Now mabJustice is a man after my own HEART [trollville]

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Now mabJustice is a man after my own HEART [trollville]

HE MabJustice seems extreme but He is just aware of many things that those blinded by possession cannot see, but MabJustice needs to be calm cool and collected due to His Gods mystery now being finished Rev:10:7 and His keys/code Given Rev:1:18...There is no need for bombs, for guns, for anything other than now preparing for the sky to split and Gods army of Souls to come pouring through for the now cleaning of earth of all not of His book of Life, and sadly cleaning of many He God loves who have allowed a mere bacterial spirit too confuse them into having doubt/Atheism of Gods dominion and now return in this epic generation of great Destiny...MabJustice Peace be with you, His Peace He gave unto us, Not as the World giveth gave He unto us, let not your heart be troubled neither let it be Afraid JOHN 14:27 ...It has begun...MUCH RESPECT TO ALL THOSE OF gODS BOOK OF lIFE, ALL OTHERS PREPARE TO BURN.... 

I am sent by God, the Scientific soul His Son JESUS to awake those on the highways and byways who have been lost due to the many infected souls controlling Gods Word here on earth! It has begun..

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HAHAHA trolls know their own!

ElijahTemporaryTroll wrote:
Now mabJustice is a man after my own HEART

What a surprise that you identify with people who make a habit of trolling websites! Apparently the crazy asshat troll's can sense their own!

"This may shock you, but not everything in the bible is true." The only true statement ever to be uttered by Jean Chauvinism, sociopathic emotional terrorist.
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Hey Elijah


Will we see you at the Mardis Gras this weekend? Let us know which float you're on.


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You already have a troll

You already have a troll badge, are you bucking to get banned too?

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