which by definition, is a parasite)?

Do they wish to assert that 'life' begins at the fertilization of the egg?


Doesn't the bible have the Abrahamic god not only condoning, but commanding that children be murdered?


I keep asking myself " Are they just playin' stupid, or are they just plain stupid?..."

"To explain the unknown by the known is a logical procedure; to explain the known by the unknown is a form of theological lunacy" : David Brooks

" Only on the subject of God can smart people still imagine that they reap the fruits of human intelligence even as they plow them under." : Sam Harris

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Just got done listening to

Just got done listening to that guy.


I agree that he epitomizes (not sure if that is a word) lying.  I find it so hard to believe that people like him don't lie awake at night, thinking about how awful they are.  Denial is so dangerous, how can he not listen to himself and hear how rediculous everything he says truly is. 



That is scary. I hope he never had children.


Mr. O

"Whoever feels predestined to see and not to believe will find all believers too noisy and pushy: he guards against them."

Friedrich Nietzsche

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He uses a little story that

He uses a little story that pressuposes the existence of god to "prove" the existence of god. It's a petitio principii argument.