A different way to confront creationism

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A different way to confront creationism

Maybe using science to refute nonsense isn't always the best strategy. Science requires intellectual integrity and serious research and study. Scientific knowledge is hard won. But you can pull nonsense out of your ass all day long.

You can refute one creationist argument just to have ten more thrown at you. Creationists reserve the right to invoke magic & miracles, but expect biologists to live up to impossible standards of proof in defense of evolution.

I say that instead of refuting nonsense with science, we should fight nonsense with nonsense. I think we should create a rival intelligent design theory that invokes polytheistic beliefs, like the Greek or Norse pantheon. It would be obviously tongue-in-cheek, but at the same time show them why their own arguments don't make sense.

We could mirror the arguments used by creationists, but in a pagan guise that they would be forced to reject. For example we could argue that the universe is too complex to be the product of just one creator. They would be forced to attack their own arguments for creationism. And it gives us the same ability as they have to invoke magic & miracles with a sprinkling of science on top to make it sound, well, sciency.

I'd like to explore this idea because I sense some potential in it. Maybe some clever memes could come out of it. Does anyone have any thoughts on it? What would be a good name for it? "Polytheistic Design"?

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I like it already, let's

I like it already, let's start with the 'materiality' of god as the first premise.  It's more logical to believe that god is material rather then immaterial.  Since god is of this universe, god is not omnipotent, since he is not omnipotent he needs all the help he can get... hence the other gods... Let's call it Natural Design, it has a cool ring to it, and you can tie it in with the Naturopath fuckwads that I would like to kick in the teeth.  or Naturalistic Design... 

We can use catch phrases like ..."Naturally,... (pause for dramatic effect for the pun to sink in) blah blah, bs blah, sciency blah, bs"... 

We can name the gods for the periodic table, each element has it's own patron god, or dwell into quantum mechanics... get the particle spin as gods... doesn't even have to make sense... Smiling

hmmm... there may be money in this lol.

welcome to the forum btw, very intriguing first post.

Creationists and their idiotic stepbrothers the ID proponents get my proverbial goat and do nasty things to it that are illegal in most states...  Even when I spend the energy to refute their idiocies, it feels like they're winning by taking my focus away from playing online Flash games.


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Welcome to the forum.There's

Welcome to the forum.

There's no polytheistic parody, but we already have the invisible pink unicorn and the flying spaghetti monster.


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I'm afraid you'll just start

I'm afraid you'll just start another cult.


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Zen Druidism

Sometimes, I'll say that I'm a "Zen Druid". More specifically, that means I worship the tree that isn't there.

As I live on the Great Plains in the US, there are huge expanses of trees that are not there.... such as in HUGE wheat fields or corn fields.

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